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In my search regarding my son's cavities I came across a thread in this community regarding lip tie and the above issues and a peak inside his mouth revealed not only a lip tie, but one that goes between his two front teeth and under his gums. We have a tentative appointment with a holistic dentist in a week regarding the frenum. We want to treat cavities with xylitol and MI paste, if possible.


So, any other moms who had kids with a lip tie that dealt with early cavities, reflux, colic, poor digestion, picky eater, slow eight gain,or even frequent illnesses because of infection related to gut imbalance? Did you get it snipped and did you see improvements?


Our son is 20 months old, breastfed, has at least 4 cavities on his front teeth, had reflux as a baby, colicky, is small for his age (23.5 pounds for the last 3 months ), poor digestions and battled with chronic infections until we introduced raw kefir. He was also born via c-section, so a double whammy for gut health. 


I'm wondering if the lip tie thing is that THING I've been looking for. I've spent countless hours online and talking to people trying to figure out what's wrong and am hopeful this is it. 

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How did the appointment go?


I came here looking for information on tongue & lip tie & how to convince a dentist who corrects these issues w/ a laser to treat my 2.5 yo ds2.  All three of my children have tongue tie, two of them have lip tie, all of them have food allergies, gut issues & yeast over growth.  The youngest has it the worst & is self-limiting on the foods he eats, is unable to eat more foods than he's able to eat, had projectile vomitting as an infant, constipation that persists & more.


In answer to your saying, is lip tie the "THING?"  I'd say it's not the thing, but it is a piece of the puzzle.  I've been reading a lot this week on tongue tie and believe that my son has more issues than I originally realized that are related to his TT.  I'm thinking that TT is worse for the digestion than lip tie because your tongue seems to do a lot as a part of the whole digestive tract.  I'm thinking that lip tie isn't good for nursing (because it can prevent the top lip from flanging), isn't good for the placement of the teeth (and may down the road when the person has all their teeth, if they're not lining up correctly, they can not do the same job chewing foods), and may effect speech, but I'm thinking not as much as TT would effect speech.  All this is my thinking based on what I've read recently.  You would need to read & come to your own conclusions ;-).


I'm moving us toward a diet that is supposed to seal & heal the gut called GAPS.  It's got a lot of the same stuff in it as WAP but we don't do dairy due to allergies (& we won't even after we're healed because I believe cow milk is for baby cows much like I believe human milk is for baby humans) so we will be forgoing that part of the diet.  There's a large yahoo group for help w/ it if you're interested: GAPShelp  If you google GAPS diet, you'll get some sites & blogs.


Best wishes,




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Hi Mama 24-7, 


Thanks for your reply and I can totally relate to your user name. His appointment went well. He has 7 cavities, all moderate decay and 2 teeth with dalcification and he also has a significant lip tie. I think that leaves one tooth untouched. We went to holistic dentist and he was awesome. He was very reassuring. He said that to do anything to him, he'd need general anaesthesia and he wouldn't do that to his own child. Mikey is not at a comfort level where he'd sit still for anything with a doctor. He experienced a very traumatic even at his previous pediatrician's office and he doesn't do well at doctor's offices now.


Here's what we've been doing for the past 10 days : FMCLO 3 x times daily, BO 3 times daily, Biosplasma 2 tabs 3 x dails, Calcium Fluoride 2 tabs 3 times daily, Calcium Phosphate 2 tabs 3 times daily, Silicea 2 tabs 3 times daily for digestion, Xylitol 5 times daily, MI Paste twice daily. He said to keep that up. We also did a Collodial Silver Spray several times, but he said given his decay to put 2 drops of Lugols Iodine on his toothbrush and brush with that instead of toothpaste and that should slow or completely halt the decay. He also said to get him off ALL grains. We'd been holding onto rice maybe once a week and occasionally bread (maybe once every two weeks ).


Okay, with the lip tie he said to wait. I had one and although my teeth never came together, the skin did move up. We decided on night-weaning. I have to be clear and say I don't think the breast milk is the problem, the bacteria is. But the lip tie makes it so much worse. I'm a SAHM so he can nurse as much as wants during the day and can nurse until he's 5, I don't care. But we feel night weaning is the way to go for us. He's always been an all-night nurser and we have a working homestead with vegetables, and animals for meat and it's mostly done by me, so I welcome the rest. 


After some research, I also feel the lip tie is yet another piece of the puzzle. I've also considered the GAPS diet but I think we're going to do the Specific Carbohydrate Diet instead. I heard about something called MTHFR and I think it definitely fits our family's profile. It's a genetic mutation and the physical manifestation is midline deformities. It can range from some small like a lip to to spina bifida and definitely stomach troubles. If you google it, you'll find a lot of information on it.


Something really awesome has happened since he started the supplements. I was hoping for tooth decay to be halted but my husband and I have been taken completely by surprise. His appetite has increased drastically and he's gained a full pound in the last 10 days! His mood is also much, much better. Significantly less crying, less separation anxiety. Very giggly, happy, conversational even with our neighbors. It's been a huge blessing. He's only been off grains for a day, so that's not it. He's had FCLO in the past, so I'm doubtful of that. The silicea is supposed to help with digestion and being able to break down the vitamins and minerals in food and I think this must be it. He is just vibrant! The circles under his eyes are even gone. I'm so happy. He's always had a small appetite, but the past week it's been huge. I'm not 100 % sure if it's the silicea, maybe it's the bioplasma combined with it? 


I'm sorry for all your worries with your kids. I know how you feel and I know how helpless you must feel at times. I also know you're like me and a very determined to find the answer. I know you will! 


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