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simonee's Avatar simonee 03:25 PM 09-04-2002
Hi there,
it sounds like a cavity to me. Unfortunately, most stains and spots on teeth appear to be cavities in various stages of development, except sometimes little patches of discoloration due to antibiotics use or something (I have some white patches from having had penicillin as a baby). White patches are usually the first stage of decay, namely demineralization which means that the defense of the tooth against cavities is weakening, and any other color seems to mean there's already a little hole there.

If I were you, I'd have it filled before it does start to hurt her. And I'd keep my dentist out of my bedroom in the future (unless Antonio Banderas is your dentist)

guestmama9924's Avatar guestmama9924 03:08 PM 09-09-2002
Finally went today, and this 'pediatric' dentist was not a very opened minded man I am far no alternative to filling , or good risk/benefit assessment of why we should or should not!!

The only suggestion so far is a standard silver filling with gas. When I expressed my concerns, the dentist came back with a quick and dismissive "just let me be the one to worry about that".

So if anyone has any suggestions, or references to direct me to that would be great. There is no way I am putting Mercury in my childs head...

PS she lay in the chair perfectly still, mouth open, and never cried during the exam. Pretty good considering she had never been and he was not at all patient with her or friendly! I can't stand the thought of how he will treat her when she cries....needless to say I am not going back there, but need to look into some alternative
sozobe's Avatar sozobe 08:51 PM 09-18-2002

Much sympathy to you. It will be OK.

It does sound like you need to take your son to a dentist; you can do a lot of calling around first, to find out what the options are.

Meanwhile, you are not alone, and while it sounds like the colick issue adds a whole 'nother dimension, I know just how horrible that feels. The good news is, that feels firmly in the past for me, even though it was just a couple of months ago. Again... it will be OK.
myrrhmaid's Avatar myrrhmaid 05:48 AM 09-19-2002
My ds went through the same kind of phase. If anyone talked to him while we were out grocery shopping he would climb me , bury his face & want out of the cart & I'd have to carry him the rest of the time! It didn't last. You might want to consider trying Bach rescue remedy. Also homeopathic remedy arnica montana is recommended to take before any dental work to lessen the trauma. Take care! This too shall pass!! You are a great mama!
Luma's Avatar Luma 06:13 AM 09-19-2002
Sorry about that Just wanted to share that I had to get some work done and was soooooooo nervous about the whole thing (really really nervous for days). I called our homeopath and she gave me a remedy that helped me a lot in the nervous area as well as in the healing, I didnt have much swelling or pain. So maybe a homeopath can help your ds if you describe the whole picture before going to the dentist.
Good Luck!
Kirsten's Avatar Kirsten 05:16 AM 09-24-2002
Sounds like you have this figured out but I thought I would post anyway - maybe others have the same situation. I take my kids to a pediatric dentist. There is nothing especially wrong with their teeth - this dentist was just very highly recommended to me so we started there. About 40 minutes from my house but we only go twice a year so no big deal. The nice thing about a pediatric dentist as opposed to a "regular" family dentist is that EVERYTHING is kid sized. The chairs, the doors, the cool glasses they give you to wear so the water squirter doesn't splash you, toys and trains and stuff like that. Walls are painted fun colors, everyone is very calm and nice and kid-knowledgable. My dd1 (age 6 now but 3 when we first started going there) LOVES it and asks how much longer she has to wait until she gets to go to see Dr. Liu again. I think an extra drive or even an extra cost is worth it to have such a positive experience.
Other comment I have is I would think any dentist would let you hold him on your lap for his exam. And many pediatric dentist offices have tvs/vcrs in the exam rooms so maybe he could be distracted by that?
Good luck!
sozobe's Avatar sozobe 02:01 AM 09-25-2002
I am fairly certain that my daughter has two more cavities, which she is going to have checked out tomorrow. I am reasonably happy with this dentist -- they are nice, they do good work, my dd seemed to like them (before they used the papoose board, anyway). Another problem is that they won't let parents go back to the exam room.

I have been searching via Google for some sort of central database of "good" dentists, or any kind of a lead, and just haven't been able to find anything. ("attachment parenting pediatric dentist", etc., etc.) I seem to remember someone saying that had a list of that kind, but I have searched and haven't come up with anything yet. There are two other pediatric dentists in my state that my insurance covers, and that's the first step -- calling and asking what sort of procedures they use. But I don't know where to start if they both do the same thing. There are, like, a LOT of dentists in Illinois, and while I am willing to pay out of pocket for a really good one, I'm stumped as to how to locate a really good one.

ladylee's Avatar ladylee 02:29 AM 09-25-2002
I guess you just have to interview the heck out of them. I'm happy with the one I found--he won't even put his fingers in her mouth and has me get her to open her mouth, etc. But it took a long time! Good luck--
LaLaLuna's Avatar LaLaLuna 04:27 AM 09-25-2002
Sozobe; one thing you might try is getting on the Find YOur Tribe forum, get on a chicago thread and ask there if anyone can recommend a dentist they've had good experiences with. I think anyone subscribed to the thread would at least get a link to your question and hopefully answer.

I would feel VERY uncomfortable with a dentist who didn't let me back into the exam room! That seems incredibly innapropriate to me.

Just to give you a basis of comparison: our ped. dentist is very gentle, totally willing to take things at the child's pace. (our youngest is 2.5) ds2 has a lot of cavities and after hearing the options available I was really bummed out- anesthesia, root canals, etc. This is what's normal for his age. The dentist said he'd be willing to at least try some of the work in his office as Orion was so willing to be examined. It didn't work out, but he said we could ride for another 3-4 months and see if Orion matures enough to try again. If not, then we can think about the general anesthesia option. There was no pressure to use a papoose board or anything.

Chicago's a big city- there's bound to be someone out there! Good luck!
3boysmom's Avatar 3boysmom 12:30 PM 09-25-2002
My suggestion would be to go only to a pediatric dentist - one that works only with children. Ours has this specialty and we love him and his staff. The whole office is set up to relax kids of all ages and there is a special table/chairs in each exam area for the parents to sit. There is never any question of restraint or not having parents in the room. My kids love the dentist and think it is fun to go there - my 8 year old just had to have 4 teeth pulled and he is so trusting of these people that he wasn't even nervous and the procedure went so well! Only local anesthesia and he was able to swim in a meet the same evening. I really do think it is worth finding someone who loves working with kids, not controlling them!
sozobe's Avatar sozobe 01:59 PM 09-25-2002
That's a great idea, LaLaLuna. I'll go do that.

3boysmom, right, a pediatric dentist is the expectation. That's wonderful that you've found someone so good. The dentist we go to now is not flat-out-awful, in fact is very good in some ways. The waiting room is full of fun stuff for dd to do, and she came out of the first exam she had there holding the assistant's hand and smiling. (Long story, but the "no parents allowed" thing was a surprise, and at the time my only choice was go with it or endure another excruciating delay on top of several other excruciating delays.)

Anyway, thanks for your feedback so far, much appreciated.
aka mom's Avatar aka mom 02:07 AM 09-26-2002
I don't have much time to type right now. Just wanted to mention that I found a good pediatric dentist through a 'Waldorf mom' and I'm pretty sure she was referred to him via someone in that circle. You may want to try the discussion board on that topic too.
sozobe's Avatar sozobe 12:09 AM 09-27-2002
Amazingly, unbelievably, the spots that I noticed on my daughter's teeth are NOT cavities. Not YET, anyway... they are defects (white lesions + stain) and can become cavities much more easily than a regular unblemished tooth. But they were there last month when the cavities were filled, evidently, and continuing our regimen of tooth-brushing and flouride to re-mineralize has a pretty good chance of staving off future cavities.


Thanks again for your ideas and support...
tuckermama's Avatar tuckermama 03:11 AM 09-30-2002
I am looking for a pediatric dentist in the Portland area. My 1 1/2 year old has some pitted teeth. would like to find a dentist that supports breastfeeding and uses natural methods and has a gentle touch.

Please let me know if you are familiar with any dentists in the area. thanks, sarah
EarthWind's Avatar EarthWind 04:24 AM 10-25-2002
Hi everyone!

Anyone know of a good, ap-extended breastfeeding friendly dentist in the Bay Area? I'd really appreciate a reference.

Thanks very much,

Smilemomma's Avatar Smilemomma 10:49 PM 10-30-2002
Check the dental archives under "finding a good dentist/referrals", you may find someone there!
ajsmom's Avatar ajsmom 02:25 AM 11-15-2002
We just found a small tan/brownish patch on ds' molar. He's 2yr 3mos and has not yet been to the dentist. He just discovered that brushing teeth is fun and tries to brush them 3-5 times/day. Most of it is spent putting the brush in the water and knawing on the brush but he's actually brushing some of the time and when we do it together he gets better at it. I help him as best I can to get to all of them but this is how I discovered the spot.

I don't want him to lose this enthusiasm with a bummer dental experience this early but I don't want to wait if it needs attention NOW. We still have to put him on our plan and find a dentist for him so it will be a couple of months anyway.

Any ideas?

simonee's Avatar simonee 09:10 AM 11-20-2002
Well... you can start calling some offices to find the best dentist in your area... maybe ask other mdc moms from SC if they know anybody... or ask at LLL (LLL can't give recommendations, but individuals can )... so that when he's on your plan, you can take him to a person who can be trusted with him....

With the note that most hmo's don't cover pediatric dentists without a referral. If you find a general dentist who is cool, great (you can always fly to FLA and see smilemomma LOL). But if you choose a ped dentist, I would probably consider shelling out the $60 or whatever for an exam yourself. It'd be a small price to pay for avoiding a possible lifelong trauma.

BTW if this spot is a cavity, it can get bigger fairly quickly. Not always, and not to scare you, but a lot of posts here have had stories that went from minor to bad within a couple of months. Which could be the difference between a very quick filling or a 45-min capping treatment. Also, once a tooth has bacteria in it, it can spread to other teeth easier. If I were in your shoes (and you're probably happy that I'm not, 'cause I would stretch them pretty bad with my size 11 feet ), I'd probably wait 2 months at the most, even if it's just for your own peace of mind

I don't mean to scare you, but I'd rather scare you than read about your ds needing multiple caps in 4 months

please smilemomma, feel free to edit this post to make it sound less forbidding. I just so much want to help spare everybody a bad experience that I get all gloomy Great assistant I am
ajsmom's Avatar ajsmom 05:57 PM 01-02-2003
The dentist we saw said he had three cavities, the one I suspected and two tiny ones below. He told me to stop night nursing. I said I wouldn't but thanked him for his concern. He suggested sealing, not covered by insurance, and would only fill the teeth using anesthesia - in the office, also not covered at $600, prepaid.

At your suggestion, I asked LLL moms for referrals. I received two leads but don't know if they carry my dental plan yet. One of them uses this same dentist and told me he has other nursing moms as parents of his patients.

Here is my quandry. Do I take ds to another dentist and put him through this again - he won't let anything motorized in his mouth and will not recline, although he fussed minimally when the dentist reclined him into his own lap from mine to inspect his mouth. Or do I have this guy fill his teeth, no sealing and then try another dentist the next time?

DS enjoyed his visit, brio train table etc. and the dental hygenist was fine. I want to take care of the cavities but don't know what the other options are at this point. Any ideas would be appreciated.


P.S. The LLL leader's son had anesthesia for several fillings at this age and is now 4 with no new cavities. Am I worrying for nothing?
Benjama's Avatar Benjama 03:35 AM 01-27-2003

Can anyone in Westchester, NY recommend a good dentist/ped. dentist. Please don't suggest Dr. Mistry ....
mimmy's Avatar mimmy 12:40 PM 01-27-2003
Haven't been to him in many years, but our current dentist always admires his work. However, we had dental insurance when we went to him - I think he was expensive.

Mevin Cohen
3 Washington Square
Larchmont, NY
(914) 834-1102
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