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I am feeling quite stressed and overwhelmed after my appt today, with a holistic dentist.  We pay a fortune for medical/dental insurance but dental only covers 1K per year, apparently.


I have 8 amalgam fillings that have been in my mouth for 20 years.  I want them out asap for a variety of reasons.  Several of the teeth are going to need crowns after the amalgam removal because of how little tooth is left, surrounding the filling.  The estimate is 10K for all 8.  This is with the proper mercury safe protocol and replacement with composites.  


I have a lot of missing and weak enamel from years of reflux.  For veneers on 5 teeth the cost is $5500  I need to do something about my enamel so this is not purely for cosmetic reasons.  I wonder what options besides veneers are out there.


I have no overbite which should be fixed for a number of reasons, none of which are cosmetic.  This dentist recommends a procedure called Wilckodontics, at a cost of 10K


My next appt is on Tuesday, to remove 2 amalgam fillings.  One of the teeth needs a crown but she says it does not make sense to do crowns/veneers if I will be opting for the braces.  I want the mercury out asap but can't decide on braces this quickly.  See my conundrum?  The whole thing is stressing me.


FYI - I just had two scaling procedures for periodontal disease.  Ugh - every time I see a dentist for a small issue, things get out of control.


Any thoughts?  Please bag.gif

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My thoughts (as someone with amalgam fillings and healed enamel but pretty mainstream views on dental care...i won't be offended if this isn't what you're looking for!)...


I would have the amalgams replaced 2 at a time over the next 4 years (so they will be to a greater extent covered by the insurance).  i know you want them out ASAP, but they've been there 20 years, and if you believe they need to come out that is still taking a positive step, starting now, to getting that done, without financially crippling yourself.


I would attempt to heal my enamel.  Is the reflux issue dealt with?  Can you have it fixed?  If not then fixing the enamel seems relatively pointless/impossible anyway.  If it is dealt with i would seek advice from the dentist (or possibly another dentist since this one seems to have WAY deep pockets he'd like you to put a green lining in) on healing the enamel.  I personally use flouride.  I know it's not rated on MDC, but it has definitely healed 3 cavities beginning in my teeth (that's all i changed about my regime, a daily flouride rinse, and the cavities are healed).  YMMV.  If you didn't want to use flouride you could look into the cell salts and clays and such - maybe find a homeopath who could help?


I would not even think about braces until i had replaced the fillings and strengthened the enamel.  if i DID think about braces i would consider strongly having regular ones, not super expensive ones which are faster (for some people).  I am not a dentist, but the info seems to be saying basically they apply enough pressure to force the bone out of the way and then it reforms once the teeth have moved...?  My dentist told me just a week ago when i asked about my slowly occluding front teeth that even after braces, teeth love to move, and may do so if they wish.  I checked with a few friends with very stable teeth who all showed me the retaining wires cemented forevermore to the backs of their teeth.  Look at it this way - if it's only going to take 8 months to get them straight, it will still only take 8 months 5 years from now, you know?


I would have the amalgam removal done on Tuesday, and a crown fitted and take the necessary time to decide on the braces.

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Thank you, gobecgo.  That is very helpful :)


I decided to take a deep breath and cancel my appointment for today (did that on Friday)  I need to speak with other dentists, research, get second opinions, etc.  While I do want the mercury out asap, I think it might be best to do a few per year, as you suggested, gobecgo.  The rest of the work, doesn't seem like such an emergency now.


Thanks again for your help.  I am feeling a bit more centered at the moment.

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I think getting multiple opinions is good. Especially in dentistry, it seems everyone has a different opinion. Have you looked at the Advanced Lightwire Functional for the occlusion? It costs less than 10K, and is not just moving teeth around -- it addresses the underlying space issues.


Have you looked at a Novamin or Recaldent product for helping with the enamel issues? Some brands are Dr. Collins and MI Paste. Burt's Bees now has a novamin product, too. A lot of people find those products very effective, especially in conjuction with supplements.


Glad you are feeling less pressured. Hope things go well for you.

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