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For as long as I've known DS (3 days old) he has been a loud breather. We've tried all kinds of things (traditional meds, homeopathy-helped more than any) but nothing has really solved the issue. Our ped told us that moving to another area (gotta love that Ohio Valley) would help. Still, I though she was joking. Then, this week we went to the beach (S.C.) and WOW normal breathing. My kiddo who has never been a good sleeper not only was sleeping 12 hours a night, but also taking naps. We've only been back for less than 24 hours and WHAM yucky breathing! Is this worth moving for? Am I imagining things?
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Environmental allergies are very real. It's possible it's something in your house or something there's contact with everyday. It's also possible a different climate helps.
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we moved to arizona to help with our five year old's asthma. in chicago he was on up to six kinds of medications for his asthma, allergies, and recurrent infections (eyes, ears, upper respiratory). we were tired of taking him to the ER, giving him zyrtec and singulair daily and seeing him in pain. since coming to arizona he is off ALL medications and doing quite well. allergens are different here and we are sometimes bothered by them, but no serious incidents for ds1. ds3 was hospitalized for asthma though at four months and again at five months. he is ona daily med called pulmicort, which has much less side effects than one steroid dose in a whole year. that being said, all newborns sound kind of congested to me. we picked up and moved, but we are crazy. i would wait and see where it goes. congrats on your little one.
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we always vacationed at the beach or in the mountains when my asthma was bad as a kid. They also got better when we left our wet basement moldy house and went to a new dry house. Moving does not always solve everything...most areas have some common pollens, though sometimes less. Or he may develop allergies to new ones you don't have in Ohio (there is no red cedar here, really, and that's a prime offender in other states) Even arizona has pollen issues more now since people have planted nonnative plants and grass.

Moving could be an option, sometimes kids grow out of the worst, so you could try again in a few years back in Ohio. As far as "loud breathing" and the he asthmatic? congested? Or just overly dry and better in a high humidity environment? You could try making your house a LOT more humid?
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I suffer major allergies, food and environmental. I have lived in 6 Northeastern states and California. Each time I move to a new place, there's a wonderful year without seasonal allergies, but the next year, they're back! That first year is like an adjustment period during which my body is still figuring out how to respnd to the new, potential allergens in the air. Sure enough, I've been allergic to something everywhere I've lived. I think many allergic people just find this to be true. I know my dad is the same, as well as one of my friends. It's a bummer, for sure.
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You might want to look into NAET treatment for allergies. I have a friend whose DD had some food allergies (totally BFed, homebirth, etc...) and saw a practioner and now the allergies are gone. Her dd was treated via her mom. My friend swears by it and she is going to become a practioner. Read the site for more info, noninvasive... doesn't hurt to try.

My DH has severe chemical allergies (fragrance smells are like kryptonite to him) and he is currently sick for a week b/c I made the mistake of using scented soap a week ago. I'm going to have him see a NAET practioner (the one my friend did).

To answer your question, yes I totally think moving can help.

I have dust allergies (dust mites). When I moved from NYC to Southern California... they pretty much stopped. My DH noticed it. We're 20 minutes from the ocean, maybe that helps.

Ocean air is ionized, no? Really fresh and clean. Not surprising.
Ionized air and it's role in health

Air ions are important, as a high proportion of negative ions will leave you feeling lively, uplifted, and enthusiastic. Too many positive ions tends to leave you feeling depressed, lethargic and full of aches and pains. In general, exposure to negatively ionized air has been shown to increase oxygenation of the lungs, vital capacity, and ciliary activity. All types of beneficial responses take place as a result of these friendly ions.
When I lived in NYC, DH's apartment was soooo dusty and unbearable. We bought an expensive ($500, Friedrich) big, bulky air cleaner. It produces negative ions and sucks the dust from the air through a filter. It helped me feel soooo much better. So that's another thing you can consider.

For a person with Dust Mite allergies, wall-to-wall carpeting is a no-no, but that's what I have in my house... and since I've been here (4 years) I have not needed to use my air cleaner at all.

Here is a website that sells air cleaners and explains indoor air pollution. I'm not endorsing it or anything... I just found it on a search.

I did used to buy products from Allergy Control Products (mattress covers, pillow covers, etc...) Get their catalog... it's very informative, whether or not you order from them.

10 - boy
5.5 - girl
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I definately believe that different locations can be better or worse for allergies.
I am prone to enviromental/seasonal allergies.
They were terrible, often nearly unbearable, when I lived in Austin, TX.
Terrible in Florida,
They were practically non-existant in Arizona.
Moderate in New Orleans, but I did develop chemical sensativities (fragrances, exhaust, cleaners, etc) there.
When I returned to MN the chemical sensativities went away, but during the summer the seasonal allergies returned, just not as intensly.
I have spent several months in Mexico and in Costa Rica over the past few years and have had no problems what-so-ever in either place.

I do know that if I avoid sugars, yeasted breads, alcohol, coffee, and dairy when the weather is hot and/or humid, the symptoms remain very mild. Exercise helps greatly as well.

I have also found much relief with acupuncture and herbs (eyebright for red/ puffy/itchy eyes, pau d'arco, astragulus, and oil of oregano for other symptoms... occasional ephedra/ ma huang for the unbearable type symptoms) . Homepathy sometimes helps for me.

I have also heard great things about NAET and I definately want to try it out!

Rolfing is another technique that I have heard people say has helped them recover from allergies of all kinds.
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I wanted to add, general air quality is an issue too....same plants, same pollens, but less air pollution is somewhat helpful.
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