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Eczema and wheezing/congestion

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06-03-2002 | Posts: 43
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Hi--My nephew is 6 months old. He's been experiencing chest congestion and wheezing for a couple on months and he's had eczema since birth. He was nursed til about 3 months, and is now on a regular dairy-based formula as well as jarred food. His pediatrician has now prescribed antibiotics, as well as some other meds and has told my brother to go to a dermatologist. I have told them to try going dairy--free and to see what happens. My brother and SIL are pretty resistant to "alternative stuff", but I'd like to present them with some other options.
Does anybody else have any suggestions?
He is a very happy baby, too.
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I can tell you this much -

There have been studies which correlate the occurance of atopic dermatitis with later development of asthma in life. Dairy seems to be a key influencing factor in many people in the cause of atopic dermatitis (aka eczema) There are also studies which show that dairy products thicken respiratory secretions and mucous. These are empirical medical studies, not homeopathic or "alternative' studies.

Now for the anecdotal - my son has atopic dermatitis when I consume dairy products and even soy products. He is entirely breastfed. He also has severe skin reactions if he eats anything that has any dairy in it. now this is my own roundabout conclusion, but I would bet there are studies out there somewhere - I am keeping him off of dairy so he will not develop asthma later in life! Thank god we are breastfeeding as he does not tolerate either cows milk or soy milk!
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