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How long does it take for a permanent tooth to come out? Once baby tooth falls out. Urgent question? Please! Sister is worried!

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Last year around December 2011, my sisters small child had 2 baby teeth come out, the 2 that are on the side of the large front teeth. Right after, within a short period of time, maybe 1 month, 1 of the permanent teeth comes in. However, here we are 8 months later & the other side is STILL empty, no permanent tooth yet....???


So, how long is it supposed to take? Why did 1 come out quickly, yet the other side, the identical tooth, is still missing?

Is there something wrong?

Has this happened to any of you? What should she do?

Will her child need to have an operation or something? She is a bit scared....


Could this be a sign, that there is something worse going on?


Thanks in advance!thumb.gif

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It can vary a lot for my son. Sometimes the adult tooth is showing through already when the baby tooth comes out, sometimes it takes a month or more to make an appearance. If a baby tooth gets pulled or knocked out if can be years and be fine still, if spacing could get tight they might put something in to hold the space until the adult tooth comes in. Next dentist appointment they can do an xray if she wants to know what's going on and it hasn't come yet. My kids see a dentist every 6 months because my oldest had weak enamel on his baby teeth and we had to stay on top of any cavities or loose fillings, but those weakest teeth in front are adult ones now so no more problems.

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My daughters two front teeth took a full year to appear after they fell out. They fell out naturally.

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Originally Posted by Avani View Post

My daughters two front teeth took a full year to appear after they fell out. They fell out naturally.



Thanks Jamie & Avani!thumb.gif


In her situation, it also happened naturally. What is weird, is that the one that fell out 1st is the

one missing. She said its called the Lateral Incisor.

While the one that came out last, was replaced right away....hmmm????Strange.....


I had a strange situation myself, where the Dentist pulled out a baby tooth, when I was a child,

I do not remember the reason. The permanent one never came out. When I got out of college,

after an X-RAY, they found a tiny tooth in my gum that never fully developed....

They operated to take it out & did a biopsy, just in case....


Ok, thanks to you both!thumb.gif


If anyone else has any more information, it is greatly appreciated, because everyone is worried......


Thank you!

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Don't mean to be pessimistic, but it could never come in.  My sister has both top lateral incisors that never came in (both baby and adult).  My brother had the baby ones, but the adult ones are not coming in, and was advised to take care of the baby laterals, so they can be capped when he's older.  Genetics...

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I'm the queen of orthodontia. 5 children, healthy, but with eccentric teeth. The 2 youngest have issues with their lateral incisors. 9 year old just had her first full on appointment... both permanent ones are missing. When the baby teeth go there will be a gap there, and we'll decide whether she gets implants at 20 or so, or they close the gap. If you google, you'll see either work for beauty, and her adult jaw will determine what is the best bite. 


Her next sib, 12, came back from leadership camp with an incisor in a baggie. Turns out those WERE baby teeth. Darn. So he's in for the same decision, and no hurry for him, either. It's a very common thing. 


When I went into a tizzy about their beauty (I know, shallow) the orthodontist calmly pointed out that Tom Cruise has an incisor on one side and not on the other. I guess he does all right. ;)


I recommend everyone finding a great orthodontist while the kids are young. My kids would rather go there than the circus, I swear. makes it a whole lot easier.

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sometimes they dont get teeth back.  i had 1 lateral incisor  and the other one never grew in when i was little then when i lost my front teeth i did not get any lateral incisors at all.  I think that is happening to ds2, he lost his front teeth and LI and his front teeth are growing in but i dont even see any room for his LI to even grow in at all. i hated when i was little because there was quite the gap between the front tooth to canine but now its no big deal to me.    i dont think we will have room to get ds2 implants so we may have to get him braces later


age 3 missing LI






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