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We've just mostly confirmed that my daughter has a dairy allergy. I'll be weaning her soon as I'm pregnant with #2. 


She's almost 2 and just started having issues. I believe it's in the middle of severity, but not making her completely miserable. 

I'm wondering to what degree everyone has been able to consume dairy products without affecting their nurslings?


Obviously I'll have to do my own trial and error to know for sure, but I'm hoping I can still eat a little bit and not affect her.

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Curious about this as well! I personally just had to give up dairy for my 5 month old EBF daughter who developed an icky rash that appears to be eczema. I haven't had any testing done to confirm an allergy, but her father has struggled with eczema and apparently it is a known fact that diet is a big trigger for outbreaks - especially dairy. Hate knowing that my own indulgences could be causing her pain. :( Not sure how long we'll have to hold off on dairy, I've heard some babies outgrow sensitivity by a 12-18 mos. 


It's only been a few days since I've been entirely dairy free, too soon to notice any real change in her, but I've noticed a change in myself which is good! :) I have long desired to give it up, but it's just so delicious that it took something like this for me to really commit. 

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It 100% depends on both Mom and baby. There isn't an answer that fits everyone.  I had to avoid 100% of dairy for my kids when nursing.   At about 12 and 18 months I would try a bit with the second two (AFTER they were tested because of my oldests actual allergies).  At 18 months I was able to introduce it back into my diet with #3 (It was a bit longer with #2).  We don't have much milk in the home though so it was really just when I would go out, not having to worry about it.

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It definitely depends on the kid. With my second child, he was sensitive even if I had one bite. He'd start vomiting 24 hours after my ingestion and continue vomiting during and after every feeding for 3 more days. With my third child, she was fine through me, but once she started eating foods herself, she reacted (to dairy and a plethora of other foods).

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Thanks for your input, ladies.

Update for us, I have been off dairy (and soy/soybean oil/lecithin, until very recently) for about 3.5 months. Her eczema cleared up almost instantly, and her yucky diapers went away after a month or so. Unfortunately I was also struggling with green diapers due to oversupply (my daily oatmeal habit) so it was a bit of a tricky time trying to figure everything out. Then of course we started solids and the diapers changed yet again! Our pediatrician says I should be off of dairy for at least 4-6 months before trying to reintroduce. She suggested starting with real butter, or yogurt, rather than milk. I'm so glad I've discovered this now, rather than later. Hoping it is just a temporary sensitivity rather than a true allergy.

I will say this, it has NOT been as hard as I thought to give up dairy. My "cravings" dissipated after about a week. I use almond milk and coconut milk in almost everything. I do miss it sometimes, most of all being able to eat out in restaurants without worrying about cross-contamination. It is so much easier to eat at home!

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With my dairy allergic kids, even cross contamination could be an issue. I couldn't have even the tiniest bit. I was very strict about what I ate, but really it's not that hard.

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My daughter is dairy allergic. She cannot have food that "may contain" or even, baked dairy (some dairy allergic folks can tolerate it!) but when she was still nursing, I could have very minute amounts of baked dairy myself. - Like, one bite of a cookie situation. Or I could eat a food that would say "may contain trace amounts". (the reason i found this out was there were times when someone would hand me something, assure me that there was no dairy in it and then after a bite or two, i'd find out there was butter. because apparently butter isn't DAIRY because there's no MILK in it. * eye roll* We'd always prophylactically treat her in those cases with a dose of benadryl- so maybe she would have reacted if we hadn't acted fast- we found out she was allergic from ONE BITE of strawberry ice cream when she turned 1, hives all over her body- new protocols now say we should have given her an epi pen)

I'm still 99% dairy free. Apparently I've been lactose intolerant most of my life- when I eat it now, i spend the rest of the night/day in the washroom. That and even though i was a complete freak for cheese, the mere smell of it now turns my stomach. Which stinks becuase the first thing i intended to do once little miss weaned was to eat deep dish chicago pizza!

So-delicious makes an amazing coconut milk ice cream substitute that even if faced with the "real" thing, i'd eat over actual ice cream. Its wonderful.

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