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So DD gets rashes here and there, very mild ones on her back that I never gave much thought other than maybe it was soap or detergent (I get mild rashes on my back too when someone washes my clothes in harsh detergents). She never complained, never had ear infections or had any other reactions.


The NP felt the rash looked like an allergy rash and did a RAST test. It came back with some mild numbers and I wonder what that really means for us in terms of our daily life. She eats all the things on the list. We also live with 2 cats (have been in household before her birth) and a dog (arrived after her first birthday, which is kind of when she started having rashes on and off).


Milk - level 1

Wheat, eggwhites - level 2

Dog danger - level 2

cats - level 3


So... can she eat normal foods still? She doesn't drink milk anyways, just yogurt, and I can buy coconut milk yogurt. SHe doesn't like bread products much and dislikes eggs. Now the cats.... She plays with them everyday, she has a TON of contact with them. The dog a little less as she's under 2 and still learning to be a mellow dog.

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I'm not sure about the foods - I mean, if she's eaten them throughout her life without symptoms already do you need to stop now?  (Obviously please do whatever your NP said, though - just curious).  I guess I'd be wondering if her dislike for them means she 'feels funny' somehow and is experiencing the allergy (like I wonder for my dd with allergies too).  shrug.gif


Well, we have cats - which dh has some degree of allergy to (and our dd with food/seasonal allergies, probably, also).  With dh the best things we've done is - we keep them out of our bedroom at night (I'll admit we don't for dd, but we do shoo them off of her bed so it doesn't become a favorite spot).  We have an air filter in our bedroom for dh.  And I frequently have dd take nightly baths (which help clean off the cat allergy stuff she's picked up in our house throughout the day).  

I try to keep the people-furniture vacuumed 1-2x/week.  These are all things I've seen suggested and was able to fit in our life without getting rid of our cats - though there's probably more out there that could be done.  I have seen some various sprays you can put on your cats, and heard of people who find them helpful, so that might be a possibility too.  I do try to keep them brushed so there's less stray hair around the house (I've heard that washing them helps too, but that's a bit tricky with cats).

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The NP said that she can continue to eat those items, just not all at once, e.g. not a meal of bread, eggs and dairy. DD kinda hates milk, but she still nurses. She does like chocolate milk though (it was offered by grandma). She's never been big on eggs, but eats them in e.g. pancakes (which about have everything in them hahaha).

So her numbers are below 1kU/L for everything except eggwhites (3) and dogs (1.something) and cats (10!!!). But she really has no obvious reaction - I had a boyfriend in college who'd get teary eyes and sneezed when he came close to my cat. That's utterly absent in DD. We do bathe every night anyways since that's our routine with a mild organic baby soap. We'll keep it up! The cats rarely spend time in her room, they kind of are big fans of me so they sleep with me. DD merely pets them and feeds them or plays with them, but that's it. So her linens are essentially cat dander free.

The NP suggested yearly retesting as she thinks she might outgrow them. Her only symptom is the transient rash. Yesterday she ate a slice of bread with pesto and today she has about 20 tiny bumps on her chest.


I vacuum a lot, one cat doesn't shed and the other one gets furminated weekly. The dog is a huge shedder (rough collie) and gets weekly showers because of her skin issues anyways so we'll keep that up.... Bathing the kitties... Hmm maybe in the shower stall where they can' escape? Those guys haven't bathed since their infancy ;)

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I kept trying to type something, but kept coming back to the fact that these rashes started when you brought the dog in.  Unlike food allergies, environmental ones don't get outgrown.  If it is the dog, chances are it will stick.  They can, however, start seemingly out of nowhere at any point.


The bedroom should be a sanctuary--no animals, period, day or night.  Washing the bedding often (blankets, everything) is also a good way to make the bedroom an allergy-free zone.  You would be amazed and dismayed at what can drift into the bedroom and onto the covers on a daily basis, even when you keep animals out.  And keep it uncluttered and easily cleanable-- mainly washing surfaces where dust and detritus collects.


Your  NP sounds lie s/he is spot-on with advice--watchful, but not overreacting.  As far as the food goes, it would be a simple thing to do an elimination/challenge for eggs and dairy and watch for rashes, keeping a good food diary (which you should be doing anyway).  But unless a definitive correlation is found, I wouldn't eliminate those foods permanently.  

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