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Thandiwe 05-14-2012 08:55 AM

My son, nearly 7 years old, is currently taking 5mg of Singulair with spring seasonal allergies.  I despise maintenance meds and was able to keep him off of it during the winter when his symptoms were gone (he started it in the fall).  His allergies are pretty severe and disruptive to his daily routine and have led to asthma attacks when severe enough.  However, I *just* learned that it (in his dosage) contains aspartame and isn't available in his dosage without aspartame.  Since I don't like maintenance meds, it seems a great time to find a natural alternative.  I've been reading up on butterbur, and a few sources cite it as the "Singulair of the herbal world," according to WebMD which was referring to a published study regarding how butterbur is as effective as antihistamines without the side effects.  But I'm also reading that it can be damaging to the liver and kidneys and that if it's not a "PA free" source, it's even more dangerous.  There was a great link from the UK which cites studies that have been done on children 6+ with great results. 

Does anyone use butterbur for their kids (or themselves)?  What's a good dosage for a 7 year old (about 80#)?  And do you have any recommendations for a good source to buy through to get a safe, clean source of butterbur?  I've read you can get gelcaps and I'd prefer that.  No one I know has any experience, but I'm desperate to try this and get him away from Singulair - which I'm also finding out is linked with suicide and mood imbalances. greensad.gif  I am not keen on him staying on it, but the days I've tried to skip meds have been awful and miserable for him, including needing the nebulizer one morning.

hickorywife 05-17-2012 04:00 PM

Came across your post while searching for any new info on treating seasonal allergies.  My 10 year old son is allergic to several pollens, mold and dust and I am forever hoping to get him on something more natural.  He has gone from Claritin to Zyrtec and now back to Claritin with Flonase nose spray.  The doctor wanted me to try Singular with him, but I refused due to my own experience which is why I'm posting.  While Singulair worked great for my allergies, it made me very, very depressed and emotional.  I went on and off it several times to be sure and each time the effect was the same.  Crying for no reason, mood swings, it was awful.  I think it should be taken off the market but I guess enough people haven't been effected or reported.  Scary.


I would be nervous about trying the Butterbur with a child.  If you have allergies try it yourself first and see how it makes you feel?     


I'm waiting for sub-lingual allergy drop treatment to be approved like it is in Europe.  The drops have been used in Europe for years and years with great success.  Some allergist will give them now, but insurance does not cover it making it very pricey.  The FDA really should be approving more treatments for people with real health problems rather than people with erectile dis-function.  It's pathetic.


So far this has been a terrible allergy season, but I can say that adding the Flonase nose spray has helped my son and I a lot.  Our Doctor said it takes three months to enter your system fully but should start working within a couple of weeks.  My son has been on it since March and his ear aches, eyes itching and dark circles under his eyes have really decreased.  Flonase is an inhaled steroid but don't let that scare you.  Inhaled steroids do not have the same side effects as oral or sub-cutaneous. 


I have added 800 i.u. natural vitamin e gel caps to my allergy/asthma treatment and i think it may be helping.  I haven't had to use my inhaler yet this spring.  People with high blood pressure or other heart problems should not use it though.  (I won't give it to my son because his dad has high blood pressure and it's hereditary.)

Taximom5 05-17-2012 04:35 PM

I've never used it for my kids, but have used it mysef--my neurologist recommended it for migraines (which can also be connected with seasonal allergies, hmm hmm).

I was given Singulair for bronchitis/asthma.  The Singulair made the asthma much, much worse.  My doctor wanted me to double the dose, which struck me as INSANE, if it was already making the asthma so much worse.


I stopped the Singulair, and the asthma got much better.


I went off gluten, and it went away entirely.


You might think about looking at food intolerances/allergies causing the seasonal allergy; it's quite common, especially with wheat (gluten) and dairy.

Thandiwe 05-20-2012 02:46 AM

We already have the food allergies figured out as he has Celiac and egg allergies.  And it does help his allergies and asthma immensely, but I do notice more mood swings while he's on it!  I can't try anything new myself, because I'm pregnant.  His allergies aren't just nasal issues, but itchy, scratchy throat, itchy eyes, etc.  Not really sure what to do at this point. 

jperez214 05-22-2012 02:15 PM

Try this, it's made from Garden Of Life (excellent source for natural herbs and more).

I have a 7 year old and gave him 1/2 the recommended adult dose ( 1 capsule for my child), i opened the capsule and mixed it with water ( you can substitute it with rice milk or almond milk). It has 100mg of butterbur including a probiotic strain and some other wonderful stuff. I bought for $19.99 at our local health food store. Today is his first day on it, I also gave him xylitol nasal spray shots which is a saline solution with grape seed extract, he loves that spray!  We count to 3 together and on 3! he takes a sniff and i take a pump into his nostril! we bond!! Weve been using the xylitol spray for about 2 years now and it helps with breathing and clearance. Hope this helps!


Immune Balance Sinus from Garden of Life is a dynamic, broad-spectrum immunity formula that provides multidimensional support for seasonal sinus and respiratory health and wellness. Immune Balance Sinus works naturally to support a balanced immune system response for seasonal protection of sinus and respiratory health.


Immune Balance Sinus:

  • Supports Sinus Health
  • Supports a Healthy Respiratory Tract
  • Supports Effective Antioxidant Defense
  • Supports Nasal and Throat Health
  • Promotes Overall Immune Health During Stress

Wild Crafted Butterbur extract, and its active component petasins, affect the function of immune components in the blood, supporting healthy immune function. Wild Crafted Butterbur extract has a significant amount of scientific support including multiple ‘Gold-Standard’ double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical studies.

  • Total number of human clinical studies – 6
  • Total number of subjects – 780

Study findings indicate that Wild Crafted Butterbur is effective in support of sinus health and respiratory function. Immune Balance™ Sinus also includes S. boulardii, RAW Food-Created vitamin D3, RAW Amla Berry, a proprietary vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoid complex, Beta-glucans, bromelain and other proteolytic enzymes, ingredients renowned for promoting immune, sinus and respiratory health.

Your body’s immune system is multidimensional – it needs multidimensional support – Immune Balance from Garden of Life.


Immune Balance from Garden of Life

To thrive in our modern world, proper immune system function is critical. The human immune system works constantly to defend the body against all kinds of environmental attacks—a highly complex “security system” designed to protect us. This system, located mostly in our blood and digestive tract, is designed to identify and eliminate invaders. It does this by producing protective cells and compounds such as antibodies, T-cells, B-cells, macrophages, and Natural Killer cells. If the immune system is out of balance it can over-respond or under-respond. Keeping the immune system balanced is critical for maintaining extraordinary health.

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jperez214 05-22-2012 02:32 PM

The Xylito Spray can be found online anywhere - but the name of the product is: Xlear Xylitol Sinus Nasal Spray 1.5 Oz. $12.99-$16.99

Ingredients: Water (Purified), Xylitol, Saline, Grapefruit Seed Extract.

Thandiwe 05-25-2012 07:19 AM

Thank you for sharing about the Garden of Life product.  I will have to check it out.  For dental purposes, we already use a home made xylitol rinse which when gargled helps kill strep and bacteria in sinuses passages.  I'm thinking some of the benefits might also help allergies.

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