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Breathe's Avatar Breathe 07:39 PM 02-05-2005
Does anyone know which part of chocolate is thought to be allergenic for children? Is it the cocoa or something else? I know the rec. is to wait until 3 years to introduce it (esp to allergy-prone children), but it also seems to bother many babies via breastmilk.

My ds1 (3.3) is fine with it, always has been, but ds2 (4 mos) seems to react to it in my milk (we're talking dark choc here, no dairy of course) and I'm curious about what it is that is problematic so I can try to steer around it. (For instance, Rice Dream makes an ice cream with carob that also has cocoa -- don't know if that's okay or not.)

Any thoughts on this? THX!

Chanley's Avatar Chanley 01:12 AM 02-06-2005
some of the rice dreams are not gluten free. Some of thier ice cream is gf.

I am not sure about the chocolate ? tho, and I am not nearly objective enough about my one food addiction to begin to answer it.
Missy's Avatar Missy 07:07 PM 02-06-2005
It's not considered to be one of the top eight or even the top ten. But, I would imagine there would be several reasons to avoid it. It's certainly possible to allergic to the cocoa bean. Also, many people avoid the processed products because they're made with or around common allergens. For example, a dark chocolate bar might be made on the same lines as a milk chocolate bar. I think for some people it's simply a digestive issue; maybe young children have a harder time digesting it.

About Rice Dream products--be very careful using any of them. I don't know what you're avoiding, but, like Chanley said, their rice milks are not gluten-free. Some of them contain pea and corn. They have recently admitted that all of their Rice Dream "ice cream" products run a chance of x-contam. with dairy.

Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 09:11 PM 02-07-2005
Some people can react to vanillin, the artificial vanilla flavor that's often found in chocolate, and then mistakingly think they're allergic to chocolate.

When my son was an infant, he reacted to caffeine in my diet. I didn't re-introduce chocolate to my diet until he got ahold of his big sisters' chocolate candies and ate them with no problem!!! He was about a year and a half old by then.
Breathe's Avatar Breathe 10:02 PM 02-07-2005
right . . . caffeine! caffeine makes him HOWL! maybe that's it! thx!