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My kid falls asleep a lot with the boob in his mouth. I don't always pop him off but I try to. I saw a post of someone's DC needing dental work from the milk pooling, and my nephew also had to have that done. So now I'm starting to worry about it especially since sometimes if I pop him off he wakes back up again. Should I just pop him off anyways (like suggested in No cry sleep solution)? Sometimes when I pop him off now some milk that pooled leaks out so I know it's sitting in his mouth. Plus I have to push in with my finger and pop off really fast, and sometimes his teeth scrape my boob, it hurts! I can't go slow, it doesn't work.

I have a special toddler toothbrush from the dentist (it has a round handle). The first couple times I tried he let me stick it in his mouth and kind of brush, but now he is tight lipped when he sees it coming. How can I get him used to the toothbrush if I can't even get it in his mouth? I'm not trying to get his teeth completely brushed, just getting him used to it. How do I make it fun for him? I don't use toothpaste, just wet it with water. I tried giving it to him to "play" with but he just flings it.

I'm worried about the cavity thing. thanks!

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Rather than a toothbrush, maybe try using a finger brush for now, one of those rubbery thimble like devices. Or a very thin wet cloth.

We're dealing with decay right now. If I had it to do over again, I'd still night nurse, nurse to sleep, but I'd try to get babe in the habit of letting me wipe his teeth off afterwards. I'd also try to rub a little xylitol tooth gel on his teeth after nursing. At a minimum, I've heard that it's a good idea to roll them onto their backs for a while after nursing.

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For what it's worth, I've mothered all my kids the same way. We always nurse through the night for at least a couple years! The first has really good teeth! The 2nd had one cavity in her front tooth that the dentist filled. The filling came out, so she had a small hole in her tooth until it fell out. It wasn't real noticable though...it was right where the gap was anyway. The 3rd had pretty bad decay and continues with that now that she's not nursing (she's also my sweets nut) and my 4th....is still nursing and has never been to the dentist...so I'm not sure, but I'm thinking her teeth look stronger than my 3rd born.

Anyway, I said all that to say that I think a lot of times some children are more genetically disposed to having bad teeth than others. Of course, what you feed them will help to block that, too. There was once a study that was done that said that teeth decay the fastest when mixed with breastmilk and food. SO maybe try to get their mouths washed out before they nurse? Maybe even a drink of water or something would do that.
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Night nursing does NOT cause cavaties. What causes them is food mixed with the bm. So you should always brush your dc's teeth at the end of the day then night nurse as usual. The other night in the schedualed chat with Dr. Jay Gorden we went over this. There is also a great artical on night nursing.


There have been to many mom's weaned their kids because of misinformation and I want to do all I can to get the message out there. My dd night nursed till she weaned at 31 months and had zero teeth issues even without me brushing them. My ds on the other had still nursing and has horrible teeth they came in with weak enamal and we are still having issues with them. It is a genetic more than anything else soem kids will have trouble no matter what we do.

The benifits to bfing are to many to give it up especially since it has been proven time and again that bm helps prevent caries.

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i was going to start a similar post b/c i am having the exact same brushing issues with my 10 month old son! it's hard to wipe with a cloth for us, because if he lets me put a finger in his mouth to wipe he'll chomp it !! and the toothbrush thing is not something he's into . i don't want to make it something he hates, but i know he'd REALLY hate the dentist. (i do anyways.) i'm looking forward to hearing more advice here.
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I m printing this out and taking it to our dentist..thanks for the info.

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