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My teeth keep chipping

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04-16-2004 | Posts: 498
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I just had another tooth chip today. The piece that broke off was about as big as the oval part of this lower case "a." I have had chipping off and on for about 2 1/2 years now. I asked my dentist last year and he said that there was nothing wrong, just that my teeth were getting older and they do that.......but I am only 27! If that is the case, what will happen when I am 50???

It gets worse when I use whitening toothpaste (dentist flippantly said that was not the cause and never did let me finish or ask any questions) so I stopped using it. I picked the whitening toothpaste up about 3 days ago on accident when dh was on nights and just used it b/c he was sleeping in the room with my usual toothpaste and I didn't want to wake him. I think I may have used it 3 times this week and now I am chipping again!

Any ideas on what causes this (can whitening toothpaste really be the culprit?) and what I can do to stop it (beyond not using whitening toothpaste, if it is my problem)? I am scared that bigger pieces will chip off if I don't figure out what causes it soon!

I will greatly appreciate any help! TIA!
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2 things, stop using chemical toothpastes and whiteners! and go get a DEXA scan. If your bones are weak your teeth will be too and you will get the chipping and breaking. When I went in for a cleaning last year it was my first visit to the evil hygienist lady and once she knew my history the first thing she told me was to stop using chemical tooth pastes and don't go near the whitening stuff because it will really destroy my poor teeth. She also handed me a script for prescription strength fluoride which I tried but it really caused my teeth to ache which she'd couldn't figure out as that's what they give to stop tooth sensitivity. Anyway I switched to a natural toothpaste with goldenseal in it last year and I've had a major improvement in in teeth and gum this year
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