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Short synopsis:


my LO is 12 weeks old. We have battled seemingly everything in his short life but he was gaining excellently in his first few weeks (12 ounce per week) and it started dwindling. I take every galac in the world to keep up with his low transfer of milk which earlier we thought was for a myriad different things (extreme gas, silent reflux, UTI and abx one week, then diagnosis of weak latch, tongue tie, tongue tie clipping and the after effects and next week stretching and its after effects which is continuing)....


But each week we have believed was a new reason why he wouldn't transfer my complete milk. Last two weeks he had been having random hives mostly on his face but sometimes on his body and finally we concluded it must be allergies. I was already off Dairy, eggs, tomatoes since week 2.


Despite it all..he was gaining about 8 ounce a week (I used to wonder how even with his minimal feeds ). I noticed something this time the few times I pumped (I have only one working breast..the other is too large and slow letdowner and he already is impatient and cannot latch on the other side (palate issues and one-side preference issues..we are trying CST) anyway so I cannot pump my only working breast since he does NOT take ANY form of supplementation. Even if u pour drops of my milk he spits it out). Whenever I pumped a few milk used to be really thick and white and sticky (as opposed to when I produced for my now 3.5 yr daughter). I have always suspected that the tons of herbs , tons of milk, fish and all the oatmeal I was eating this time must have made it so... which is why he was gaining well despite the less quantity.


NOW because of the rashes I have eliminated most all top allergens. His rashes (hives) have disappeared but I can defintely see my milk has gotten thinner. When it dribbles down his is watery. when I squeeze it it is watery. Also his weight gain has slowed to 4 ounce a week.


I have removed now Dairy, eggs, wheat, oats, fish, tomatoes, corn, soy, chocolate, caffeine and nuts from my diet.


SO questions:


1. Have moms on elimination diets noticed this? That their milk supply took a hit in quantity as well as quality. My milk supply is still dwindling. Am up to 150mg/day of Dom. Yet supply is still tanking. I blame the ED . As well for the now watery quality. Please don't tell me I am imagining this. It used to be thick and white and milky now it is definitely like extreme foremilk...translucent and watery.



Please advise how I can fatten up my breastmilk again? I believe the oats, milk, fish and wheat were fattening up my BM now. Definitely the milk, oats and fish.... 


I eat rice, veggies, lentils , lamb and chicken so far. Nothing else! I also used to use lots of butter and ghee and flax seed oil (this I cut I shall add back)... but anything else?



2. It is becoming clear we need to supplement him soon. Which tastes better? Elecare or Neocate? Is there anything else in the market for such an allergic child? Nutramigen tastes it makes him very gassy and I am not sure anymore if it is for someone with extreme dairy allergy. Any good allergy-free tasty formula out there?


Thanks so much for your answers.

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Coconut oil, olive oil can replace the butter and ghee. Most likely you need more fats in your diet. I'm sorry you had to give up oats. That's a good grain for lots of things, including weight gain. I can't think of a good replacement, but if something comes to me, I'll be sure to let you know. You do need carbohydrates. If you are not eating grains, potatoes have lots of carbs. Butsince you're avoiding tomatoes, I don't know if you are comfortable with eating potatoes. Other grains are millet, rice, buckwheat (not really a grain, but like a grain, and warming) for starters. Hope this works out before you need to give him something else.
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