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lil_miss_understood's Avatar lil_miss_understood 04:25 PM 02-09-2009
Originally Posted by ellasmama2007 View Post
i just wanted to post because i just got home from the onc and my eosinophils are 214 from 5221 which is

within normal limits!!!!!!

he wants to see me back in 6 mos. thank you everyone for your constant support, advice and encouragement. there is a special place in heaven for you mamas

lil_miss_understood's Avatar lil_miss_understood 04:26 PM 02-09-2009
Originally Posted by ellasmama2007 View Post
thank you, and its such a shame because now i am too scared to try any more clo, even the ones that mamas here seem to think are safe. the onc was like "perhaps we should put you back on it to see if that was really the cause" and i was like "umm, why dont we put you on it to see if it makes your eos climb to multi-system-failure and seizure levels" he said "no, i dont want to do that" lmao

WuWei's Avatar WuWei 05:01 PM 02-09-2009
It has been so fascinating to see this unfold. I love your retort to the oncologist.

What a relief!

kjbrown92's Avatar kjbrown92 05:02 PM 02-09-2009
tanyalynn's Avatar tanyalynn 05:06 PM 02-09-2009
Yay! :::::::::: :
momofmine's Avatar momofmine 03:38 AM 02-10-2009
You must be so relieved, I am so glad you figured this out! :
mtn.mama's Avatar mtn.mama 03:47 AM 02-10-2009
Yay! I'm SO excited for you!
haren.13's Avatar haren.13 11:06 AM 02-10-2009
This is the first time I've seen this story (new to the forum) but YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!

I obviously can't take any credit, but I want to agree with you that the mamas here are AMAZING!
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