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Blessed_Mom's Avatar Blessed_Mom 08:46 PM 04-01-2012



My daughter is almost 3 yrs old. Which CP should I give her? She was on the Infant formula for the last year (approximately) which has "L. Acidophilus, B. Bifidum , and B. Infantis"





Am thinking of switching her to the six strain one which has "L. Acidophilus, L. Salivarius, L. Plantarum, L. Rhamnosus, 

B. Lactis and B. Bifidum.


Is it too early for the six-strain? And I will be missing B.Infantis from the earlier infant that OK?



scsigrl's Avatar scsigrl 06:23 AM 04-02-2012

My kids have always used the 6 strain.  They started at 3 and 2 on them.  You can always call him. He's really helpful in figuring out what to use!


They are the best!  I tell everyone about them!

Blessed_Mom's Avatar Blessed_Mom 09:15 AM 04-02-2012



Did you switch from the infant formula to the 6-strain? And did you see more die-off or anything to watch out for? 


scsigrl's Avatar scsigrl 10:03 AM 04-02-2012

No, they were always on the 6-strain.

OrganicBabyU's Avatar OrganicBabyU 04:57 PM 04-11-2012

I just called them as well because I was considering purchasing. The man was very curt with me when I asked what medium he grew the probiotics on and said it was proprietary and he has no idea. I find that VERY concerning. I asked if it was GMO as many like Jarrow use GMO soy. He said no but then I asked how he knew that if he had no idea what the medium was...he said he has thousands of customers and if I didn't believe him not to buy from him and hung up on me. I wouldn't buy from a company who doesn't know about their product and hangs up on people when they ask legit questions...ESPECIALLY to my children. 

scsigrl's Avatar scsigrl 05:35 PM 04-11-2012

With as many people I know who have dairy and soy issues that use them, I am 100% comfortable with them.  I find it interesting that the only posts you have here are against a company who many of us use with no issue.

Therese's Mommy's Avatar Therese's Mommy 11:41 AM 04-13-2012

While it is true that they will not tell you the medium, if you send them a list of problem foods they will tell you if it is ok for your lo or not.  Also, I called and talked to someone and asked what I should buy for my 4yo.  I was told the infant formula, but perhaps this had to do with her specific issues?  Either way, I would say call and ask.  Also, they will send you a free sample (which really lasts a while, which is nice so you really know if it is ok), BUT I had to email/call a couple times to remind them to send it.  Don't know what the issue was, perhaps I just fell through the cracks, but anyway I appreciate the large sample size.

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