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my son cut his first tooth at 4 months, and his 2nd + third around 4.5 months...

my daughter is now 7 months old and has no teeth!! she seemed to be teething for awhile... but nothing came of it.

when should i expect teeth? i thought babies were supposed to have teeth by now.....

should i be worried? i wasn't even giving it any thought until this morning, when my partner brought it up (and HE'S worried about it)...
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Ugh. I wrote a reply and deleted it. But anyway, I just wanted to say that my daugher got her first tooth at nine months. I think that's late, but within the normal range.
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My dd got her first two teeth at 14.5 mos! And she is now 16 mos and only has these two teeth.

I think up to 15 mos is within the range of "normal" to start teething, but 7 or so mos is average.

My dd showed signs of teething on and off for ages too but no teeth. I think even ages before the whiteys show up there is "action" going on.

Don't worry mama... she won't be 40 and toothless. :LOL
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Totally normal!!! My DS got his first tooth at ten months, my DD got her first tooth at eleven months. (She now has three at nearly thirteen months, and is working on five more.) Both of them showed signs of teething for MONTHS, literally, before an actual tooth made an appearance! Not to worry, mama.
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My fourth got her first at 24 months (no joking!). The pediatrician was worried, but our pediatric dentist thought it was great.
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Not to worry, mama!! I have taken care of oodles of babes over the last 16 years and some are well over a year before they get a tooth. One little girl stood out in my memory...Her first bday party, sweet little toothless grin Two days later, TAda!! First tooth. I am happy to report she is at least 10 now and has a full set of teeth!!! The longer they stay in the gum the better. :LOL
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ds was around 7 months when he got his first, but dd was nearly 11 months. she is now 20 months and still has tons of gaps.
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My brother got his first at 12 mos. Hey, less chance of cavities! My ds had 10 cavities so I wish he got his teeth a little later.

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