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Starling's Avatar Starling 06:11 AM 11-06-2002
What do you know about eczema?

I checked out what Dr. Sears has to say about it on his website, and we'll be going to the pediatrician tomorrow, but I wanted to ask you all about your experience with it.

What can you do for the itching?

I'm worried because it looks like antihistimines and steroid creams are prescribed for eczema. Has anyone had any luck with anything else? Any natural or home remedies to suggest?

Thank you.

BusyMommy's Avatar BusyMommy 06:19 AM 11-06-2002
We got rid of my ds' eczema. Can you schedule a visit w/a Naturo. dr instead or as well as your ped? We did a # of things including some Vit A, Biotin, fish oil, lots of calcium, sunlight exposure and eucerin or aquaphor cream.

SagMom's Avatar SagMom 10:12 AM 11-06-2002
We've used Cetaphil soap in the shower and Cetaphil lotion, Dr. Bronner's soap in the laundry (no fabric softeners or other things added) Florasone cream from the healthfood store for spots that itch, and chiropractic adjustments.

It would also help to be aware of the fiber content of clothing/blankets that are against the skin--some people are only comfortable with all cotton, others can tolerate other fabrics depending on the finish/texture.

My daughter's eczema is aggravated by apples--dairy and tomato products can also be triggers--keep an eye out for possible food connections.

There are lots of alternatives to steroids and antihistamines, but different things work for different people, so keep trying.
Starling's Avatar Starling 07:41 PM 11-06-2002
Thank you.

We're switching to Dr. Bronner's right away!

And food does seem to play a role in my DS's eczema, too. Tomatoes seem to be the culprit in this outbreak.

Live and learn, huh?
henna's Avatar henna 07:10 PM 11-08-2002
My DS's (3 yrs old) eczema started a little before he turned 1. After about 6 months I figured out it seemed to be dairy. He seemed okay with a little dairy if his skin was clear. If he had too much and had an outbreak we had to be really strict for about 2 weeks. For the outbreaks on his skin we use Common Sense brand Chamomile & Primrose Salve which seems to help alot. DS has been having more breakouts, they look a little different maybe? so I have been thinking of doing an elimination diet. Does anyone know how to do it or have any advice? I will look at tomatoes and apples. I hadn't heard of those 2, and DS eats tons of apples in every form (organic ) but...

InfoisPower's Avatar InfoisPower 07:21 PM 11-08-2002
I suggest you get ahold of a booklet published by What Doctors Won't Tell You about excema and asthma. In addition, if you live in a rural area you may want to have your water tested. Acquaintence of mine had a child whose excema flared up from the water she was bathed in and drank. They installed a purfication system and no more trouble.
henna's Avatar henna 07:44 PM 11-08-2002

any more info? did a search through google for the booklet, but didn't find anything. I have been curious about our water. We have a spring with a filter, but it is just a $2-3 filter, not doing much I can't imagine.

LEmama's Avatar LEmama 04:38 PM 11-09-2002
My 7 year old has eczema on small areas of his ears, one eyelid and his nostrils! Thank heavens, it is very mild. He has had it for a couple of years now and i suspect that it is food (dairy) related. I let him eat almost anything in moderation, though. If I apply Aquafor (made by Eucerin?) *daily* his skin stays smooth. When I remember to, I give him foods/supplements with gamma linoeic acid? - GLA - which is supposed to be helpful for eczema sufferers. Usally flax oil or evening primrose oil. I am sure that there is tons of info on the internet about coping with eczema. Good luck.
oceanbaby's Avatar oceanbaby 10:53 PM 11-10-2002
acupuncture is the only thing that worked for me. no fragrances in anything, all cotton, no fried or spicy foods, aggravated by stress and upset emotions.
bebe luna's Avatar bebe luna 11:35 PM 11-10-2002
Personally I beleive most eczema is related to an essential fatty acid deficiency.
My sons eczema went away super quick, and for good once I added EFA's into his diet.
If the child is under 10 months and you are still nursing, then the mother should take 500 mg DHA daily, plus eat plenty of hemp, flax, nuts, avocados, etc.
Once child is about 10-12 months, add 1/2 tsp flax or hemp oil to food daily.
Increase to 1 tsp at 12 months.
At 2 yrs of age they can take 250 mg DHA daily.
Still it's very go0d to avoid dairy and other allergens, as well as washing laundry w/ chemical/fragrance/dye free soap...
A homeopathic topical ointment that works wonders for flare-ups if called Florasone.
InfoisPower's Avatar InfoisPower 06:14 PM 11-11-2002
The Website address is:
You may have to look in their archival material. The booklet I have is several years old. Titled: Drug Free Solutions to Asthma & Eczema
My acquaintances installed a reverse osmosis system and then fed that through a carbon filter to remove any other nasties for drinking. For bathing just the reverse osmosis was enough.
Runtita's Avatar Runtita 06:26 PM 11-11-2002
DS has eczema as a baby; eliminating dairy from my diet and using an herbal salve (with calendula, plantain, St. John's Wort) from Stony Mountain Botanicals did the trick. Now we use the salve for everything from bug bites to rashes to burns. Great stuff!

Also- we stopped bathing him more than 1-2X/week. We still do this...his skin is sensitive and dries out easily. We also use fragrance-free laundry detergent and fabric softener sheets.
cobluegirl's Avatar cobluegirl 09:07 PM 11-14-2002
Be really careful in treating eczeam with cream. There is a problem in the body and that is it's way of leaving the body. The best way, I have been told, to get rid of it is to see a homeopath and discover what irritation is causing it. The cream will drive it back into the skin so it isn't bothersom but the toxins will often find another way to exit the body. Some people will develope asthma in its place.
Tikiniski's mom's Avatar Tikiniski's mom 05:36 PM 11-15-2002
Look into possible food allergies. Many times allergies and eczema go hand in hand. Soon after ds was on a dairy free diet his eczema went away along with using gentle soaps and detergents.

Andrew 3/01 allergic to eggs, milk, peanuts, tomato, dogs and others-
PumpkinSeeds's Avatar PumpkinSeeds 05:50 PM 11-15-2002
My babes eczema finally cleared when we eliminated eggs, dairy, corn, wheat and oats. Finally now, he can eat wheat and oats, but not the other three.

We bath ds 2 x a day in plain water only, use Little forest therapy lotion or Cetaphil cream and then a barrier such as A&D ointment.

Some people made comments about using a barrier. I find simply that eczema skin just needs help with a moisture barrier.

I did use cortisone on areas that tended to bleed and pus. I'd rather manage that with cortisone than risk secondary infection of the skin.

We did add EFA to the diet like Bebe Luna suggested a long time ago to us and it did help.

We did all the other usual things like no soaps/detergents in the laundry, dress ds in 100 % cotton items only, keeping him cool (not overdressing!!!) using a polypropylene mattress pad, then covering that with a 100% cotton pad that was washable.

ONe thing about the water that someone else mentioned. When ds eczema was at it's worst, it seemed that the chlorine in the water was irritating to his skin.

Good luck!
jtsmom's Avatar jtsmom 01:45 AM 11-17-2002
My dd is 1, allergic to eggs, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, chocolate, citrus and potatoes. I'm sure I'm missing one. She had allergy testing, and now I'm finding that it seems eggs, chocolate and soda(when I drink it) causes flare ups.

We find it's better when she takes a bath every day, a long one, followed by a thick cream ( I like cetaphil, but it has almond oil in it so we've stopped using it) Also, we gave the cat to my mom, also seems to have helped.

The ocean water worked *immediately* to clear up her skin, I wish we could dunk her in every single day.

She recently developed a bad secondary infection on her hand that spread to her eye. (eczema skin is always open and prone to infection.) It was herpes(like a cold sore) plus bacterial. It was *really* scary. I have never been good at putting the steroid creams on, I don't like them, but after that experience, I wish I'd done it more often. Using the steroid creams occasionally when it's really bad, until it clears up, then be really religious about baths and greasing her up will keep her clear for a little while longer.

This is a terrible thing for a family to deal with, we've discussed this several times here at MDC, and it seems that everyones answer is different. It's tough figuring it out because there are so many variables. As you research this, you'll find there is an eczema/allergy/athsma relationship, and from what I understand, keeping kids like this away from common allergens will give them a better chance of avoiding athsma. ( I know I'm not spelling that right...) I wish I'd thought to stay away from some of those foods while pg and when dd was a really little baby, but in our case there was no indication we would have a child with these issues.

So sad to hear of another babe going through this. It sure is tough.
irksten's Avatar irksten 04:51 AM 11-17-2002
I have a 2 y.o. dd with eczema and multiple food allergies.
Here are some things that have worked for us.

1) Pajamas that cover hands so dd can't scratch.

2) Slathering on moisterizer within 3 minutes of getting out of the tub.

3) Long Pants and Long Sleeves. BUY YOUR CLOTHES NOW! Come summer time there are only shorts and t-shirts.

4) Educate your child and yourself about their allergies, sign yourself up for FAAN the Food Allergy and Anaphlaxis Network.

5)Try to vary the foods you give your child.
Our daughter started out with allergies to Milk, Eggs, Nuts, Seeds, and Shellfish. Then 6 months later developed a soy allergy. We were using Soy as her main protein source and now we don't use it at all

6) Be careful with Flax seed oil and other unrefined oils. If there is a trace of protein in the oil your child has a higher chance of developing an allergy. - I do sometimes give Flax seed oil to my dd, but I watch for a reaction.

Good Luck and I hope for no itching for our wee ones.
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