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I am SO new to this whole thing and I'll try to not be long-winded (usually I fail, though ;-)).
Here's the backstory: DH is close to 40. For the past several years his energy levels have been seriously diminishing. He's been experiencing a very odd array of symptoms, especially in the last several years. We actually suspected it might be scleroderma due to a previous exposure to silica dust (thanks to our *cough cough* awesome landlords hiring completely crappy contractors to do the concrete work in the backyard), but he's had normal ANA and SED rate several times in a row. He's had MRI's of his brain and cervical spine due to parasthesia in his face and weakness in his arms and legs. Both were normal, except for a bulging disk on his C-spine MRI (probably from weight lifting when he was younger).

Almost a year aog, I started doing research and comparing his old blood tests. I noticed his GFR (glomular filtration rate - which measure kidney function) has been somewhat lower than the normal range - this goes back easily 6 years. That pointed me to chronic kidney disease, which matches a lot of the other symptoms he's been experiencing. But we couldn't figure out a cause. His GP finally ordered a renal ultrasound in August and DH saw a nephrologist a week ago and was officially diagnosed with stage 3 renal disease (meaning he's operating at about 50% kidney function...give or take, he just did another 24 hr urine with creatinine clearance blood test this morning, we should get those results back soon).

Believe it or not, the thing that made us both look at mercury poisoning was an episode of that History Channel show Pawn Stars (seriously) where they mentioned a clock called the death clock because it was covered in gold dust and the men who made them usually died making them because of all the mercury dust. Yes, it was random. But DH and I both had a light bulb moment and looked at each other and said "Mercury poisoning!!" and more research just made it all make sense. He has several (3 or more) mercury fillings from about 15 years ago, plus one crown and not only are they mercury, they were very badly done by a very shady dentist. We've tossed around the idea of having them removed before, but never realized just how toxic they could be!

Given his age and utter lack of obvious causes for kidney disease (on paper, he seems to be in good health, aside from unexplained HIGH triglycerides - I feed him well. He eats a bit too much sugar some times, but nothing too out of control) - the Dr. suggested hepatitis (I'm highly skeptical of that) or lead or mercury poisoning. The Dr was somewhat dismissive of the mercury amalgam poisoning angle because he's a mainstream Dr and from the school of thought that the mercury fillings are stable and harmless. Still, he ordered the mercury blood test (along w/ lead) and DH did those this morning. what? For those of you who have had mercury poisoning from fillings, what did you do? Obviously we're looking into having his fillings removed and replaced, but beyond that, I really have no idea. Did you find the blood tests to be accurate in measuring mercury toxicity or did you have to just seek treatment based on the assumption of mercury poisoning without actual documentation (it sounds like those tests are a bit unreliable?)?

I would really love to hear about your experiences and any advice anyone can offer. I am so hopeful that we are nearing the "bottom" of what's causing these problems. My poor husband hasn't been himself for years and it's damaging his ability to function at work and in our family and I miss him and I know he misses being himself. It's awful seeing all of it happen and not knowing what's going least if we have a diagnosis, we can begin to move forward with treatment.

thanks in advance!
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I don't know a whole lot about this topic but I too have mercury fillings that have mostly been removed except for 2. I do know that the blood tests for mercury poisioning are not always accurate because mercury tends to settle in our tissue and organs versus just floating around in our blood. There is a different way to test for it -- I want to say it involves a stool sample. There should be some old threads on this forum to help you out if you start searching. I worry about my husband too because not only does he have a head full of amalgams but he's also been vaccinated for every disease you can think of thanks to the Army. Good luck on your journey and best wishes to your husband. He is lucky to have you helping him figure this stuff out!
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I'd also investigate thyroid involvement ... mercury can knock out your selenium stores and prevent the storage form of thyroid T4 to active form T3 conversion thus resulting in some low thyroid symptoms such as the connective tissue/bulging disk issue, the parasthesia and the fatigue. See my thread in H&H about low thyroid symptoms but normal blood tests.
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I've written a lot in this forum, you may want to read the Chelating Mamas thread for a few more in-depth stories. It's long. I read it a few times when I was getting going on this. There's a post, let me find it, on hair testing, which may seem strange but it's a non-invasive way to look for mercury toxicity. I don't think a blood test would show elevated levels--it's the chronic exposure that's causing the problems, the mercury settles in, it doesn't circulate forever. So if the blood test doesn't show an issue, I wouldn't throw out the mercury as a possibility.

2nd post down, it's post 582 in the thread...

At this point, I'm about 2.5 years post-amalgam removal. I'm almost done chelating myself (google Andy Cutler to read about chelation), and I've had a lot of improvements. I mix in other stuff--more acupuncture if I could afford it, especially now that I'm not so bogged down --healthier, I mean -- a lot of nutrition-based stuff. GFCF diet like some ASD kids benefit from--different symptoms, but I think they do similar things in me as in kids.

I've really written a lot (it's been helpful to me as I've gone through this process), but the really short form:

-remove gluten and dairy and try to remove life stresses as much as possible
-consider dietary sulfur (high or low sulfur, I do well high sulfur so that's easy, low sulfur is trickier but I've read a lot of people have nice improvements w/i a week)
-amalgam removal
-be prepared for an improvement for a couple months and then a worsening until around 6 mos post-amalgam removal ... this was stressful on DH, really this whole thing has since I was not very functional and a lot of the stresses fell to him (take care of yourself as best you can, it's hard being the spouse)
-read about oral chelation, I used DMSA for about 3 months and then added in ALA (read Andy Cutler stuff to learn how to use them safely)
-be prepared for this to take a few years

I know a great healthcare provider in Iowa, we are working long-distance at this point, but she understands chelation in a way that many HCPs don't. It's really a buyer beware market--lots of sketchy products, things that are likely to make someone like your DH worse, given how unwell he sounds. Andy Cutler chelation (he doesn't sell anything, except a couple books, no products he recommends or anything) is more conservative and says up-front that it's slow, but fast can make you too darn sick.
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