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Normal Bowel movements for a 3 year old?

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My dd is almost 3 years old. What should normal bowel movements be like for a child her age?

Like frequency, amount, texture

Wow before becoming a parent I never thought I could talk about bowel movements so in depth and NOT get grossed out. Ah the joys of being a mommy!
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I think they kind look like ours
Every child is different, but as long as she's not straining, the bm's aren't hard, and she isn't having a hard time going, I'd say she's fine! I remember being shocked at how large DS' were! I thought, they are so much bigger then mine, how does this happen:
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Yeah, I agree with the pp. DS is 3 and his BM's look just H and I's and once he's done, he's so proud and wants to show us! I also think it has a lot to do with what they've eaten that day. If DS has eggs or pineapple that day, he's sure to go at least 3 times that day. If not, he goes once or twice.
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I sometimes feel poop-obsessed but it's what I use to tell how ds is feeling, if he is drinking/eating enough, etc. But it's to the point that if he flushes before I get to have a look, I am disappointed

Anyway, back to your question...

Ds poops pretty much every day. Again, if not, it makes me wonder if he hasn't eaten enough.

It is very soft (I once heard poo should be the consistency of toothpaste and I would say his is) and there is a lot of it. Like more than mine. He doesn't strain whatsoever and basically starts the second his tush hits the seat.

Happy poo observing!
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