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Forgive me if this has been talked about, I searched first.

I am 30, I have 2 cavities, I just went in for a cleaning and have a clean bill of health. My teeth have always been sensitive to gummy type snacks, so I just don't eat them. Increasingly so, my teeth are more sensitive after this last pregnancy. In so much that a JP gummy will drop me on the floor in pain. Dentist's verdict is "some people just have sensitive teeth". Well, being the whole-body person, that's crap. So what is it? I have ALWAYS used glyserin toothpaste, Toms of Maine, but went on regular Crest Sensitive with Flouride for 1 month, and noticed no difference. We drink flouride free water, for the past 2 + years. Again, I have virtually no cavities, no concerns about enamal.

I am nursing still, just morning and night, an 11 mo. old. Perhaps my calcium instake is a little low and I probably could drink more water, better hydration. I had thrush last month and was on a virtually sugar free diet, and as little carbs as I could tolerate...that made no difference.

I'm to the point where I think I just need to try some sensodyne and forget it, but if I could find the cause (if there is something beyond "some people are just..." I would be a much happier camper. 30 is too young to have tooth sensitivity like this "forever".
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The same stuff that people talk about for cavities was a factor for my sensitive teeth.

My sensitive teeth get better when I do one or several of the following: mineral supp (about equal amounts of cal and mag, plus other minerals, though I think those are the most important for this), improve my vitD status, supplement K2 (most people wouldn't notice this last one as much, my family seems to have an odd quirk).

Sensitive teeth get worse when I: consume too much sugar, supplement vitA w/o being really diligent about the D and K2, eat chewy sweet things.

Cell salts are helping me need less of my mineral supp, so far just bioplasma, haven't tried the ones that are specific for dental issues.

Each of those has been more or less important at different times, so play around with it. If you haven't already read the cell salts thread in H&H, do that. These are the coolest supp I've come across in the past year.
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Vit D has been a really big help for teeth sensitivity. But for sure what Tanya said is right on. I may have said the other vitamins were needed, but I guess I was just out of balance for Vit D.

Another thing is if your teeth are sensitive it could be from the roots, perhaps a little swelling. Nothing to be worries about and I am not saying this is it, but just some thoughts. As for root swelling, working on the liver will help with that.
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A while back I did have the sense that it was a vitamin deficiency, and probably related to calcium or D or A or that which is usually fortified in patuerized milk for healthy bones, as teeth are bones. I have a good calcium/D/magnesium suppliment here already that perhaps I just need to be dilligent at taking...I seem to ration the good milk and yogurt for my kids and forget about myself.
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I have no tips for a cure, but I can tell you that several friends of mine and I all had sensitive teeth after having a baby. We have no idea why & it eventually went away. Seems to be normal. My guess is not enough minerals.


DD (4.25.08)  DD (4.23.10)  DD (10.13.12)

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I am reading this with interest. I noticed dramatic deterioration with my teeth after the second baby was born; working on it now. Flossing every day, without exception, is helping a lot. Very light brushing, a little salt toothpaste on the roof of my mouth and tongue and just water on my teeth. No sugar (still drinking coffee but I'm sure that doesn't help!). Noticing improvement. I am curious about the supplement discussion; I will study that more.
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Maybe you should be drinking fluoridated water?  2+ years of non-flouridated could be catching up to you.

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I had terrible sensitive teeth after pregnancy.  One of the things that helped me was to use a gentler toothbrush.  I found that I had been brushing so hard and often I was wearing down the enamel.  I tried some supplements without much improvement.

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A large percentage of pregnant women have complain about sensitive teeth. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes which increase chances of plaque build-up. This is very important to visit dentist every trimester to prevent dental problem. Also brush teeth thoroughly twice with soft bristle toothbrush, especially near the gumline with best sensitive toothpaste. Find more information on dental care during pregnancy
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