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DS is 12 months. As soon as he starts walking I want to attempt potty training. I know this seems really young but it's promoted in Montessori. The theory is that there is a sensitive period for this under age 3 that often gets missed. Wondering if anyone else did it this early with success. I tried EC for a day but didn't have any success. I know...what an attempt!
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My daughter was potty trained by 19 months. It wasn't a long process. It just happened over a day or so.

I do believe there is a window that most parents miss. When you wait past that window, there is more training involved.

But, some kids just really never get to that little window. I doubt it happens for everyone.

Kids potty train so much later now because the diapers are so nice. They are thin, and comfey, and easy. Kids have ALWAYS just gone in a diaper. Their whole lives. And, since it's such a convenient little system, why change???

My dd potty trained early because she wore pre-folds, and the disposables weren't all that thin yet. They were plastic, and had tapes instead of velcro. SHe also hated clothes. So, for her, it was easier to potty train than to have to wear cloth diapers.

And technically, I didn't train her. She kinda taught herself. (watching the dogs)
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I'd be interested to hear others' experiences of this too. DD is nearly 13 months - I've bought a potty for her, just to have around. I don't plan on pushing her to use it, but I'd love to help her become interested in it. We have a baby-signing DVD with a song about a kid using the potty, so I'm hoping that seeing that on a regular basis will help give her the idea, but I'm sure there's more I could do...

Lisa - mama to Eleanor Rose 01/08 and Saoirse Lily 09/10
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We started when DD was 11 months old and she was completely potty trained by 15 months. She is 23 months now and I can't even remember the last time she's gone in her pants. I think (or hear I guess...) the longer you wait the harder it is! We did kind of what you'd call late EC I suppose. We started before she could walk too.
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my ds will be 16 months on sunday and we've been putting him on the potty for a couple of months now. he knows what it means to go to the potty, and he notices right before he pees. the other day i took his diaper off, and realized that he had carried the foam pad for the potty off somewhere, so i went to get it, and when i got back to the bathroom, he had peed on the floor in front of the potty. he was looking at the puddle on the floor, and looked so upset.

we dont force him to go. i offer when we change his diaper, when i go to the bathroom, and if he runs and bangs on the bathroom door, lol. he sits most of the time, and pee's about 1/2 the time. hes pooped once, but that was just a lucky catch on my part. if i ask him if he wants to go potty, he runs to the bathroom. im hoping it helps him learn earlier, but im not holding my breath. i would be nice if he was potty trained by two though

*~*Ashley*~* newly single mama to Tristan 10/01/2007
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We did late (and lazy ) EC starting at 7mos and then again at 13 mos. We kept an ikea potty in each room and did nakey butt. We also took her to the bathroom when we went, and did more timing potties (when she woke up, after eating, etc.) She still wore cloth dipes when out and about and I didn't really EC when we were out (oops!) DD still potty learned by 19mos. By 20.5mos she was out of dipes day and night (at her request)! Give it a shot - babes around the rest of the world do it!

Kelly , mama to 4yo and 1yo ,
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I checked Diaper-Free Before 3 out of my local library. The author recommends starting potty learning by 6-9 months. My son and I started when he was 16 months and 3 weeks. We never did the naked thing, because things progressed fine with the use of undies and I am not a fan of urine and poop on the carpet.

Now he is 24 months, and is completely pee trained, no matter where we are (plane, train, automobile, mall, friend's house) and has been for like...5 or so months. However, we're still working on poop. Sigh. There were a few golden weeks when he pooped on the potty and then we went to my parents' house and he stopped and will not start again. Biiiiiig Sigh. Also, he still wears a diaper at night, but it is often dry.

I am astoundingly lucky! Mother to my beloved child since 01/06/07. Fighting cancer since 09/06/07.
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DS showed a huge interest around 14 or 15 months and so I bought the potty that sits on top of the toilet. He sat on it almost daily and read books etc, and then would get down and close the lid and flush....just go through the motions basically, usually no pee/poop.

He took a few week break from it and now he's running into the bathroom holding himself when he has to pee. We usually miss it (this just started a few days ago, so I'm guessing he's understanding when he has to go and just has to practice holding for a few seconds longer). And we've caught a number of bowel movements, although he usually doesn't head to the bathroom for them himself. He seems much more bothered by a wet diaper and likes to be changed very frequently if wet at all (we use sposies).

He's 18 months now and things have really picked up this week, I don't think it'll be long before he's potty learned at all...things might move faster if I just broke down and got a few portable seats he could use on his own, but I just haven't gotten around to it.
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I'm somewhat in the opposite camp. I potty trained dd at 2.75. It took less than a week. She was totally ready - both physically and emotionally. We didn't spend months practicing and cleaning up "mistakes". I plan to wait a few more months before attempting anything w/ ds, 25 mos., too. The easy way out, I'm sure, but works for us.
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Dd trained in one day. Totally blew me away, because it wasn't what I expected. She was about 26 months old. She didn't say she was ready, but would let us know when she had to pee when she was in the tub. We bought pretty panties, gave her a piece of candy, and she had two accidents the first day, and hasn't had any more since. She'll get out of the tub to pee, even.
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Check out the aforementioned Diaper Free Before 3.

There is some good insight in there about the idea of readiness and where it came from as well as suggestion on how to get started.

I started PL my DD around 13 months. Because she was telling me when she needed to go or when she wanted to be changed. I hadn't read the book then but I went with my instinct and got her a couple of potties and familiarizing her with them and letting her sit and read on them often throughout the day.

Now, at 18.5 months, she is pretty reliable at home with pee and never poops in her pants or diaper. I still diaper her when we are out and about 90% of the time but I also keep a little potty in my car if she tells me she needs to go. Majority of the time, she doesn't dirty her diapers when we are out either but she isn't quite as reliable.

I'm pretty lax about the whole thing. You know, no pressure, no rewards, and so on.

We did buy some Elmo and Hello Kitty panties that she LOVES and those have made a huge impact. I just remind her "You have your panties on and no diaper so you need to let me know if you need to use the potty." I also offer to her if she wants a diaper or her panties and she has yet to choose her diaper over her panties. Awesome!

R~Mama to my sweet A 7//07 & bubbly Z 3/12

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DD was done by 18 months or so. WE got her a potty at 12 months and told her that's where pee goes. She was signing to us right after she peed, and soon did it right before, so it was pretty easy.

DS is 17 months and we're just starting with him -- we're busier now with two! Anyway, he's interested in the potty but doesn't do much except sit on it and make a psssss sound . He did the sign for "change" (as in diaper change) yesterday, and I scooped him up and put him on the potty. He looked kind of surprised when he saw the little poop in there . Anyway, no real pressure, but I definitely think it's better to do it when they're young. I think after age 2.5 or 3, they are into the difiant stage and don't want to do anything anyone else wants them to do -- at this age, though, they are all open to new ideas. Just a theory.
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I'm in the process of potty training my 15mo. She used the potty for all her poops and lots of pees until right after Christmas -- when she could get off her potty by herself (she loved sitting on her potty, she just loves getting off it more!). Now she almost never uses it. She loves her potty, though. She runs to the bathroom and bangs on the door when I say it's potty time. She says "potty" and sometimes says "poo" before or after she wets a diaper. She might not want to use her potty right now, but she knows what it is and she's definitely learning about her body.

I won't lie -- it's a lot of extra work right now for me. I change diapers, encourage potty time, and wash diapers all the time (she goes coverless in fitted diapers and I change each time she pees). She's ready to take advantage of any window that pops up, though, and it makes me glad that she's not spending a lot of time in wet or dirty diapers. I think it's totally worth the effort.
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Small update. We got our potty today and I actually caught one of his pees! I feel so proud. He always pees right before his bath. Running water, maybe? Guess we'll take it from here.

Dumb question...but how do you clean the potty?
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my dd started was trained (learned?!) between 19 and 20 months. We introduced her to the potty around 9-12 months though. Just offer it consistently, show him what you/your dh are doing with the potty, or hold the potty under him when he starts to go. She wnet through phases when she would scream blood murder at the sight of the thing, but we kept her naked most of the time, and had lots of accidents until one day it just "clicked". Now she might have an accident once a week, but only if I am not paying attention or she is really really into something. I still have to remind her to go, but she often runs by herself as well, especially for poops. She will get out of the tub to go poop too, lol. It is SO nice to be done with diapers Good luck, and congrats on catching one!
Oh, and I just dump it out in the big toilet, rinse in the sink (or wipe it out with a wipe if it is a poop) and then clean it when I do my regular toilet. I use baking soda and vinegar for just about everything, potty included!
Also, try to especially offer him the potty when you know he goes-i.e. we focused on right when she wakes up in the a.m., right after naps, and right before bed. b/c I knew whe was going to have to go at those times.

Single mama namaste.gif to dd dust.gifand ds fencing.gif, loving my dsd always reading.gif .
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