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dimitroff03's Avatar dimitroff03 04:43 PM 05-17-2012

My 25 month old had a bad reaction to something (I think soy related) yesterday and he had a really bad flare up - worse than he's had in a long time.  His rashes don't usually last for longer than 24 hours and sometimes only 12 but when he woke up this morning it was worse than the night before.  It's really bad on both sides of his face and chin, goes across his chest, down both arms, and it's on his thighs too.  It doesn't seem to be itchy but it looks awful.  Is there anything I can do to help it heal faster?


Thanks for your imput!






mandib50's Avatar mandib50 10:02 PM 07-13-2012

poor little guy, how are things now? when my son was having these mysterious rashes and ended up with hives out of the blue, i took him to a homeopath and it worked wonders. i wonder if something like that would be helpful?

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