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I need some help with some ideas for new toys or activities for a 28 month old who has out grown her old interests and toys.

She's just had a big development spurt and doesn't like playing "pretend play" with her dolls, which used to interest her for hours.

I think that she would be interested in art supplies, cars, small nick-knacks but I’m wondering if anyone has some other good and or more specific suggestions.

BTW, we're heading into some behaviorial issues, which I think are just an exention of her boredom. I could really use some help.

Thanks, H.

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I’m leaving my old post below in case it would help any of you understand what’s up with us. I posted last week but didn’t get any responses. I think I was a little wind-bagish!

OLD POST (you don't need to read it...I think it's and broad):
I’m coming here because my Child Development knowledge has sadly expired…just when I feel I need it most.
I know I would benefit from some reading but haven’t gotten around to it and, frankly, don’t have access to any new books right this minute.

My daughter is 2 years, 3 months and seems to be having some big developmental changes. She’s not changing in a “negative” way (as if that could be) but it’s very intense and I fear it will have me running to the GD forum if I don't get caught up.

I’m just hoping that some of you have had this similar type change and could identify the “developmental” stage and give me a heads up about what else to expect.

I’m especially interested in what her new needs will be and what new discipline strategies might work for us.

New Characteristics:

- Ability to negotiate for what she wants, which was discovered and instigated entirely on her own.
- Increased sense of humor and silliness.
- Fascination with a pacifier (after no interest since birth).
- Huge language leaps especially in annunciation or being more easily understood by others.
- She is asking “why” questions and asking about the meaning of words in books that she we have been reading for months.
- Boredom with her toys and asking for activity books.
- More interest in playing and having needs met by extended family and friends.
- Insane recollection of events that trips me out!
- She is having more falls because she’s being less cautious (she was a really cautious kid and didn’t fall at all until 2 and now she seems to get hurt 2+ times/day...becoming a dare devil)

So, what stage is this? I really think I need to gear up to meet here new needs or I know we’ll have major problems.

If this post seems strange to any of you, please let me explain. I had huge problems adjusting to the last big transition from infancy to toddlerhood but once I got into the “groove” I loved toddlerhood…I just wish it didn’t take 6 months of miserable transition (on my part) to get into it. This is what I wish to avoid.

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I'm no expert, but I can tell you what they do at dd's daycare (She is there part-time, with 1.5-3 year olds). I have tried to duplicate what they do because I think they have such a great strategy for keeping the kids engaged.

First, they have only a few toys that sit out all of the time. They have boxes of other, specific toys (like a box of play telephones, or a box of rubber bugs) that they rotate in and out throughout the week, and they never have too much out at once. They also have a big, tub-like table that they fill with something different each day. For instance, once day it was oatmeal. Another day it was shredded paper. They day before it was full of those styrofoam packaging peanuts, and then today it was full of little plastic animals. They always have empty containers and scoops in the tub too.

They also throw in some random things as staff members and parents come across things. One day I came in and they had taped bubble wrap all over the floor and the kids were having a ball stomping on it. Yet another day someone had brought in a piece of gutter and they had made a ramp out of it and were rolling balls, cars, etc. down it. People also bring in big boxes for the kids to play with.

That's all I can think of right now...hope that helps!

~ Meredith, mom to dd(Jan '02), ds1(May '04) and ds2 (June '07) ~ :
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1. Sandbox with shovels, buckets, trucks, pouring instruments
2. Do water play in the kitchen sink with a large turkey baster, measuring cups, sponges, squirting toys. Use a few drops of food coloring to make colored water.
3. Make homemade playdough, let her measure and mix. Have rolling pins, cookie cutters, plastic knives, etc to play with.
4. Child's kitchen with all the cookware, etc.
5. Tool workbench with hammers and screwing activities.
6. Spend time outside as much as possible. Become regulars at a neighborhood park so you get to know kids of similar ages who come at the same days/times.
7. Join the zoo, aquarium.
8. Sign up for a playgroup, MOPS or other activity for kids and moms to do together.
9. Teach her how to help wash dishes, fold clothes, sort laundry into colors. My ds used to love to put the silverware away, it is a wonderful sorting and counting activity.
10. Cook together and then sit down and eat together at child-sized table. Make it special with a lemonade/tea party and nice napkins, etc.
11. Plant seeds and work in the yard. Get a rake her size. Water the yard together.
12. Sign up for tiny tots class through your rec center and go to story/craft time at your library and bookstore. Get her a library card and let her check out her own books.
13. Do some sort of fine and gross motor activity every day. They love to paint so spend the few extra dollars to buy the large bottles of tempera paint and the large paintbrushes with the fat handles and wide bristles. Don't waste your time on any of those paint sets where they have to dip a skinny brush into water and then onto a dry cake of paint - it's no fun, difficult for them to do and is made for moms who don't want a mess.
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When DS gets bored, we go *scensory* all he way... it practically never fails:

Water play (at the sink or bathtub) is always a winner. I give him lots of spoons, cups and bowls for filling and dumping and even let him use the spray nozzel if he promises not to squirt me!

Also, some flour, cornmeal, oatmeal with baking pans, meausuring cups, etc. is always a hit. Of course the clean up can be a bear, but I just hand DS the dustbuster and we do the best we can together (yet another activity).

Sandbox (we keep it on our back porch so he can use it even when it rains). Lots of dump trucks, pails, shovels... sometimes he gets his little trucks and creates a whole busy town.

Playdoh - his favorite thing right now is to makes cakes and decorate them with little trucks (to replicate his recent birthday cake) but any little household trinkets can be fun.

Other things... DS is now able to enjoy some games. He doesn't actually *play* them yet but can spend lots of time studying our "LIFE" game and playing with the little cars going over mountains, bridges, etc. Battleship is a winner too--all those great boats and pegs to put in them. (Pieces are of course very small so it's not considered safe so I'm careful to watch...)

Have fun!

Em 43 - Wife to hubby Mom to DS born: Jan. '01
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There are some FABULOUS suggestions here, ladies! I'm going to add a few to my repetoire, but here are some of my own:

Take a "listening" walk. Talk about every sound you here. What is it? Where is it coming from? How does it make you feel?

Put on a CD and DANCE. Ask your DD to make up a dance and then you copy it. Switch. Or do the Hokey Pokey! Dan Zanes and Friends and Ralph Covert (Ralph's World) are huge hits in our house, as is anything by the Beatles.

Give your DD little chores. My DS, 26 mos., is great at putting things away, putting trash in the garbage, wiping the table, etc. He loves to "help" and it makes him feel good. You could give her a spray bottle filled with water and a soft cloth and she could help you "clean." Also, watering the plants can be really good.

Find out if your local library has a story time for toddlers. Most do.

If you can, look into Kindermusik or another kid's music program. Theyr'e usually focused on movement, rhythm, and sounds and can be great for toddlers.

Start some hands-on art projects: finger-painting, all kinds of painting with odd things (marbles rolled across the paper, leaves dipped in paint, a flyswatter, whatever strikes your fancy!), gluing (macaroni picture frames come to mind), chalk on the sidewalk, water and paintbrushes on the driveway.

FINALLY, check the sticky at the top of the toddler forum, as well as the toddler archives stickies, for a whole ton of activity ideas.

Have fun!

ex-Californian, making my way on the East Coast with DS (10), DS (6) and WAHDH. Former extended BF'er, co-sleeper, and baby-wearer. Remembering how to garden.

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I have a 2.5 yr old. The entire having a child thing is still a transition for me!

Lately physical activities have helped my daughter. Her new favorite activity is clay. I purchased about 50 lbs of the real stuff. It is great, cannot be destroyed even if it dries out or gets soaked. My dd is now a little sculptor and it can take up to an hour for her to get bored. It has also helped her hand dexterity. I also put a ladder on her wall and some small ledges for a mini climbing wall. (yes with padding and I do not place her on the wall she only can get as high as she herself can go, I do supervise)
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My son has a basketball goal (inside) that he plays with for at least an hour most days...of course I like playing with it, too, so it's a good "together" activity :-)

Another thing he LOVES is when we put all his favorite books in the middle of our bed, get some healthy snacks (apple and orange slices, etc.), and he "reads" his books to me while we snack, or I read my book while he reads his. This is one of his favorite evening activities.
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