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After about 1 week old my son started becomign very gassy and hard to settle and the gas was difficult to dislodge. After dealing with my huge milk supply (and continue to do that) and overactive let down (nursing laying wayy back now, letting milk

spray onto towel when he unlatches)...I decided to try the elimination diet dr. sears reccomends:



I've added back in Salmon and avacado, oats, peaches. I had quite a bit of avacado over the last few days and today he projectile vomited copious amounts everywhere and has been unsettled and pale for a few hours. He also developped those ltitle red bumps on his face suddenly that look like a cross between pimples and hives, my daughter used to get the same thing when she was having digestive "distress" episodes.


If you check the link, you'll see avacado is on the list of one of the first things that can be added back in. I've been through an elimination diet with my daughter (now two, had very bad reflux) but it wasn;t quite as limited. Is there a more extensive list of what can be added back when? I'm going nuts eating mostly yams, rice, turkey and lamb. And I'm concerned at this rate he'll become sensitized to these things if I continue to have so little variety. Can anyone reccomend websites, books? What I need it a plan  can follow and evaluate his reactions as I go. The Dr. Sears site has a short list of "first" items, some of which he already is reacting to, and then a list of "avoid the longest"  (dairy, soy, beef, tree nuts etc.) what about everything in between? are there any non-gassy, non-allergic veggies I can add???



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To be fair, Dr. Sears is going on what MOST people do best with.  Your child may not fall under "most people", kwim?


The most important thing is to only add back one thing at a time so you can identify reactions like this and pinpoint the source.  If it were me, I would cut out the avocado, wait for the baby to clear up, and then just move on to the next thing you would've added.  After some time, re-test adding the avocado.  If there's another reaction, you pretty much know.  So, maybe onward to carrots or beets?  Best of luck to you.  EDs are hard.

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