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KatWrangler 07-23-2007 01:56 PM

We thought my son was still allergic to soy and egg. His skin would get better then worse again. Finally we had had enough with the Allergist and he was finally tested this morning. The results was a shocker. He is NOT allergic to soy, egg, wheat, dairy, corn, hay, grass. He IS allergic to CATS and HORSES!

So....I am looking for a product called Allerpet. I can't find it locally and looks like I will have to order it online. Does anyone have experience with this product? You put it on the cat and it helps reduce reactions.

Eventhough Conner had a significant reaction to both, he said we don't need to get rid of our cat. Just clean the cat and keep the cat out of Conners room.

Any advice?

lablover 07-23-2007 03:07 PM

My DD was diagnosed with a dog allergy in March and we have done several things to try and reduce the dander. Here is what we did. Bought allerpet to put on the dog weekly, bought a HEPA vacuum, bought 2 air purifiers - one for her bedroom and a bigger one for the living area downstairs. Banned the dog from her bedroom and we keep her bedroom door closed at all times (dander doesn't settle like dust, it can float around in the air.) We cleaned the air ducts and we use the allergen furnace filters. Since we did all these things all at once, I don't know for sure that the allerpet works, but I read reviews from people that said it did. She isn't too mobile yet, so I figure I will know if it works when she eventually touches the dog. Our main problem now is other people that have dogs (which seems to be about all our family and friends) - when they hold her she breaks out from the dander on them. I feel for you - I know how tough it is! This link may help:

MoonStarFalling 07-23-2007 04:55 PM

I have a cat allergy and I used to take care of 80 at a shelter! lol I also have three at home. What works for me, keep them out of my room, off my laundry, brush them daily, wash my hands after touching them, keep them on raw homemade diet, keep the house clean and free of hair/dander, get rid of all upholstered furniture and carpets (or at least keep washable covers on the furniture or cat bed) and take homeopathic allergy pills.

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