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My dd has eczema. She is 8 mo. We are still trying to figure out what she's allergic to. She has mild eczema on her arms and legs and severe eczema on her cheeks. She's had this since birth.

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Who? DS
Age? 17mo yesterday
What? Wheat, barley, soy, eggs and peanuts. Suspect sulfites in wine (we used to cook with), possibly MSG (but it could have been wine for cooking) and oats. Avoiding tree nuts, legumes and peas.
How long? Had skin test last August, been discovering more along the way and confirming by accident some of them. Wondering about Celiacs because of the wheat, barley and oats issues

DS had severe eczema exacerbated by his food allergies and after vax'ing (we are delaying further vax'ing until his 2nd b'day)

Who? Me
Age? Celebrating 3rd anniversary of my 29th birthday
What? Ana to banana (possibly with or without nuts), moderate hayfever, aspirin and ibruprofen
How long? Had ana banana attack nearly 10 yrs ago Christmas - kids I nanny'ed for gave me banana nut pancakes by accident. Aspirin was when I was a small child at Christmas - had near ana attack. (Christmas and me can be a disaster, there are two more non allergy incidents that involve the ER). Ibruprofen was 3 years ago - after arguing with umpteenth docs about how I have an aspirin allergy and I'm not supposed to have other NSAIDS, I decided not to argue with this last one because frankly I was in so much pain I couldn't stand. Well after a run of aggressive hives and two rounds of steroids, no matter how much pain I'm in, I will argue!

Who? DH
Age? 31
What? Everything but rocks (even some of those will make him sneeze), dustmites, cat, some food allergies
How long? Most of his life but told by his mother he was being "hypersensitive"

Who? Both (grand)fathers
What? Seasonal yet extreme hayfever
How long? My dad - most of his life, his dad - after living in Atlanta in the late 60's

DS#2 is due in a few weeks and we HOPE that he will be allergy free. Or at the very least, he will have allergies similiar to DS#1 and not total opposite. Meals are already a nightmare at our house!

Momma to DS1 (4) - allergic to wheat, rye, barley and eggs
and DS2 (3) - allergic to all legumes, egg, soy, peanuts and tree nuts
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Who?? my son, Elliot

How old are they?? He's two and a half.

What kinds of allergies?? and how long have you known? We found out when he was three months old that he was allergic to dairy...I was having a hard time pumping and DH and I decided to try a supplemental formula...his body was covered with hives and his ears were to the emergency room! For the next year, while waiting to test, we kept him away from dairy, soy, eggs, and wheat, and me too, since he was nursing.

At one year, we tested for the top five and found that hurray! he can eat wheat and corn! Dairy--highly allergic, Soy and Eggs--allergic but can tolerate in small amounts. All of this contributes to his eczema, which can flare up all over his body, and has since he was two months.

Today, we just got back the results from his latest testing...dairy, soy, and eggs were all down in sensitivity, but we found that he's extremely allergic to peanuts, so we're hanging on to the ol' Epi Pen!
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Both of my kids have allergies

DD is 4 and she is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts

Ds, just found out, is allergic to cow milk and egg Just bought our family another epipen.
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I have a lot of allergies, since childhood. Animal dander, pollen, dust, wool, feathers. I've been on medications my entire life for them, but I've never taken allergy shots (although I've considered it). I also have asthma related to my allergies which is treated with a rescue inhaler.

My son (13 months) either has a milk allergy or a lactose intolerance. We aren't sure yet, but we're in the process of elimination. We'll probably put him on goat's milk.
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Who: DH and me (we're 24)!!

What: DH is a celiac. I am allergic to pollen, dust, mold, and animal dander (though it hasn't stopped my parents from keeping cats that slept on my bed, when they didn't I actually got worse, weird eh). Berries and shellfish give me an itchy skin reaction though no digestive problems so I don't know if they count. Also, we just found out that psuedophedrine...the same medicine that I took most of my life for the first four allergies, makes me have heart palpitations and ADHD type symptoms (no wonder I was a hyper insomniac throughout middle and high school). Combine it with something in Nyquil and I hallucinate and have night terrors (which I never knew about until poor DH came along).

How Long: DH has been GF for almost 2yrs but had symptoms fora decade before that. I've had "hay fever" since I was tiny but bad nasal/respiratory reactions since I moved to the suburbs when I was 6 (again, taking me away from the source of the allergy made me worse). They skin reactions appeared after puberty. The medicine reactions were discovered about a year and a half ago.

Traveling mama to two little boys and a new baby coming with the monsoon
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Both my kids have severe allergies with potential for anaphylaxis. Amazingly, they are not genetic sibs (we're an adoptive family).

Who/What: DS, age 6.5. Allergic to salmon, trout, and presumably other fish in that family (cross-reactivity with the pike family is apparently common). Mild seasonals. He used to be allergic to eggs, too, but has outgrown that.

How long: Had his first reaction to salmon at age 18 months or so. Tested positive via CAP-RAST (IgE blood test) at age 30 months. Retested at age 6.5: still positive, despite scrupulous avoidance of all seafood.

Who/What: DD, age 2.5. Potentially life-threatening allergies to peanuts and cashews. 90% of those allergic to cashews also are allergic to pistachios, which are in the same family, so we're assuming that's + too for now. Outgrew egg allergy recently. Also tests positive for dog (had to find ours a new home a year ago) and has mild seasonals. Has viral-induced asthma. Has classic atopic dermatitis, though not too awful. Her birthmom shares anaphylactic allergies to peanuts, cashews, and is also severely (history of anaphylaxis) to shrimp, crab, and lobster. So no seafood for our DD for now, even though she so far tests negative.

How long: Found out about the peanut allergy at ~18 months when she bit into a PB cracker. Started pulling on her tongue, looking distressed, and then started getting hives around her mouth. Fast admin of Benadryl took care of it, but who knows about next time. Two weeks later we got skin tests and found out about the rest. We retested recently (age 2.5 years), and her results on the peanut/cashew were so bad they had to administer antihistamines before the test was complete (hives started spreading across front/back of neck and onto face).

Who/What: Me, age 40. Test positive to dust, cat, dog, and some tree pollen. The cat thing is really bad. Wicked seasonals back East, though I do better in Washington state. Since we found our dog a new home and encased all the mattresses/pillows, I don't wake up with hives on my face every morning. Yay!
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Who? my 17 mo old dd
What? gluten, especially wheat. also berries. suspect soy.
how long? from the time she started solids, but I didn't figure out the gluten (that's the biggie for her) until she was 10 or so months old. She would get this red, dotty rash around her mouth from time to time and I thought it was drool. She used to eat wheat like crazy, fistfuls of wheat germ, which made me think, huh? Then she got a severe stomach flu and didn't eat for almost a week; when she started eating again she would only eat wheat noodles. The rash was up to her eyes and she had huge allergic shiners. Her ex-doc said it's just her complexion; I did an elimination diet with her and found reactions to wheat and berries.

Who: Me, age 30
What: Wheat gluten, dairy
Decided to do an elimination diet of my own after discovering dd's issues and I feel ALOT better when not eating gluten or dairy. Dairy products give me terrible headaches.
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Who? My identical 19mo girls

What? Milk protein of all kinds - anaphylactic

How long? Since about 7 months (both). Found out with double anaphylactic reaction to a small amount of lactose free S26 put in their solids to improve their weight - had become very fussy breastfeeders and I suspected lactose intolerance. Horrible scary unforgettable day
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who:me, and two dd's
ages: 29, 6 and 4
when didi you figure it out: me at 8 weeks old, both daughters when we started introducing solids at around 8 months.
to what: better to ask what i am not allergic to. i am allergic to soy, gluten, corn, citrus, cinamon, lanolin, preservatives, dust, mold, dogs, cats, any fiber other than cotton or linnen, many meds, mushrooms, ect.
my girls are allergic to any food dye, soy, and we are on the elim diet to figure out if wheat and corn are an issue. i bet they are.
i am SOOO thrilled to find a home here with other familys that are having the same issues.
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Who? Dd 1, age 8
She had eczema and sever reflux as an infant, as well as hives around her mouth after breastfeeding. She had an anaphylactic reaction around 10mos old that required an emergency room visit. At the time they listed her as allergic to Keflex (abx), because I had been taking it for an infection. I now think that it was her peanut allergy and from me eating peanuts. They had me pump and dump for 24 hours and it was awful because she absolutely refused any other nourishment and screamed almost the entire time.

We took her to an allergist the next month, and did skin testing. They almost had to give her epinephrine from the test, because her peanut reaction was so severe. The nurse was bringing in other nurses and docs to "look at this poor baby's back." Her upper lip started to swell as well, but a dose of Benadryl brought it down.

She tested allergic to peanuts and eggs, and she had had reactions at home to both bananas and strawberries. She also had fairly significant reactions to several other allergens - wheat, tuna, milk. But the doc said if she didn't show any symptoms we could continue giving her those things. She started reacting to milk, so we quit giving it to her for a few years.

Now she has outgrown, or overcome, all but the peanut allergy, which has become even more severe, according to the RAST tests. We are very careful, and she has only had one anaphylactic reaction, a few years ago from a cross-contaminated donut. She also started to react on an airplane at age two, from people opening their bags of peanuts, but luckily Benadryl got us through that!

She is also ashmatic and takes a steroid daily, well, actually, when we remember. And she uses an albuterol inhaler or nebulizer treatment when her symptoms are bad. I tend to not give her the steroid when she is symptom free, and the doc isn't too happy about that, but I worry about the side effects. I am interested in learning more about homeopathic remedies.

She is also allergic to dogs and cats. Had quite a severe reaction at someone's house who had cats, but we never knew for sure if it was the cats or something she had eaten.

Oh, and I have developed a few weird food allergies as an adult: salmon, cucumber, and horseradish! (Total side note: one day I was watching Emeril and he made salmon burgers with cucumber relish and horseradish sauce! I called it "Death on a Platter." )

~Beth, mama to two amazing girls, ages 12 and 6~

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I have allergies to dust, cats and dogs. Also hayfever. My 14-month-old daughter now has allergies to dairy, wheat, peanut and egg whites. My middle ds has ashtma, but don't know what his allergies are yet. I have a feeling dd has celiac, but no testing done yet. She gets diarrhea when she eats anything with gluten. She also has really bad eczema. We carry an epi-pen jr around just in case. It's very stressful, and we have to bring her food everywhere we go.

Jade : -Writing, vegan mom of Garrett, Drew, and Grace. Into feeling:
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We are working on figuring out my DS allergies right now. He is 6 months old....and has wheezing/coughin/congestion/eye itching/eczema/itchy ears....

He is breastfed...and i am eliminating milk/soy/nuts right now to see if that helps him. Its been over 2 weeks though...and im not impressed. So i may be eliminating eggs next.


I am reading "Is this your child" by Doris Rapp right now.
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Who: Both my sons are allergic kids:

CJ is 3 and a half; with EAs (environmental allergies: cat, dustmites, pollens, etc),

Leo (the younger) is coming up on 18 months now, with EAs, multiple food allergies (dairy eggs peanuts treenuts rice), oral pollen allergy to some fresh fruits during pollen season, and drug allergy (ibuprofen).

I (cat) have EAs (dustmites, mold, pollens, cat, etc), and food allergy to clams.

Plus we (my younger and I as I'm BFing him) are avoiding sesame, all shellfish, and fish.

We've known about the kids' allergies since roughly the beginning of 2006, when Leo broke out with vomiting and eczema, and CJ was already scheduled for testing due to recurrent sinus infections. Over the year I got tested too, nailing down the details of my EAs (in retrospect I can see my childhood/early adulthood as a somewhat allergic one), and Leo developed more allergies.
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Me: celiac disease casein and lactose intollerant, dermititis hep , allergic to eggs, green beans and garlic.....yes garlic dust penicillin and every tree out there. (literally allergic to every season of tree and this is rare). hardest one . DSJonah:autistic gf cf .dsEthan: celiac disease and casein intollerat. dsAsher: celiac disease and casein intollerant dhJason:Avacado
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Who? DD ( tegan )
How old? 6 1/2yrs
What allergies?
Colors,flavors,preservatives,most grasses, eucalyptus, tea tree, wattle, dust mites,egg yolk,cats. Side affects are asthma, personality aggression with the colors flavors & preservatives. I also keep dairy to a minimum to help with the congestion & asthma.
How long?
We have had problems with Tegan from birth & have been desperately trying to find all the answers but only found the colors flavors & preservatives in the last 6mths. What a relief it has been for the whole family. She is now a calm sweet child, rather than out of control with nightmares & aggressive behavior. She also knows what to expect when she eats something with the colors flavor or preservatives in them & does her best to avoid them.
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Well, it just occurred to me that I haven't introduced myself.


Myself (age 30), dust mite, nickel, some additive in liquid handsoaps, grass, eczema... eczema I've had on and off since childhood, along with the grass and dust mite allergies. Nickel and weird soap additive allergy came up after my firstborn came around

DH (age 30) many environmental allergies, amoxicillin allergy, eczema, outgrown food allergies (he was on a meat based formula after his mom weaned him... yucko)

DS#1 (age 9) peanut, tree nut, shellfish (including squid), sesame, coconut, 30+ environmental allergies, dog, cat, horse, sulfa drugs, eczema, mild asthma. Outgrown about 7 food allergies. He's had eczema since birth practically.

DS#2 (age 7) has mild, occasional eczema

DD (age 4) milk, shellfish, cephalosporin allergic, eczema

DS#3 (14 months) is blessedly allergy and eczema free, avoiding peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish
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WHO: DS (10 months today!) and myself

DS's stats:

WHAT: Most severe allergies to SESAME (911 call and ER visit after a taste of tahini at 9 months) and EGG whites (according to RAST test). Also quite bad are egg yolk, CAESIN, DAIRY, PEANUTS and SOY. He's thrown up every time he's had something with cold pressed sunflower oil in it too, so I assume that SUNFLOWER is just as bad as sesame.

HOW LONG: He only got eczema at age 7 months--very severely after a round of antibiotics. I had known that he didn't do well with dairy before then, but had no idea the extent of the problem until his run-in with sesame and the subsequent allergy testing.


WHAT: Oral allergy syndrome and NSAIDS (my lips swell) and sulfa drugs (rashes).

HOW LONG: I never had any allergies until I moved to the south at age 26 and got severe hay fever, which seemed to rile up my immune system terribly. Bummer, as I loved to be one of those people who could say I didn't have any allergies.

I suspect that DH has allergies that he just lives with. His stomach is often upset and it seems unlikely that DS would have such severe allergies without a slight heredity predisposition.
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Who?--DD, Sarah
How old are they?-- 2
What kinds of allergies? and how long have you known?-- Peanut allergy and a diagnosed soy allergy, though we're not really sure about that one. We found out about the peanut when she was 16months and her cousin gave her peanuts. We found out about the soy allergy when she was 2 and finally getting testing for the allergies. Her skin test came back positive for soy and negative for peanut! while her blood test came back positive for peanut and negative to soy, which is why I'm not sure if it's an allergy. For now, we're avoiding soy protien and soy flour, but I'm allowing soy oil and soy letician (or however it's spelled!) ETA: She also has enviormental allergies, not sure what to but everyone here is allergic to the juniper, so probably that. ETA for the second time (my brain is fried!): She's also allergic to Zithromax (broke out in really bad hives the one time she had it for an ear infection at 6 months), Amoxocillan (and therefore we aren't allowed to give other cillan's, she got hives, though not bad) and some other drug that starts with an A that her doctor gave her for pain relief during a really bad ear infection (her face SWELLED!)

Mama of three.
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Wow, I just saw this sticky, and I figured I better post here!

Who?? So far, just DH and me

How old are they?? DH is 24 and I'm 22
What kinds of allergies?? and how long have you known? As far as we know, DH just has mild environmental allergies, and he's had them for as long as he can remember. He also thinks he may be allergic to bee stings, but from the story he told me (I can't remember right now what he said), I think that it may have just been an exaggeration based on his age and the situation.

I have every environmental allergy known to mankind, except for mold. I also have (I think) OAS, and I react to raw apples and raw cherries. I think I may also react to raw carrots, but I'm not 100% sure yet. I've dealt with allergies my entire life, but the actual diagnosis of the specific types didn't come until about 2000/2001 when I finally got tested. I got shots for about a year, but then I got married and lost my insurance, so that didn't last nearly as long as it was supposed to.

I post here a lot because I'm familiar with allergies from my own experience, and we are desperately trying to keep DS and any of our future children allergy free!

Crunchy wife to my high-school sweetheart, mama to DS (10/23/05) , DS (11/22/07) , DD (3/9/10) , and DS (5/26/12),  and three babies in Heaven.
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Who? myself and maybe DS1
What? for me a lot - mold, dust, grass and tree pollens, ragweed, tree nuts, milk protein, albumin, pitted fruit, citrus, several raw veggies, horse hair, most perfumes, cigarette smoke, paint fumes; foods cause nasal stuffiness (milk protein) to eczema, hives, and anaphylaxic shock (pitted fruit for one); the environmental ones get my nose and asthma going
When? Since birth - grew out of wheat and corn, thought I grew out of fruits/veggies but they returned with puberty; DS1 has been having eczema and we don't yet know the culprit

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Who?? My son and myself
How old are they?? son- 23 mos, me- 30 yo.
What kinds of allergies?? son- egg & peanut. We've known he had food allergies since about 10 mos old, but found out for sure when he was 15 months old (skin test). Me- milk & shellfish and many environmental. I've known I had allergies my whole life, but was finally diagnosed when I was 25yo. Huge difference in my life to avoid the milk!
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no one that i am "friends with" have a child with allergies, its nice to be understood. most of my family are most unhelpful and unsupportive. :

Who?? My son Kenneth
How old are they??
3 will be 4 in August
What kinds of allergies??
FOOD : Chocolate, Peanuts, CitricAcid, Red Dye, Cinnamon
He is also ALLERGIC to INSECT STINGS(we have an EPIPEN)HUSBAND is allergis to insect stings also
How long have you known?
we have know since he was 1 years old, son also has exzema
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My dh and I both have cat and dust mite allergies and so our first son's doctor recommended that we wait on the major allergens until he turned one and they could do a cap rast. He came back allergic to egg white and egg yolk. He had pretty bad eczema up until that point and I cut out eggs from my diet and his skin cleared up. He's 4 now and still allergic to eggs and further skin tests have shown he's allergic to tree nuts and shellfish. My almost 1 year old has shown no signs of any allergy but we'll do his blood test soon and see where that leads us.

I'm glad I've found this site because sometimes I feel like I have a handle on understanding allergies and other times I feel kind of lost...
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My name is Kathy, I am the mom of 2 boys and 1 girl and I have a 16 YO stepdaughter. Isabel has had food intolerance issues since she started rice cereal at 6 months, but we just got the allergy tests back this week.

Who?? My DD Isabel
How old are they?? Turned 1 on April 14
What kinds of allergies?? Nuts (all except pecans), Milk, Eggs
and how long have you known? Just found out for sure but suspected Milk Protein Allergy since 7 months.

No one in our families have food allergies, my only experience has been a few friends with nut allergies. So I look forward to getting advice from other families that are dealing with the same issues.
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We just found out from the ND this week that DS and I both have some food allergies. I will be checking in here for more info and support.

Who? DS (2 on 6/5/07) and Me (mom 37 on 5/22)
What? Dairy, Goats milk, eggs, bananas, kidney beans
How long have we known? I have suspected dairy for a while. When ds was an infant he had terrible stomach problems and I went off dairy and they cleared right up. Then we started having dairy again without as great a reaction. We have rashes, blotchy skin, dark circles under the eyes, and constipation. The motivation for testing was actually to straighten out my hormones so that I could possibly get pg.

No one in our family has allergies (that they know of). People don't really take it seriously and tend to feel like I am just being "picky" about eating. I pretty much just tell folks not to feed anything to ds. It is scary what people try to feed your child.
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Who? DS 13 months and Me (32)

What? From a blood test at 4-5 months, eggs, whites and yolk, dairy, cow and goat's, oat, wheat, peanuts, gluten. I suspect cinnamon, amoung others?
I have seasonal they did a skin test few years ago for food and enviro, birch, hickory, dust mites, cockroachs (yuck) why even test for that? but food is really confusing for me b/c i can't figure some out?? probably dairy and chocolate???
we both get bad eczema and terribly itchy skin, I have sneezing attacks and running nose itchy eyes.

How long we have known? DS since 4-5 months and me? I had some as a child, went away, back REAL bad since his birth! (I think the antibiotic drip at birth was the cause of ALOT of issues!)
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Me (23)

Everything! Well, more like cats, dogs, horses, most grass, hay, poison ivy/sumac/oak, bees, wasps, horseflys, ants, fleas, ticks, most pollen, dust mites, perfume, scented soaps, scented laundry detergent, certain deodorants, etc.

I've known since I was about 7 years old.

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Who? Me
What: Cats, Grass, Trees, Horses, Hay, Mosquitos, cologne/perfume, scented cleaners or laundry stuff, probably more that I can't think of right now.

How long known? officially diagnosed when I was 11 but I'm certain I had the allergies long before then (same time I was diagnosed with asthma, which again I think I had that long before, too.

My mom is lactose intolerant. My maternal grandmother had asthma, but it went away in adulthood. Not so lucky in my case.

I had bronchitis and croup at 18 months so severe I was given a tracheotomy and hospitalized for two weeks. (I think this was a contributing factor to my asthma).

So far, both of my daughters appear to be allergy free. They do both have a sensitivity to cheap paper diapers, but putting cotton diapers on them has no negative effects.

When A was on formula from 8 month to a year old, she had exzema.
Once she quit drinking formula at a year, the exzema went away.
She boycotted cow's milk until she was 14 months.
Once she started drinking it, she was fine.
A's back to nursing at 23 months, so has not wanted any cow's milk.

A also had a severe skin reaction to a new shirt that I forgot to launder before putting on her (gift from great-grandma).
Even after it was washed, she still reacted.
I think it was to the dyes, because it was made of 100% cotton.
Everywhere the shirt touched her skin, her skin turned bright pink, hot to the touch, and was itchy.

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Hi everyone,

Here is my addition.

a. DS1 - age 3 - allergic to peanuts and treenuts and suspected environmental allergies (to be tested for environmental allergies on August 30th) - had one severe reaction at 15 months - also has eczema

b. DS2 - age 17 months - no known allergies to date - has not had peanuts, tree nuts, nor fish - we suspect he is allergic to something since he also has eczema - has not been tested yet

c. Me - age 38 - had an allergic reaction (hives all over my body) to something - I am going for testing on August 15th

Glad I found this board.
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