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omelette's Avatar omelette 06:40 PM 06-12-2013

I'm not on this forum often but have beenon occasion in the last 3 yrs with questions about my little boys (3.5yrs old).  And I'm back because we are at our wits end on where to go and what to do for him.

We've been going to the doc since he was 1.5 mos because he screamed constantly, spit up undigested bm after 2-3hrs and just spat up all the time in general, nasty poops and major gas.  For the first yr of his life he never slept longer than 1hr and even that was restless sleep.

We were referred to a pediatrician who sent us for allergy testing, nothing came up.  We then were referred to Children's Hospital where he was diagnosed with allergic collitis and we were told to watch what he eats but he'll grow out of it and he was developing fine so they weren't really concerned.  When he was wee and I was nursing I did a major elimination diet and saw some improvement when I was only eating rice, zuc, turkey, avo and pear.  At this stage we avoid all dairy, gluten, soy and eggs along with citrus and night shades and several other things.

We've been working with a naturopath and have tried tummy glycerites, digestive drops, probiotics, lypocodium.  We've seen temporary improvement here and there but then we're right back in it.  


The symptoms at this stage are:

- tummy aches - all the time, he actually tells us in a surprised voice when his tummy doesn't hurt (not very often)

- awful, weird poops - they smell funky, sometimes they float, sometimes theres an oily residue on the water and he sometimes has a grit left on his bottom that is impossible to wipe of without a bath (very, very fine, way finer than sand), rarely has he ever had a solid poop

- dark under the eyes

- restless sleep and not much of it

- and the big one that is getting worse is his behaviour, He can be the sweetest, calmest little boys who speaks very well for his age and then be in a mode where he's not talking like he normally would, he's crying or screaming all the time, nothing is quite right and then he gets in this mode where he disconnects from himself and you can't reach him.  It's like he's not even present.  It's very unsettling.  I'm not sure that this is food related but my gut tells me that it is.  It often seems he'll have a few really hard days and then have a few nasty poops and get on track for a few days.


I have food journaled out the wazoo and the naturopath has looked over it and there's nothing we can figure out except we took out citrus and night shades - citrus seemed to help.


It's like we think we know what it is take it out and see some improvement and then it starts all over again.


I know this is very long and thank you if you took the time to read it all.  Any input is appreciated.

kjbrown92's Avatar kjbrown92 05:28 AM 06-13-2013

Have you tried eliminating corn? It's a huge one and it's in a lot of things (and supplements/meds as well). Lots of different names for it. Have you journaled the food chemicals - like salicylates?

SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 09:36 AM 06-13-2013

So these symptoms have been more or less continuous since they began?  Anything new?  What about the bm symptoms?  Are those new since you visited Children's?


I'm assuming you've challenged rice and corn and other grains, even gluten-free ones?  Nuts?  Have you done challenges in addition to the food log, instead of only elimination?   When was his last allergy test?


The grit and oil strikes me as extremely odd--more in a sense of something wrong with the digestive system itself?  But I'm just guessing.


Poor kid!

omelette's Avatar omelette 09:09 PM 06-13-2013

We haven't eliminated corn although the only source of it I can think of is when we have popcorn.  Everything is homemade so we're not buying any baking, sauces, etc.  Although I will have to double check things bc it is such a tricky one.


I don't know what salicylates are - will have to google.


He's only had the one allergy test which came back negative for everything.  He had all these syptoms when we went to Children's except the behaviour component.  

BMs change, they're not always gritty or have residue floating but it is rare that he has never had a solid, normal bm.


I'm working full time and finding it extremely challenging to keep up with figuring this out and finding time to prep all the food.  I'm done work in 2 weeks so my plan was to eliminate all grains for a week or so and see what we noticed and then to try all sugars including natural.  He doesn't have sugar added to anything at the moment but I sweeten cookies with dates and he loves his fruit.


Would you suggest doing one grain at a time or cutting them all out and then introducing them one at a time?

SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 09:23 AM 06-14-2013

That would depend on how picky an eater he is.  I would lean towards cutting them all out, but you can, of course, do them one at a time.


Corn in present in baking powder (Hain has a corn-free one), free-flowing salt, xanthum gum-- I'm thinking of ingredients that even folks that make all their own food might have.  I'm sure there is more.

omelette's Avatar omelette 08:22 PM 06-15-2013

Thank you!  I wouldn't have known corn was hidden in those products and those are things I use in our baking.  I will have to learn of all the foods corn hides in.


We're going to go to our family doc and ask for a referral back to a ped and see what that might bring; maybe a new perspective might help???

SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 08:17 PM 06-16-2013

I don't think you necessarily have to eliminate every molecule of hidden corn in order to test and challenge it in your daughter's diet.  Removing the obvious sources for a while might well be enough to see a difference when it's reintroduced to challenge.  That's not always the case, but you can try.  I know that was enough to at least verify without a doubt that wheat was causing the trouble for my daughter-- the next step was to eliminate all the minuscule sources for her health.  With corn more than any other potential allergen, ridding yourself entirely is nearly impossible: wax on apples and other fruits are corn-based, for example, and I've even heard anecdotally of reactions from strange places such as the linings of paper milk carton.  Hopefully, you can be spared of that insane level of diligence.

omelette's Avatar omelette 05:44 PM 06-20-2013

Aiye!  Who knew avoiding corn was so crazy. Fingers crossed we don't need to go to that level.


Another thing I forgot to mention was leaky gut.  When we were told he had allergic colitis we were also told he had leaky gut and he should out grow it.  Is there any official test for this or should we assume it is still there and work on healing his gut?

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