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Hi all you wise mamas,


I need some serious straight teeth help.  My ds is 11 months old, and his teeth are coming out CROOKED!  He's my 4th baby, I know what straight baby teeth look like, and this is not it.  I know I have not been eating well - my fault - but now I need help to turn things around and improve my son's teeth.  He is not eating solids yet and I suspect some digestive issues.  


I need some advice!  What are the essential nutrients for straight teeth?  What can I eat to help improve his dental health?  Should I give him supplements?


I am tandem nursing his 3.5 year old brother - should I stop?  would that help?  


I would appreciate all your wise words of advice!  Thank you!

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Bumping your post.
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I thought crooked teeth was a variation of normal? Often as the other teeth come in, they straighten somewhat.

Ds has crooked bottom teeth. They came in crooked, but the dentist (when ds was 4) asked if he had ever hit his.mouth really hard. He said that teeth often come in crooked, but usually don't stay that way unless there was trauma. Sure enough, he fell off a tricycle onto the driveway on his.mouth. His bottom teeth actually poked through his lower lip. He was about 18 months old.

So, it might not be time.to worry yet. smile.gif
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I wouldn't worry at all at only 11 months. Maybe try some CST if you think it would help?

Bring back the old MDC
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Not sure I'd worry at all yet..! What does your dentist say? Or a free dental office screening (some places offer those)? I also think there's a genetic link, but maybe it moreso affects the permanent teeth (and how they come in) than the baby teeth. I'd consult a dentist to put any worries at ease!

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