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changingseasons's Avatar changingseasons 08:43 PM 01-30-2009
Welcome Lady TS!

Have you seen this blog?

It's one of my favorite. I bet you could email her and see what dishsoap she uses.

Lady TS's Avatar Lady TS 11:50 PM 01-31-2009
Originally Posted by changingseasons View Post
Welcome Lady TS!

Have you seen this blog?

It's one of my favorite. I bet you could email her and see what dishsoap she uses.
Yep, I've seen that one--I neglected to save it to my bookmarks, so I am glad you mentioned it!

I might email her---but if it isn't corn that gets me, it's the coconut! :
meg-momto2's Avatar meg-momto2 02:22 AM 02-04-2009
i guess i should give us an intro,

Who- DD
How old are they- 18 months old
What kinds of allergies?? and how long have you known?- still sorting out what allergies/intolerances she has. dairy, citrus and maybe corn. she got a peeling diaper rash from her pocket diapers so i think she's sensitive to synthic fibers. she's basically had rashes and abnormal poop since birth.

we're going to pursue allergy testing and chiro adjustments for DD. i'd like to get testing for myself since i'm fairly certain i have a ton of issues with my gut.
hippychickaquarius's Avatar hippychickaquarius 12:13 AM 02-21-2009
New here! I didn't realize there was a section for allergies or else I would have been here earlier!

Who- DS (ebf)

How old- 5 months

What allergies- Ugh. I feel like we're constantly trying to figure it out. We did a scratch test when DS was 3 months old, and he reacted to only peanuts, tree nuts, and strawberries. The rest of his allergies we suspect via a TED.. dairy, soy, EGG, WHEAT, rice, TOMATOES, corn, and pork. The all caps ones are the ones that we had really bad reactions too.. bloody stool for several days, red red red diaper rash, eczema, and horrible painful crying. DS also had a general blood test (pedi was concerned that I was basically eating nothing and DS still had mucousy stool) and it showed an elevated level of IgE.

We've also had major bfing issues because of his posterior tongue-tie. We only learned about it a couple weeks ago, and since learning about it, we flew to NYC to have it corrected. We immediately saw an improvement in his stool. We suspect that because of his faulty suck, DS was getting an overload of foremilk, and that was irritating his gut even more. I was so encouraged that I ate a banana this week... he got yucky stool, diaper rash, and he now has eczema. I guess I need to add bananas to the list.
Biscuits & Gravy 08:12 PM 02-26-2009
Well, I guess I'll throw myself into the mix here. I just got back from a WBV for my 10 wk old and she suggested doing an ED for dairy since DS1 is allergic. DS2 has eczema and the tell tale red rash that won't go away. I think I've been in denial. I didn't even have to mention it, she caught it on her own. It was my main reason for the visit.

So here I am. At least I know what I'm doing, but I didn't have to do a long term ED for DS1 since he was older when we found out and my diet didn't seem to affect him. Now DH is the only one who can have dairy.

I know so many other mamas give up so much more, but I need a moment to mourn my loss of cheese. There are tons of dairy free options for food, but the one thing that can't be replicated is my precious cheese.
mamamccloud's Avatar mamamccloud 10:43 PM 02-28-2009
Who: ds 6/06 & dd 12/07

How old: 2y9m, 14.5m

What allergies: Cow milk, eggs, fish, nuts, wheat (most likely gluten), & seeds. Now having problems with tomatoes and coconut and there are now other mysteries.

How long have I known: with ds since he was 4 months and dd 6 weeks.
MyLittleWonders's Avatar MyLittleWonders 03:47 PM 03-07-2009
Who: All of us

How old: Dh (34); Me (35); Ds#1 (7 1/2); Ds#2 (5); Ds#3 (2 1/2)

What allergies: gluten (all of us); artificial ingredients of any kind (the boys; not sure about dh nor I); dh is also very low dairy (typically will only have raw milk kefir on the weekends when I make smoothies, otherwise he's dairy free)

How long: We began Feingold sometime just after ds#3 was born (I think the fall after he was born, so fall of '06). We went gluten free June of '07. When we did, ds#3's mysterious diaper rash went away, ds#2's apraxia of speech was cured and his sensory issues seriously dimished, and ds#2's and ds#1's behavior greatly improved. They both still exhibit ADHD "symptoms" but we have never had them tested. Dh and I were confirmed gluten intolerant on our ASI (adrenal stress index) tests in November of '08.

We also all went dairy free just after Christmas in '08. Dh's frequent migraines went away immediately. I never noticed much difference for the rest of us. So, dh is extremely low dairy intake; the boys and I partake more freely (probably a bit too freely). There may be a few other intolerances in there, but my focus now is not eliminating any other food but healing our systems so nothing irritates it.
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