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littleflower11's Avatar littleflower11 04:59 AM 02-03-2012

Hi, I am hoping that someone may be able to help me here. I am not sure where to post this.


I am trying to figure out why taking vitamin C is giving me killer headaches! I first tried using vit. C from rosehips, then tried Acerola powder, then Amla, but whenever I take it I get a terrible headache.


I know that my adrenals are weak and I'm trying to support them with C among other things, but just can't tolerate more than a tiny bit - nowhere near bowel tolerance.


Any insights?


Oh, and in case this is helpful, I am also taking magnesium, an adrenal supplement, iodine, sometimes B complex, daily Brazil nut, cod liver oil, and am on the gaps diet for yeast issues.



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