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My DD is 15 months old. I brought her to the dentist, because I saw
two cavities. I was so surprised to see them, since we brush every
day, she eats no sugar, dried fruit, or white flour, and she doesn't
drink juice or pop. But she has them. The dentist said that I needed
to brush her teeth better; advice that wasn't much help since I brush
them the best that I can. The entire time she looked at me so
disapprovingly; I felt so small. So, when she told me to come back in
a couple of days to get her teeth fixed, I didn't question what that
meant. I really don't know a lot about cavities - I've never had any.
I have hear that composite fillings are better than amalgram due to
mercury, but don't know much about the issue. I have heard that young
children are given anesthesia - but this, too, I don't know anything
about. I have less than a day to learn enough to make decisions for my
daughter. HELP!
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I think if I were you I would call and reschedule the appointment for a few more days - say she has a cold or whatever - and read this forum pretty thoroughly. I don't think it is an emergency issue, though I am no dentist. I am researching options to deal with my 27 month old dd's teeth and am learning a ton about nutritional deficiencies and how they can affect mineralization of teeth. Perhaps that is what is happening in your case as well, rather than caries from ineffective brushing.

For me, I want to do the best for my dd's health at all times, and unfortunately part of that is resisting pressure from mainstream medical culture to conform

Good luck and more power to you. You are not small, you are a mom.
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I recommend you wait to do anything first read about everything relating to tooth decay: x-rays/anesthesia/and mercury/composite fillings are better avoided not to mention the expense and emotional trauma children experience. You can prevent further cavities and remineralize current ones with nutrition. Do you have access to raw milk products?
Here's a bunch of good links

lots of good info on this site

(dd's tooth decay is arresting & remineralization is happening!)

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Me + Dh = Dd1(9.5 yrs) + Dd2(7 yrs) and Ds(4.5 yrs)
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