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Hi there,



We live in an area that has a huge wasp problem every summer. They're just everywhere and uncontainable as we live in a massive forest/bush region. (It's winter now, and our daughter is nearly 3, so will be 3.5 come summer).


She's never been stung, and has one relative (an uncle) - who is highly allergic, but we, her parents aren't.

I'm feeling quite paranoid about them (in advance). Her Dad and I have both been stung over the years - I think her getting stung will be unavoidable.


Would you do any preemptive allergy testing??


The other consideration is that we are a 40 minute drive away from emergency help getting to us, or us getting to it.


Thanks for your opinions.



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Most Dr. don't test for insect allergies. I have a kid with 6 food allergies and he's never been tested for insects. 


I would ask your ped. My bet is they won't suggest it.

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Not only that, just like food, there needs to be exposure to the allergen.  Unlike food, wasp and bee venom isn't floating around in breastmilk and low down on the ingredients list in prepared foods.  So, it is impossible to be exposed to it unless you are first stung.  Then, often there are no reactions many stings after until suddenly there is.  (DD1 was stung 4 times by honey bees before she had her first local reaction.)


So, even if insect were something an allergist would test for, there wouldn't be a point.  


I would ask your ped what could be done in that situation.  Having allergy medication in the form of Benadryl or Zyrtec around would be wise, and getting familiar with the protocol for treating bee and wasp stings and any possible reaction to them.  (Even if there is a reaction to one doesn't mean there will a reaction to the other.  Each is different.)

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Thanks for those replies. Yes, I don't know the in's and out's of allergy testing at all, so it didn't occur to me that it would be either unavailable, or fruitless.


Food for thought!


I really like the idea of keeping some medicines on hand, and having a plan. Really good advice, thank you.

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I am allergic to wasps, bees etc and the pediatrician and allergist said this kind of allergy was not hereditary like other allergies. Before I knew that I wrote it on all my son's medical forms- mother allergic to stinging insects, please watch if stung. I used to make sure the school always had a non-expired kids epi-pen on hand. I'm still a bit worried since I know not everywhere my son goes is prepared for that kind of emergency. He was pretty familiar with the subject too so he knew to pay extra attention to himself if he was stung.
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Well I will say that these things can change over time also so I'd just always be cautious and prepared. I say this because I didn't have a known wasp allergy until just a few months ago (and I'm 27). Bad thing is I was stung first by a wasp that had gotten in when I left for work and was dead on my kitchen floor when I returned in the middle of the night and I stepped on it. It stung like crazy but was fine. About a week or two later I got stung by another wasp just outside my door and reacted BADLY! The area (stung just above breast) swelled up over my breast, up my chest, and on to my shoulder. It was red, puffed up from normal skin position and felt feverish. Even with benadryl it took days to recover and I still have a scar that didn't heal completely. It was crazy to be stung and be ok then less than 2 weeks later be stung and react so badly although theory is I was first stung by a "regular red" wasp and the second time by a guinea wasp. Idk just a precaution to always be careful and definitely get an epi-pen if possible because you never know.

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