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Aletheia's Avatar Aletheia 03:27 AM 02-23-2008
My 18 month old is dairy/egg/tree nut allergic. He has relied on mama milk as the core of his nutrition and... ack! It's dwindling as I begin my second trimester of a second pregnancy!

We are having night hunger issues (more here) and so I know I have GOT to figure out a way to get more calories into this kid in the daytime.

So please help!

He's a snacker. Is that my fault? Can/should I make him eat less in between meals in order to make meals bigger? I feel this won't work, so I want to go with higher-calorie snacks than what we've been doing-- fruit, veggies, dry cereal.

Help me, allergy mamas! What can I feed this scrawny bean-pole of a kid?

twopinknoblue's Avatar twopinknoblue 10:04 AM 02-23-2008
My daughter who is also nut, egg and soy allergic, and dairy intolerant eats avocado slices as snacks a lot. I also cook big batches of beans (black, red kidney, pinto, garbanzo) and freeze them. We'll pull those out to thaw, pop them in the microwave for a few seconds to heat them up and they make a perfect snack. If you can do soy, you could try some soy yogurts as well, although watch out for the sugar.

I'm sure I can come up with more, but my brain doesn't function very well this early, so I'll post more as I remember (probably when my DD eats something!!)
Meg_s's Avatar Meg_s 10:31 AM 02-23-2008
I actually do limit snacks so that my toddler will eat big meals. It works! A hungry kid is also less picky and will eat the meat and fat instead of only wanting sweet/carbs.

The fattest thing I can think of is (lol) fried or baked crispy pork bellyfat. Yep, the fat, sliced up and made crispy.. the kids love it.

Mashed potatoes loaded with butter oil - you cook the butter gently and the casein separates... but I dont make this his main source of fat. I make muffins that have a LOT of fat in them... kids need their fat/calories.

I slow cook pork belly into a sweet and sour dish, and give him baked chicken thighs with all of the fat/juices. Meatballs (with fatty meat) are another high cal thing, I use rice instead of anything gluten.

At meals, give him the protein and fat first, then when he's had his fill give him the carby bits.. there isn't a lot of calories/nutrition in carbs and if he fills up on that then he won't have an appetite for the heavier stuff.
kjbrown92's Avatar kjbrown92 06:43 PM 02-23-2008
coconut oil (I fry sweet potato chips and carrot chips in a mixture of palm shortening and coconut oil and the kids love them)
I also use the coconut oil in all my baking.
I have recipes on my blog (in my sig). I don't know the fat content of them though!
Aletheia's Avatar Aletheia 07:29 PM 02-23-2008
Meg_S- Ok, so I have to admit that I was totally grossed out by your suggestion. I thought "ewww! no, i could never feed him animal fat, let alone fried animal fat!" and then I thought, "why not?"

I have always assumed that animal fat and cholesterol are bad, bad, bad. So I got on the internet to see if this is true even for children, and stumbled across this article which is about eating cholesterol no matter your age. I am very curious to hear what other MDC mamas make of this!

I was vegetarian for years, starting to eat meat on occasion when I married my Montanan husband, and then more frequently when I had to cut dairy out of my diet. It just seems so *wrong* to me to think "saturated fat isn't necessarily bad bad bad."

I need to do some more reading. Ovi loves bacon and sausage, and yet I don't offer him that very often. Is it just some cultural myth that is keeping me from doing so?
tanyalynn's Avatar tanyalynn 02:29 PM 02-24-2008
The folks over in Traditional Foods are really big on (high-quality) animal fats (and fat in general, actually). I got a recipe over there that I like: shredded coconut, dried fruit(s), OJ concentrate to whatever sweetness you like (or another sweetener/interesting flavor--I used vanilla once for flavor and it was good), and coconut oil. Make it into little coconut balls, or bar-like snacks. I'm going to make bars next (think bar cookies, but probably smaller).

There are also recipes for coconut milk yogurt. Here are my two threads that I have bookmarked--I just need to figure out how I'm going to keep it at a constant temp and then I'm going to try it (I think I'm going to see if a heating pad will work).


texasmamaof4's Avatar texasmamaof4 04:19 PM 02-24-2008
Smoothies with fruit, avocado, flax seed oil. Put blueberries and bananas and you can't taste anything else.
kjbrown92's Avatar kjbrown92 10:10 PM 02-24-2008
I hadn't done bacon and sausage and things like that for a long time. But with the kids being restricted, I figured they had to get their fat somewhere. And they love the bacon and sausage and meats (they also eat tuna out of the can, as long as it's soy free). I do the coconut milk yogurt and use it in smoothies with bananas, carrot juice, ice, and more probiotics (some algae looking powder). If there's any leftovers, which isn't often, we make them into freezer pops. My son, before we realized that white potatoes was on his NO list, loved hash in the can. And I thought, fat and salt? Ick! But he loved it. Everyone always comments how my kids look so healthy considering their restrictions, so I guess all that fat isn't as bad as I (and many others) thought it was!
Aletheia's Avatar Aletheia 03:12 AM 02-25-2008
Mamas, thanks for all the great ideas. This is truly invigorating; I feel like I finally am starting to get the hang of what to feed DS.

This morning I made him oatmeal using soymilk and not water, and mixed in a glob of pumpkin seed butter, some flax meal, and protein powder. He LOVED it. He ate so much he didn't want morning snack! And then at dinner I made him a smoothie with soy yogurt, soy milk, pumpkin seed butter, flax seed oil, blueberries, banana, and more protein powder. He sucked 1/2 a cup down in no time. My plan tonight for the 4:30 a.m. hungries is to have the remaining smoothie in a cooler next to the bed.

I also went back into "Super Baby Food" and pulled a few recipes which, if I get to it, I'll post here for others to use.

TanyaLopez- Thanks for mentioning the TF diets. I had just begun to do a little research in the healthy eating forum on saturated fats, and TF diets came up in the searches. I'd never heard of them before! I need to do some more reading.

kjbrown- White potatoes? Really? Eeks. I've recently begun to realize there may be something else on Ovi's no list that we don't know about. His skin has been eczematic now more than it used to be.
kjbrown92's Avatar kjbrown92 12:27 PM 02-25-2008
I thought white potatoes was strange, then I researched it and found out it was in the nightshade family with peppers and tomatoes, and was highly allergenic. Who knew?

My husband misses potatoes though since I don't make them anymore.