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I have a clinically diagnosed, panic attack inducing fear of the dentist from bad childhood experiences.

Our old dentist was a $$ grubbing, horrible man. He released me as a patient in the middle of a major process on a molar that had a DEEP filling because I missed an appointment. So my new dentist who we've been with for a year and a half is great. This is especially important because DS has inherited my teeth and he's always at the dentist as a result of having no enamel on his molars.

The old dentist was insisting that I have a root canal on this tooth because it was so deep but I was in no pain. So after I was fired as his patient we found our new dentist that gave me the option of trying a permanent sedative filling and see if we could avoid the root canal. We did and it lasted for a year and a half until Monday when the tooth started throbbing. The office has two dentists, a father & son, we all see the son who is just perfect for us.

I got an emergency appointment yesterday and I get the father who is a DDS and says he can do the root canal right then. As he's drilling he finds cotton packed in the tooth and told me that indicated that the old dentist started the root canal without my knowledge!!!!!!!! So after he gets everything cleaned out he starts filling the tooth and asks for a heated tool. The man takes a BLOW TORCH (not a lighter, a real, honest to goodness blow torch)!!!!!!!!! and proceeds to heat a metal instrument for about a minute before using it to soften the packing material in the tooth and make sure he gets a tight packing. It took 11 shots to finally get me numb but it worked well and I couldn't feel a thing.

As they are removing all of the cotton at the end both the dentist and the dental assistant start trying to remove some "sealant" that had gotten on my lower lip only to discover that the guy had hit my lip with the red hot metal instrument and burned me horribly. So, needless to say, I'll only be seeing my Dr. from now on. The man is pretty old and felt horrible about it so I'm not going to leave the practice or anything but have any of you heard of this before?

I'm shocked that this dangerous procedure is allowed! I have TMJ and my jaw of destroyed from the 2 hour appointment and holding my mouth open for so long, the tooth hurts for obvious reasons and the burn hurts like a mother f-er.

I called to tell him that the pain medicine isn't helping and now he wants me to come back in for cortizone shots around the tooth. That might help the tooth but what about my jaw and the burn. WWYD in my situation?

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after the pack my root canal with the material they use a heated instrument to "melt?" the stuff in. i have had 12 root canals and they all have done the same thing. although i have never been accidentally burned. i just had another root canal this week. my jaw hurts too but it will get better.

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My dentist has a small blow torch, too. I would guess it's standard practice, though it did throw me off when I saw it.

Next time you go in ask for a bite guard. It's something to hold your jaw open for you. I always end up chomping on the poor hygienist. I ask him, "Wait. Am I biting you?" And he very calmly and almost in a bored voice, says, "Yes." Like it's the story of his life.

I bit my dentist before, too. : Those poor guys put up w/ so much from me.

Also, they just gave me a script for halcion/triazolam, which is a sleep aid. I'm to take 1 the night before to see how I react to it, and 1 or 2 the next morning, depending on how I responded to the the one from the night before. They did this because of my severe anxiety from traumatic experiences. No amount of GOOD dental visits help me get over the trauma. I need meds and gas to get through it.

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Originally Posted by LionessMom View Post
after the pack my root canal with the material they use a heated instrument to "melt?" the stuff in.
I think the packing for the root is gutta percha. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gutta-percha One dentist would say "fire!" dramatically as he did the melting part. I think the sore jaw is to be expected from a root canal procedure or any other back-of-the-mouth work. The burn in the lip is not expected.

Good decision to avoid the older dentist in the future. Make sure the son knows about the burn so he can keep Dad away from dangerous tools if necessary.
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Ouch, that sounds horrible! You've had some bad experiences with dentists, that's for sure. I hope your burn heals quickly.
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I can't comment on the blow torch because I tend to keep my eyes closed during dental procedures. I hate watching them work on my teeth in their glasses. But I use a bite block to help with the after affects of the open mouth and TMJ. You still have to open your mouth but you rest it on the block. It's not perfect but it helps.
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The blow torch is normal. Sorry your lip was burnt.
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