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Ugh, just came home from dentist and outcome was 2 cavities in back of dd mouth. She is only 3 and is the panicky type. Only way to get work done is to put her under sedation or anesthesia.

3 seems so young for this, the baby teeth that need to be treated won't come out until she's 9 so they need to be treated. Anyone with experience on this? I was advised more terrible things could happen with sedation versus anesthesia. She's too scared and wouldn't be a good laughing gas candidate. Tx
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My dd used sedation, my ds2 used general anesthia. Dd was a bit traumatized, I think, as she was only 2 and i wasn't allowed back. I was there until she was relaxed, then I left. When we got home, she had a sore the size of a dime on her heel - where her shoe had rubbed her. She must have been freaking out - it was rubbed raw. Needless to say, we didn't go back there again.

With ds2, we went the general anesthia route- he was out cold before I left and I was there when he woke up. Way less traumatic, IMO.

ETA - DD was 2 at the time and had 4 crowns and 2 baby root canals. Ds2 was 4 and had 2 fillings and 2 crowns. Both were ped dentists.

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Dd got four cavities filled this past winter in Jan/Feb. She turned 3 in April. We used nitrous oxide and she did SO good-I seriously couldnt' believe it. But, this was the third dentist we tried! At 2 and 3 or 4 months old, we tried the nitrous with dentist #1 and she flipped out, wouldn't even sit in the chair, screaming, etc.-there was no way, plus I was really unhappy with the dentist. So we went to dentist #2 and they recommended general anesthesia, but offered conscious sedation (with Versed if I remember correctly). I wasn't thrilled with either option and the denstist really pushed GA based on dd's "performance" in his office.

We were in the midst of doing the paperwork when dp found another dentist to try just based on their ad in the paper. We went in for the exam and dd was so cooperative and really felt comfortable there. We went back and did the procedure with nitrous and like I said, it went amazingly well. I was also allowed to sit right there with her and she watched cartoons and kept her mouth open with no problem for the 45 min or so it took. Also, they used a nose thing to hook up to the nitrous, and they gave it to us after the first appt so that we could spend the week practicing with it, which I think really made a difference.

So anyway, all this to say that the nitrous might be an option after all-we had totally ruled it out too, but it turned out really well. I was freaked out about both sedation and the GA, but honestly would try sedation first before I did GA, I dont' know why but that really scares me! Maybe because I would have been allowed to be there for the sedation, but was told I couldn't go back with her for the GA. Anyway, good luck, I was there and this is an awful decision to make!

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dd had many cavities at her first checkup, just when she turned 4.
Dentist recommended for GA and were considering that route, but luckily we too happened to find a dentist that was ready to do it without GA or sedation. He has an excellent way of talking with children and was able to keep my dd relaxed and co-operative. Hats off to him. She needed nitrous oxide for all the fillings and novocaine for some of them.

Since then she has been cavity-free (knock wood) thanks to improved brushing practices. And she still likes going to the dentist.

So whichever you choose for this time, for the long term I would try to find a dentist who has good people skills. Makes a world of difference.

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I picked in office sedation without IV. No way was I risking GA for dental work. DS was sedated twice and has no memory of it and still enjoys going to the dentist.

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My DS had caps put on his 4 front teeth at 26 months under GA. I was terrified of the GA route until I had it explained to me this way, that it is actually safer than in-office sedation, as you will have a pediatric anethesiologist and a nurse whose job is solely to monitor your child's vital signs and make sure nothing is going wrong. And if something were to go wrong, you are in a facility where help is immediately available with trained individuals. With in-office sedation, if something goes wrong, well, you are not in as good a position.

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My two year old just had to get caps. I am so happy we opted for general. He is not comfortable at the dentist at all. He got through oral surgery easier than a routine office visit. Our pediatric dentist did a great job and their staff were so good to him. They let us take him home as soon as he went to the potty (30 minutes in the recovery room). He was much more at ease at home. I wish he hadn't had to go through it, but I don't think he is traumatized. Best wishes.

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