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KathinJapan's Avatar KathinJapan 02:48 AM 06-27-2005
Does anybody with a dairy allergy use goats milk? My mom has got a bee in her bonnet that I need to be using goats milk. I am on an elim. diet for DDs allergies. My first reaction was NO, but then I think it was just my being annoyed at her trying to micromange the allergies. We all know how much fun that is. (why is it that people who have never dealt with food allergies are always experts???) Anyway, I have found a source for goats milk, and plan on trying it soon. I just wondered if anybody else had success with it.
p.s. tried dairy at 19 months and bad reaction, elim. it at 5 months.

BCmamaof6's Avatar BCmamaof6 04:26 AM 06-27-2005
We have 3 out of 5 children (and DH) who are allergic to cow's milk, but can tolerate goat's milk no problem. It is also easier to digest than cow's milk.
wendy1221's Avatar wendy1221 03:39 PM 06-27-2005
MOST people who are allergic to cow's milk cannot tolerate goat's milk either. But some can. It might be worth a try, but don't be surprised if dd reacts to it. I am allergic to cow's milk. I can tolerate sheep's milk cheese a little better, but not goat's. HTH!

Oh, and my dh is also allergic to dairy but he can tolerate goat's, but doesn't like it. My sister and her kids also can't tolerate goat's.
broodymama's Avatar broodymama 05:09 PM 06-27-2005
DS is allergic to cow's milk (and soy) but doesn't have a problem with goat's milk. He hasn't had it directly, other than a few bites of goat's milk yogurt. However I can drink goat's milk and eat cheeses made with both goat and sheep milk without it affecting him.
Missy's Avatar Missy 01:56 AM 06-28-2005
Over 90% of people with a true dairy allergy are also allergic to goat's milk. The proteins are very similar. My son is ana. on contact with dairy; it's not worth the risk to me. He's been through too much.

KathinJapan's Avatar KathinJapan 04:19 AM 06-28-2005
Thanks, we are driving out to the farm on Saturday. If it works great, if not then that is OK too.
Maya has never had any dairy, only through my breastmilk. She is also allergic to soy. Not that there are any soy subs for dairy in Japan. People here eat soy because they like it, not to replace dairy. Most soy milk contains trace dairy here. Which was frustrating when I was eating soy... But, there are good subs for soy sauce and miso made from millet.
deliarose's Avatar deliarose 10:42 AM 06-30-2005
My Dr. just put me on a non dairy diet, except for yogurt. She said that goat's milk should be ok, at least it works for her. I am going to try it out and see.