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ETA - update, the blood continued on and off for five days. We had about 2 normal days of no poops then, but now my baby is having diarrhea and has what appears to be a bout of painful cramping just before he poops. He has been pooping 4-5 times a day, and that is a LOT for him as he has, since birth, pooped a max of 2-3 times per WEEK. He also has been pooping during the night which he has never done. For the past few nights he's done one around 11pm and another around 6am and has a hard time resettling to sleep. This is extremely disruptive to our already broken sleep so we've added extreme tiredness and crankiness (for both of us!) to the mix. His poop no longer has blood but it is yellow and kind of a translucent gel consistency. It has the typical EBF curds in it but they are avocado green. It smells like vinegar which I thought was probably just due to teething - he recently cut his first two teeth. They are totally through the gums though so I don't think they are causing any of this.


I don't know how long gut healing should take but it seems like this has been going on too long. I am starting to look at my diet...it's been over a week since he's had any solids and the solids he did have were really minute quantities on five occasions. My other two children had a dairy intolerance that was outgrown around age 2, and as a newborn he seemed to get colicky when I'd have dairy too. So I have cut it out again and haven't been eating it since just after he was born. The only thing I started having recently was coconut milk kefir - I wanted to add some probiotics to my diet and this was a quick and easy way to do it while I have been researching what probiotic I want to buy. Could the coconut milk be causing his current diarrhea?? Any other ideas/comments to consider? Thanks so much for considering -




I started my 6 mo old on solids recently. we're doing a pretty traditional path with some rice cereal (about a tablespoon total, after being mixed with breastmilk) once a day (been doing this for four days) and last night I tried a bit of avocado, like 4-5 little bites.  Last night he slept horribly, like up about every hour to nurse and trouble falling back asleep right away. He's not a great sleeper anyway but this was unusually bad. This morning he had a huge poop which seemed normal but was just large. It had some chunks in it which I expected with the introduction of solids. But late this afternoon he did a second poop...I thought he was done so I took off his diaper and laid him on a clean prefold while I got a clean dipe. He kept pooping and it was foaming when it came out. It was green and watery with slimy chunks in it and I was alarmed to see some spots of blood. He's been very happy today, the bad sleep last night was the only other issue.


I thought avocado was pretty mild and it's something I eat a great deal of myself so he's been getting plenty through my milk. Do you think the cause of the blood was the avocado? Should I just cut out all solids and wait a bit longer?


ETA after thinking on this a little and reading some more, it looks like avocado reactions are not uncommon. But I am wondering if his gut is just not ready for food and the irritation built up over the three days just from the rice cereal. So I am going to just stop the solids and wait awhile...2 weeks? A month? And now am wondering about gut healing too. We have a Klaire labs infant probiotic that I haven't been very consistent with so I am going to make sure he is getting that daily.


Any other input/ideas is very welcomed, thanks!!

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This site WAPF was soooo helpful to me when starting solids-they talk a lot about what to start when and what their little bellies can handle and why.


IMO the longer you wait the better. I enjoyed giving my daughter's digestive system extra time to mature before I started solids and her being EBF made me know she was getting everything she needed. Also, she just wasn't ready herself until she turned about 13mo. Now that she has started solids her poop is way different and not as frequent. Your LO's poop does sound like a food reaction (the green, the mucous, the sleep). I think it's a good idea to wait :) 


Also, homemade breast milk kefir could be a good option to get some more probiotics in :) 

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Was the rice cereal a commercial one or homemade?  My understanding is that many of them can contain traces of soy or dairy, unless processed in a facility free of those ingredients.


Just curious if you have suspected soy and if you consume soy in your diet?  If the cereal contained traces of soy, then I wonder if it's possible it could trigger a sensitivity, irritate the gut, making it more likely to react to other proteins, including avocado?


I have a 6 month old (dd2) who's had ongoing gut issues since about 2 months old (very loose watery stools, sometimes a bit green, some blood and lots and lots of spitting up) and I'm still trying to figure out why, but I'm now suspecting soy.  I'm nervous to start solids, so I'll check out those links....and probably delay.

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