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I won't rehash 2 year old DD2's story here except to say she has at least 6 cavities. Two on the top of her lower molars and 4 on the front teeth near the gumline.

Here is the my original thread if you are interested, see Post #s 1 & 21 in particular. Seeking feedback on developing a re-mineralization protocol for a co-sleeping / night nursing toddler

I really like the BF'ing friendly dentist we took DD2 to but they can't do any work until Sept 10th. I was hoping that would give me a chance to remineralize at least a little bit but I notice the large white spot (2 or 3 mil around??) is now concave. I think the more thorough brushing eroded the tooth there before remineralization could take place.

I contacted my nephew's dentist's office (he loves them). They can see her tomorrow and possibly squeeze her in earlier than the other office could for any actual work. If Gen'l Anesthesia were to seem necessary then they would have to schedule something at the local hospital.

Unlike the other office this one has the Diagnodent. However, they explained over the phone that this laser equipment is really used to find smaller cavities and in any case X-rays are usually necessary to rule out cavities in between teeth. Furthermore, that neither one is used to limit the amount of drilling but rather the dentist uses the metal instruments to test the strength of the tooth as they go.

I didn't think to ask how they feel about fluoride but I checked their website and they include some information on the importance of fluoride so I'm assuming it's something they will encourage. Up til now I had been hoping to limit any fluoride to a topical application but I'm a little freaked out by the concave indentation in her front tooth.

I realize this is the parent's choice but I need some info to try and make an informed decision, so I have a few questions in no particular order. 1) Is there a nominal dose of fluoride that may have a big enough benefit that it is worth considering giving it to her orally (as opposed to topically)? Keep in mind that our water isn't fluoridated so we have complete control over the amount she ingests. 2) Is there any evidence that fluoride does more harm than good to the underlying tooth? (In other words, it's not just an aesthetic issue). 3) Does calcium compete with fluoride for uptake into teeth and bones? 4) If so, would adequate, or more than adequate, calcium intake decrease the likelihood of fluorosis? (especially if the child is eating a lot of hard cheese?) 5) Or is the reverse a greater likelihood: that fluoride would interfere with the dietary aspect of a remineralization protocol (bone broth, dairy producst, esp. raw dairy, Nori seaweed, etc.)? 6) Does the type of fluoride matter? Are some better, or less harmful, than others?

I realize fluroide can cause terrible discoloration and some imperfections in the surface of the tooth, which I am anxious to avoid, but I am more concerned about the structural integrity of her adult teeth.

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There was an article on fluoride in Scientific American a few months ago that you might want to read...okay, I just checked and it was December, 2007. Here's a link for part of the article http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?id=...ts-on-fluoride

The link says you can buy the rest of the article or I'm sure you could find the magazine at your library. It had information about how fluoride can affect bone structure and density, which I didn't know.

My kids' dentist said you should give them the fluoride pills to help the adult teeth. I'm not currently doing that but they do use fluoride toothpaste and rinse with ACT when they remember.
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I would recommend you do a search on Fluoride Action Network, they have extensive research there. You might like to check your library to see if they have a copy of an out of print book entitled Fluoride the Aging Factor by Dr John Yiamouyiannis, it does go into the effect of fluoride on the skeleton.

Here is why the dentist is pro fluoride.

I am Rhome
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[QUOTE=uccomama;11860287]I would recommend you do a search on Fluoride Action Network, they have extensive research there. You might like to check your library to see if they have a copy of an out of print book entitled Fluoride the Aging Factor by Dr John Yiamouyiannis, it does go into the effect of fluoride on the skeleton.

Here is why the dentist is pro fluoride.[/QUOTE


I can't believe fluoride isn't a bigger topic of discussion on the MDC dental board! If you start reading about it, it's pretty obvious it's a scam.
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Fluoride can do worse damage then just cause discoloration; my ds according to his pediatric dentist had fluorosis-induced cavities in his 4 upper front teeth. He loved eating toothpaste and until my mom showed me and had me READ the back of the tube of toothpaste I just thought it was cute.

But there is an actual warning on every tube of toothpaste [and on the box the tube comes in] that has sodium fluoride in it, it says WARNING: If you ingest [swallow] more toothpaste than is necessary for brushing teeth, call you doctor or the Poison Control Center immediately. Or something like that, because I don't have any fluoride toothpaste in my house anymore.

I, we, use only Xylitol products now. But my ds was poisoning himself and because of my ignorance I was allowing him to.

Now I have been told that an external application of fluoride varnish will not hurt the teeth, but I am hesitant to do this.

Instead my mom came up with a better Xylitol toothpaste and one that my ds will let his teeth be brushed with. She crushed 2 100% Xylitol candies then mixed that with some SPRY Infant jel and Tom's of Maine Kid's Strawberry fluoride-free toothpaste.

We brush his teeth at least twice a day with this; and then swipe 1 tsp Xylitol crystals with a minute amount of water - it makes kind of like a thick syrup - over his teeth just before he goes to sleep. A few times mom has even put it on his teeth when he's fallen asleep with a Q-tip. That way the Xylitol stays on his teeth through the night.

Xylitol corrects the ph balance in the mouth and body; I'll NEVER use sodium fluoride stuff again.

In so far as my ds's permanent adult teeth, I was told unless there is INFECTION I didn't have to worry about his adult teeth! That's right, I was told to continue the Xylitol diligently on his little broken teeth, and as long as there isn't any infection, his adult teeth are safe. That is from a pediatric dentist who is into preventative dentristy.

Then my mom contacted a professor of Dental Public Health Sciences at the University of Washington about an article he'd written on Xylitol syrup. His response was: "If you use Xylitol consistently all your grandson's cavities should arrest. You need to do this every day, then his baby teeth can be left alone until they fall out naturally. His adult teeth are safe and will remain safe, unless he gets infection in his mouth. If infection is present you'll need to have those teeth pulled."

So, whether you take your dd to the dentist and have all the cavities filled, I'd still suggest starting a program of using Xylitol.
Go to www.zellies.com, www.epicdental.com, and/or www.xlear.com get all the info you can and begin using it as soon as you can.
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