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DeniseBabcock's Avatar DeniseBabcock 08:11 PM 02-23-2003
Wondering if anyone out there has every had their child (or themselves) tested for food allergies with the RAST blood test (Radioallergosorbent Test)

I know my three year old has food sensativites and we have eliminated many foods. I get overwhelmed sometimes however, trying to do a complete elimination diet, and I am wondering if this test is accurate. Accurate enough to put my 3 year old through it.??

We are vegetarians, and "wanna be" vegans. We do not consume cow's milk. But sometimes eat cheese (organic) and organic, cage free eggs.

We recently eliminated wheat and sugar from our diets also, and with that have definately seen improvements. However, I know it could be even better, and I am overwhelmed about pursuing the elimination any further. If this test is simple and accurate, and could give me immediate results, I'd do it, despite that fact that insurance doesn't cover it and is $300.

The information I found on the internet, goes both ways. One will say, it's great, the other, not so accurate.
Any advise? Anyone had the test? Worked, didn't work?

Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you so much!

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NaturalMamma's Avatar NaturalMamma 01:33 PM 02-24-2003
There are blood tests available for allergy testing. Check out www.isitallergy.com. I would avaoid the RAST test as I have never felt comfortable with the idea of purposely exposing the body to an allergen. I think the RAST is more upsetting to a child than a quick blood draw.

Food allergies and food intolerances are different immune responses and, therefore the testing is different. Immunology is still a very mysterious field and I have found that a lot of health care professionals don't have a many answers to all the questions.

I suspect that my DD (now almost 2.5 yrs) has/had some food intol/sensitivites. I developed some eczema post-partum and I never had allergies. My DH has hay fever. I tried eilimination diets several times and just couldn't pin down what the offending food was. Also, it can be dangerous to eliminate food groups/go on a diet when your body is being depleted from a frequent nurser. I was losing too much weight, was feeling unhealthy, etc.

A year ago, I went through some blood testing for food sensitivites through Elisa/ACT biotechnologies 800-553-5472. Not covered by insurance, of course. I found out that I had sensitivities to sugar--honey, molasses--you name it!

Good luck to you. I hope you get some answers.
mama2jonah's Avatar mama2jonah 02:48 PM 02-24-2003
I just have the second the use of the elisa/act test. It is reputedly much more accurate than the RAST.
DeniseBabcock's Avatar DeniseBabcock 04:27 PM 02-24-2003
Thank you for the website! I thought the RAST test WAS a simple blood test. I wonder what is the difference between the RAST and the ImmunoCap Allergy Blood test.
Mainly I want to have her tested for foods. Would it test for food allergies AND food sensativities???
Thanks again. I think I will try to see if her doctor will do one, and try to get insurance to cover it. Who knows:

Thanks so much for the advice.

Robyn's Avatar Robyn 07:16 PM 02-24-2003
My son just had a RAST test last month......and it was just a simple blood test and so no allergens came near my son. Before I did a Rast test, I had my son tested for allergies though kineasiology (muscle testing). I was very skeptical on this, I was also using NAET to treat the allergies as he tested weak on some things. Before we finished some of the naet treatments I had the Rast test done and he tested positive for a few things.....things that was not cleared though NAET yet. Anyway, what I'm getting at is that I really belive muscle testing works to test for allergies, and it's cheep, and non-abrasive, and anyone can learn to do it.
cameronsmom's Avatar cameronsmom 07:44 PM 02-24-2003
My son is 3 years old and we have (unfortunately) been dealing with this since he was 10 months old. The RAST is a simple blood test that checks for the most common food allergies and sensitivites (eggs, milk, soy, etc.). We have had this done as well as the skin prick test, a sweat test for cystic fibrosis, you name it. If it were me I would go ahead and have it done. It is as simple as any other routine blood work. PM me if you have any other questions, we are old pros at this!!