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insahmniak's Avatar insahmniak 06:05 PM 02-23-2005
Please forgive the following OT for a moment of hero identification...
JaneS, you are amazing! You're encyclopedic or omnipotent or some big astounding word or...or...I Don't Know What! I missed the article because I'm not a current subscriber. Thanks for the links. Glad to know there are others here.

...and if that doesn't work, repeat the following in a loud and commanding voice, "Excema! Be Gone!"

panda's Avatar panda 03:12 AM 02-24-2005
Hello mamas,

I'm working my way through the pages of this thread. My sweet baby girl has pretty severe eczema - started showing at 3 months and she's 15 months now. She's such a trooper, but it's been a very bad couple of weeks. Nice to come on here and see people in similar situations working together and supporting each other. So I hope you won't mind if I hang out as time allows.

Strength and patience to you all.
sarahariz's Avatar sarahariz 09:29 PM 02-24-2005
Even though I'm on the elimination diet, I've still been using a small bit of a 1% hydrocortisone cream (Freederm-the "miracle" cream-although it has been far from that with us) on dd's face only at night so she won't scratch as much. I don't want to use it though, so I'm still searching around for other products. One I found arrived yesterday and so far I'm pretty impressed with it. It is called Naturalderm. http://www.multistrength.com/index.a...WPROD&ProdID=3 The ingredients are listed on the website. The only thing I don't like is the smell. It doesn't have added fragrance so I guess the smell is due to the botanical extracts. When I put it on dd's face for the first time, it took the redness right out! I'll keep you all posted on how it works for her.

I also found a NEAT practitioner in my town. I'm going to give her a call and see what she has to say.

The chocolate chip cookie cravings are horrible! But I found a new treat-brown rice Mochi. It is in the refrigerated section. Cut into squares and bake 10 min and they puff up and become these chewy delights!
JaneS's Avatar JaneS 09:37 PM 02-24-2005
Originally Posted by ohmtaretu
JaneS, you are amazing! You're encyclopedic or omnipotent or some big astounding word or...or...I Don't Know What! I missed the article because I'm not a current subscriber.
Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

Really most everything I know started here at MDC, I am so very grateful for how this site changed my family's life/health.

I'll pm you that article...
Breathe's Avatar Breathe 10:41 PM 02-24-2005
wow, sarah, that Naturalderm sounds amazing! does it not sting? i ask bc it has calendula, which can sting open skin

says it for infants over 6 mos . . . ds is 5 mos, 18 lbs . . . what do you think -- do i really have to wait to try it?
sarahariz's Avatar sarahariz 03:56 PM 02-28-2005
I think it may sting, because dd does usually cry when I put it on. But she also cries when I put on Alba hypoallergenic lotion (unscented). I ran out of a natural cream I was using which she didn't usually cry with-Herbal rejuvinating Face Creme for Sensitive Skin http://www.gladstonebotanicals.com/p...s/products.htm
Breathe's Avatar Breathe 05:01 PM 02-28-2005
sarah, that gladstone cream has soy lecithin and wheat germ oil in it -- i wouldn't reorder if i were you!
SunnyOne's Avatar SunnyOne 10:31 PM 02-28-2005
Thanks for the reply to my question. I've been having computer problems so I just got back to this thread finally today. In the interim, I broke down and had the pedi call in Protopic- felt like I needed to relieve the discomfort! We started using it Saturday and he looks wonderful (in just 2 days!). I also reinstated my elim of wheat (since I now understand that I had not actually eliminated gluten bc I did not realize that I needed to include oats and rye- oops!). So I'm going to stop using the protopic tomorrow and see if maybe part of the clearing has to do with the wheat being gone (my fingers are crossed!). It's not been weeks that I've had soy and dairy out (except for a slip last week where I ate some pretzels (organic) and then realized that they contain soybean oil (oops, again). Anyway, I have been eating chicken (after 16 yrs of not eating meat) and my body does not really appreciate trying to digest it, but it's getting better. I'm taking a digestive enzyme to help out. I noticed there are others who started eating meat, any suggestions of how you helped your body adjust? Thanks for all the good info! Sunny
sarahariz's Avatar sarahariz 12:47 AM 03-01-2005
Originally Posted by Breathe
sarah, that gladstone cream has soy lecithin and wheat germ oil in it -- i wouldn't reorder if i were you!
Thanks for pointing that out. I read somewhere that being allergic to something that you eat doesn't mean you will be allergic to the same thing on your skin. I also read that it is usually the proteins one is allergic to-and that the refined oil should not contain proteins. Anyone else had experience or knowledge about this?
Breathe's Avatar Breathe 01:00 AM 03-01-2005
I had always heard the same thing about oils, but a couple of people here have said that their dcs were highly allergic to oils, too. I know I sure as heck wouldn't risk anything with peanut oil, but corn oil does not seem to bother ds1 (who is allergic to corn). I guess I was just thinking that it terms of doing the elim diet, I'm trying to limit *all* exposure, and so many lotions have soy oil in them. (and I was taking lecithin *daily* to prevent recurrent mastitis, but I have stopped!)
dizzi's Avatar dizzi 11:56 PM 03-05-2005
Just for anyone's info who would like it. I have tried almost everything we could think of on my daughter. Her skin was open and oozing by the time she was 1 month old. I ended up taking her to a pediatric dermatologist and we are now using a combination of desonide and petrolium on the bottom and face and scalp and a mixture of Lociod and petrolium on her body about every 3 days. We use the Elidel on her inbetween.
She is 17 months now and pretty clear except for her belly and hands. I was happy with the help we got from the derm... you might want to check it out. Our insurance covers it like a regular doc.
JaneS's Avatar JaneS 02:41 PM 03-06-2005
Hi Dizzi,
First of all welcome to MDC

We tried Elidel on DS too and had some side effects (flu like symptoms, I suspected he also had a headache) and then I started reading some scary stuff about it and using it on kids under 2 since it is an immunosuppressant. Have you seen the recent warnings that it is under investigation by the FDA? It's such a new drug with not much data behind it.


After I read more about it, we wanted to try to solve this while also avoiding the risks of using pharmaceuticals.
JaneS's Avatar JaneS 04:34 PM 03-12-2005
Posting our story here:

C'mon over and tell me what you think.
sarahariz's Avatar sarahariz 08:27 PM 06-24-2005
I just found this thread to forward to a mom I met yesterday whose 6 yr old has ezcema. There is so much great info in here it deserves to be read so I'm bumping it back up!
alwayslearning2's Avatar alwayslearning2 04:35 AM 02-27-2006

fwding thread to neighbor... good info especially about dangers of elidela nd protopic and bathing everyday with a good moisturizer!

Also, taking omega 3,6,9 internally and probiotics really is important.

Flax seed and Borage oil work well for anyone allergic to fish oil.
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