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DS3 came down with what I thought was a cold in early May.  6 weeks later, I'm still needing to clear his nose multiple times daily, we're struggling to nurse well, and then... bam: last week, enter the eczema.


DS1, now 6, was dairy/treenut/egg/wheat allergic and salicylate sensitive right out of the gate.  Now he is still dairy/treenut, and the salicylates continue to be but a minor problem.


DS2 reacts to detergents.


We're going to begin eliminating dairy tomorrow and for the next 3 weeks.  Then eggs, then soy, then gluten.  (Mama does better off gluten anyway, and I was way reactive to wheat during DS3's pregnancy with indigestion.  Hmm?)


But I am wondering if this is more likely a seasonal allergy.  It appeared with our spring here in western alpine Montana, and has worsened as the pollen counts have risen.  He also appears to have no GI issues with any food, though dairy does constipate him.  (Really, it's just cheese, which he LOVES.)


So, I know what my plan is, but wanted to feel a sense of community as I go down the rabbit hole of elimination diet land.  Bleh.  Bye-bye ice cream!

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Seasonal allergies were my first guess.  I'm not so sure I would embark on an elimination diet necessarily, but with your family history, I might be suspicious about food as well.  But speaking as one who knows the situation from one post, I would bet on environmental allergies.

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I think you're on the right track w/the elimination plan. If the intestines are irritated by food they can't put as much effort toward fighting off the irritating pollens thus seasonal allergies arise when the pollen levels go through the roof. And it makes sense that all this started when he got a cold...immune system already weakened. The primary location of immune defense happens in the intestines...

And I'm sure you know you can buy or make delicious dairy free ice cream-rice, almond, coconut...no need to suffer from lack of cold creamy desserts in the summertime!! 

Also underactive thyroid & allergies can be linked together...something to read up on if you haven't already.

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I understand birch allergies can cause an awful lot of problems
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