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kerc's Avatar kerc 12:34 PM 01-05-2004
this is the continuation of a LOOOONG series of threads from the pregnancy, then life with a babe forums. Nov/Dec 02 mamas.... apparently there are some chatty mamas (myself included) with kiddos that age.

welcome to anyone who has a kiddo in the vague age span (fall 02) and welcome back to everyone following the thread.

I'll start this thread with being super exicited because i finally figured out that when my baby (erin who is 14 months today!) is saying "mimimi" she means mommy. melts my heart (except when I am in the bathroom and she's banging on the door :LOL )

nancy926's Avatar nancy926 01:17 PM 01-05-2004
Hi...I'm not new to MDC but I'm new to this thread! Our daughter Sascha was born 11/27/02. We cosleep, cloth diaper, ec part-time. DH is a SAHD and I work at home so we're thrilled to all be at home together. We're really having fun with DD. She's still BFing but also eats lots of solids (loves peas, spicy salsa, yogurt, oatmeal, and granny smith apples). She started walking in early November and is getting pretty good at it! She says kitty, dog, dada, mama, ball, moo, vroom (for cars) and a couple of other things. We're also signing and she's starting to pick up signs like crazy.

I belong to a more "mainstream" email group but it gets stressful b/c most of those mamas have different parenting I either have to bite my tongue (or whatever the email equivalent of that is!) or risk being flamed.

Anyway, happy new year to all the fall 02 babies and i'm off to read more of this thread!!

lilyka's Avatar lilyka 03:08 PM 01-05-2004
Oh, just a little sad tobe in the toddler forum. but I'll adjust I am sure. (probably when dd is 3 and we move to the preschool forum . . . can't think about it)

Anyway, welcome Nancy and Sascha :

Big changes for Ava this week. Get this ladies, i lay her down in bed, she sometimes protests a litte (60 seconds max) and then goes to sleep. If she wakes up before she has gotton the rest she needs I tell her "go back to sleep honey" AND SHE DOES!!!! I must have sucke up some good karma somewhere because this just isn't natrual. perhaps it is payback for my last child -the antisleeper. I don't know if I mentioned it but we have also moved Ava to her own bed in her own room. She is growing up too fast. Ahh, nice to have my bed back though.

Also last week the grls taught her how they get down the stairs. We have just started feeling OK with taking thegate off the stairs (OK it fell off, you guys might remember when I installed it myself:
Sandra + power tools x plaster walls with no studs in appropriate places = big disaster
Anyway, my oldest can get down our 15 stairs in under 3 seconds. She sits on her but, stiffens up and pushes off. Even better when she relized that her nylon sleeping bag would make this a really fun experiance. Lily at least goes down on her tummy but same principle. stiffens up and blasts off. I was amazed at how quickly Ava picked up this skill : oh happy day.

She sang for the first time on saturday. She sounds so much like Lily that at first I didn't relize it was Ava. I turned around to ask Lily why she was singing gibberish and saw it was Ava who just grinned at me.

She has started immitating me. too cute. I don't think I remember when my other kids did these things.

She got 2 new teeth.

And said her first sentence the other day.
"Daddy at work?" We had a whole conversation. It was amazing. She was going upstairs and I asked her where she was going to which she answered "Daddy" i said "no, daddy's at work" and she said "daddy at work?" My baby's growing so fast I wish she would just slow down. It is like those first steps just opened a flood gate and now it won't stop.

Anyway, I'll stopp prattling on now.

How is every one else doing
majazama's Avatar majazama 06:47 PM 01-05-2004
Hi again everyone. It's nice to be here in the toddler forum, as my baby *is* a toddler. She walks everywhere, and has been since she was 11 1/2 months old. Toddle toddle toddle.

She has been super attached these days. I'm thinking it has something to do with me being pregnant. I have soooo much less milk than I used to. She is just so moody, so she cries and wipes her snotty nose all over my shirt... the joys of motherhood.

I'm jealous lilyka, that your baby goes to sleep "on demand". I have to make sure my baby is in deep sleep, with the boob in her mouth, before I can detach her and slink away. But most of the time I end up holding her while she sleeps (like right now for example). I have put a "baby matress" down next to the one I sleep on, and I'm trying to get her used to it, so I can have some much-needed space. When the new baby comes, I don't want her to expect to be able to nurse all night like she used to. I don't want to go nutz.

Haeven is bringing me toys and books now, when she wants me to read to her, or talk about the toys... I was really looking forward to that and I'm so glad that she's interested in reading.
*solsticemama*'s Avatar *solsticemama* 10:31 PM 01-05-2004

Well i guess i'm in the minority here. i could have quite happily hung out in the LWAB forum for awhile longer since my baby still feels very much like a baby and not a toddler. He's barely on solids--a smidgeon of goat yogurt and he's just in the past couple of weeks really started cruising. i'm thinking it will be another couple of months before he's walking. He still needs me to sling-nurse him to sleep everytime and likes to be right in bed with us not in the sidecarred crib. He still wants to be carried most of the time and has just started spending a few minutes playing on his own in the last couple of weeks. He just seems very baby-like still which I . With his rounds cheeks and chunky thighs and arms, all those sweet tootsie rolls. So I guess I'll be visiting both here and the LWAB forum.
abranger's Avatar abranger 11:02 PM 01-05-2004
YIKES! The Toddler Forum! Say it isn't so. I think I have the youngest babe here and she's still a baby! actually i know I am living in denial. I don't think she will be walking anytime soon though. She just started eating solid foods about a month ago and still isn't that interested. .................and the really big news is we used the Dr Jay Gordon nightweaning plan and Sunday night I had my first 8 hours of uninterupted sleep in over a year!!!! I feel like I went to a spa. Last night was 7 hours but i'll take it. Before this it was every 3. I couldn't take it anymore working 3 days a week.

hope I didn't just jinx it

scoutycat's Avatar scoutycat 01:43 AM 01-06-2004
Welcome to toddlerhood! I guess I fit in with you mamas, dd was born late Oct 2002. Ahrd to believe she's grown so fast! Funny how she seems so capable and independent in some ways
mcimom's Avatar mcimom 02:23 AM 01-06-2004
Hey, I'm happy to have my girl growing up. It means I'm ready for another baby when I have an "official" toddler Oh, I have such baby lust!

She's so anxious to catch up with her sisters, but no chatting here yet. She says mama and that's about it.

Sandra, I am cracking up :LOL about Ava going down the ski slope stairs with your older girls. My older girls built a snowman today and Isabel was just beside herself b/c she really couldn't join the fun. My sister joked that she stayed in the "shallow end" of the snow on the porch.
juliasmum's Avatar juliasmum 02:23 AM 01-06-2004
Hi! I are new to the thread and semi-new to mdc.

Julia was born at the beginning of November and I can't believe how fast she is growing up! After spending months grunting and pointing (and using a few of her signs) she has finally started talking. My nephew is 18 months and calls Julia "baby" because he can't say Julia yet, so she has started calling herself baby. It is so cute!

I am a sahm and I babysit my nephew 2 days a week, so it is total chaos with 2 toddlers running around here.

It will be nice to chat with some other mamas with babies close in age.
rebx's Avatar rebx 03:09 AM 01-06-2004
kerc, thanks for starting this new thread.

My Ava is not an official toddler yet, at least, not most of the time. She started walking at 10 months, walked all around the house for a week, and then went back to knee-walking. She takes a few solo steps each day, and loves to walk around holding on to my pant leg or finger. Still, I think it may be a few months before she switches to full-time foot-walking.

She's 99% breastfed, with a couple of raisins, a piece or two of veggie booty and a bite of homemade gingerbread making up the other 1% today.

She uses a few signs (milk/time to nurse!, light, all done, book) and speaks a bit of English (mama, dada, kitty, dog, down, duck). I'm excited to think about having a spoken conversation with her, but I'll miss her amazing Ava-speak.

Her favorite toys these days are her cloth dolls & stuffed mice, which she likes to cradle in her arms, patting their backs and giving them hugs. So sweet!

I'm technically a WAHM, although it's been some time since I got much work done. We're going to be moving over the next few weeks, and I'm looking forward to a new workbench set-up that I'm hoping will allow me to work done while Ava plays, instead of between midnight and 2 am (my present schedule). We shall see...
nancy926's Avatar nancy926 11:41 AM 01-06-2004
Amy, I have to ask....what's the Gordon nightweaning plan? I'm really torn about nightweaning, but starting to think it might be the best thing for all of us. I haven't gotten an uninterrupted night's sleep since mid-2002!

Sascha is cutting tooth #9, though (a premolar), which might have something to do with her recent wake-and-nurse-every-hour behavior. Not sure.

abranger's Avatar abranger 09:10 PM 01-06-2004
dr jay gordon has a gentle nightweening plan for co-sleeping babies that has worked well for us. Check out this recent thread about it for info and links.

I have to add that dh really did all the work. I don't think it would have worked if it was me trying to sooth her.

nancy926's Avatar nancy926 02:23 PM 01-07-2004
Thanks Amy! I found the Gordon plan and am going to talk to DH about it. We'll wait until these teeth come in, though, because i know that's causing Sascha a lot of discomfort - she doesn't usually wake up this much (last night it was 4 times between 8 pm and 1 am).

Do you mean that your DH did all the soothing during those second three nights? Did you stay in bed with them, or move to another room? If you don't mind sharing some details I'd love to know.

abranger's Avatar abranger 02:47 PM 01-07-2004
DH soothed her all the nights. the first three I nursed her for a few seconds after letdown then he took her. I stayed in the bed. For the nights when it was allowed for him to pick her up he usually did and left the room with her. The last nights when there is no picking up he just pulls her close to him and cmoforts her.

One night I held her a few minutes (so he could go to the bathroom) and it was TERRIBLE! She thought I was going to nurse her and when I didn't she got so MAD. I have never seen her like that. Much better if daddy does it she doesn't expect it.

So far so good a few waking between 10:30 and 5:30 but dh is able to sooth her without getting out of bed. LAst night she had some teething pain and was up between 9:00 and 10:30 crying but once we gave her tylenol she was asleep in 20 minutes.

Good luck and keep me posted the sleep is so GREAT!

punkprincessmama's Avatar punkprincessmama 09:25 PM 01-07-2004
Hi Everyone!

I am semi-new to mdc and am new to this thread. I'm so excited to find some other moms to chat with regularly. My daughter Mariah was born Dec. 4, 2002. We CD, co-sleep, and BF. She does eat regular food too, espesially loves yogurt, beans, brown rice, apple juice and just about any veggie! She has been walking since Mid October so she is really into everything these days. She loves to be involved in everything we are doing around the house, always has been. Now instead of being in the sling all day she is attatched to my leg! She also says a few words, mama, dada, more, toe-toes, papas (for food) and patas (for feet) although the last two sound exactly alike and you have to see where she is pointing to figure out which word it is she is saying!!

She is really loving BF lately, everytime she sees her "num nums" she has to nurse. For example if I'm getting dressed, getting in the shower, etc. Also if I sit in the rocking chair she will come over to me, pull my shirt up and pat my breast to ask to nurse. She has always nursed frequently even though she eats solids too, but this is just way more often. It seems like any time she has an opportunity. Is anyone else's little one doing this?

Anyhow, thanks for inviting new people to join, I'm looking forward to being a part of such a great group.

majazama's Avatar majazama 09:38 PM 01-07-2004
punkprincessmama- I'm glad we're getting more people in our little tribe. BTW (by the way), my baby was born on dec. 5th, 2002 at 2:27 am. When was your baby born? They are pretty close! It's so cool when you find things like that here.
lilyka's Avatar lilyka 02:33 AM 01-08-2004
My baby was born Dec. 4th too!! I don't know why that makes me so happy. It was a great birth I get happy when I htink about it (quick and painless and completely by surprise).

village idiot's Avatar village idiot 03:42 AM 01-08-2004
my dd still nurses often. She has also always been a frequent nurser. She also wants to nurse whenever she sees my breasts. And she nurses for a looooong time. Kind of reminds me of when she was a newborn and would nurse for 20 or 30 minutes. Of course this is only if nothing too interesting is going on around us.

I have heard of marathon toddler nursing sessions but am not real clear on the reasons for this. Teething maybe? I know my dd has been trying to cut some teeth (molars maybe) for 6 weeks now.
nancy926's Avatar nancy926 11:30 AM 01-08-2004
welcome punkprincessmama! I'm new to this thread as well!

My DD was nursing a LOT recently too...and she just cut 2 molars. also, it was the holiday season so I was more "available" (I'm a WAHM so I'm in our home office for much of the day usually) -- not sure if that had anything to do with it or not. I've also noticed that when she wakes up at night now she HAS to nurse - before, I could give her the binky and she'd fall asleep again 8 times out of 10.

Ah, the mysteries of kidlets.

Happy day,
ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 11:48 AM 01-08-2004
I've been wanting to join back in for a while. MCImom has kept me updated on everyone's babes! I have baby Jackson born on November 27, 2002. He's very clingy these days! I'm lucky to get five minutes on the computer, LOL! He isn't walking yet but my kids are always late walkers so I'm not worried. Anyway, I've enjoyed reading everyone's info. Thanks for sharing!
kerc's Avatar kerc 12:55 PM 01-08-2004
erin (11/5/02) goes through these stages where its all she wants to do is nurse and then some days where she nurses her three really standard times and that's it. I think it is normal. She has been really chowing down on solid food -- although I think she's a veggie in the making because she will NOT eat meat -- no chicken, no beef, no pork....tofu yes, more please, but no meat. :LOL

we are not vegetarians, although we could be if I could get over the idea of a big hamburger every now and again. Though with the mad cow stuff in the states now, it is getting to be easier and easier to stay away from the meat.

i am soooo pleased with my little girl today. We woke up at 430, i got her from her crib, we nursed and then she wanted to play. Well ordinarily one of us takes her into her room, closes the door and gets out a sleeping bag to chill on the floor while she plays. When her dad goes with her she plays for like 15 minutes and then snuggles up and sleeps for the hour and a half or so until the family gets up. Usually when I take her she plays the whole darn time, so we are up for the day. Today she snuggled up to me and fell back asleep (AND no nursing required) Funny how that extra hour of sleep can just be heaven!
DecemberSun's Avatar DecemberSun 02:12 PM 01-08-2004
We're here! Welcome to all the new mamas! This thread is a lot of fun. I learn so much!!!

My little guy Zachary was born December 3, 2002, at 10:30 pm. He still seems like a baby to me... But he is cruising (toddling?), and babbling and eating solids, so I guess he no longer fits into the "infant" category.

He plays contentedly by himself for quite awhile (except when I'm on MDC of course!), and comes up with creative and imaginative ways to play with toys. He loves balls, blocks and musical toys like his tambourine and xylophone. He plays us concerts on his kazoo LOL. When he knows he's in "trouble" he'll smile and crawl away really fast!

He eats everything. Meats, bread, crackers, chips, veggies, fruits- whatever. He just started taking little sips of fruit juice, which he used to spit out. He gulps water from his soft-spouted training cup when he's thirsty. Hates cows milk, though. He still nurses often- I never look at the clock so I couldn't say exactly how many times a day he breastfeeds. He still wakes up at least 3 times a night to nurse, also. He sleeps with us at night but takes his nap(s) in his crib.

He says Mama, Daddy, doggy, bye bye, yeah, and lots of other made up baby words. He loves to immitate, so we'll hear him try to repeat what we just said. He signs "more" when he's eating, and sometimes "all done". He doesn't know it's a controlled hand movement, so he just kind of waves his arms back and forth LOL. He won't say or sign anything for "nurse" though, he just crawls over to me and does his little whimper/cry. We're working on that!

Glad to have new mamas in the group, and good to hear from the "old" ones as well.
punkprincessmama's Avatar punkprincessmama 06:32 PM 01-08-2004
Hi Everyone, and thanks for the warm welcome!

My little angel was born at 8:06am on Dec. 4. We had a wonderful experience too. That is so neat that our babies share a birthday, lilyka. I wouldn't say that our birth was quick and painless but it was wonderful and I still love talking/thinking about it.

Thanks everyone for suggestions about dd frequent nursings. I am thinking that she is doing it just because she can. I have never limited her nursings (and have no plans to do so). I think that she is just connecting the dots right now, for a lot of things. So when she sees my breasts (can we say that here? :LOL ) she thinks "those are for nursing!" and has to nurse. Like when she finds a sock, any sock, she trys to put it on her foot, hats on her head, etc. etc. That's the current theory anyways, who really knows what's going on in their little heads?

This is such an amazing time isn't it? My dh and I are finding ourselves just sitting around watching Mariah play, figure things out, etc. We call it "baby watching" and it really keeps us amused! It's fun to see her figuring out the world around her.

On another note, dd is learning to climb!! Now we are back to constantly watching her, and more childproofing.
nancy926's Avatar nancy926 12:14 PM 01-09-2004
Ekblad7 -- what time of day was Jackson born? Sascha is a 11/27/02 baby as well - she was born at 7:53 pm eastern time. We used a birth center and really enjoyed the experience....well, as much as you can enjoy something that isn't exactly painless. I read "Mind Over Labor" but my mind just wouldn't get over labor!!

CyndyRR327's Avatar CyndyRR327 05:40 PM 01-09-2004
Ahhhhhhhh, here you are!!! I went to life with a babe and couldnt find ya, I figured you'd be here
kerc's Avatar kerc 05:53 PM 01-09-2004
This is such an amazing time isn't it? My dh and I are finding ourselves just sitting around watching Mariah play, figure things out, etc. We call it "baby watching" and it really keeps us amused! It's fun to see her figuring out the world around her.
YES! Erin is so fun to observe!
bakeria's Avatar bakeria 08:28 PM 01-09-2004
I am mom to dd Faye born 11/17/02. Dh and I are very much committed to attachment parenting, co-sleeping and breastfeeding. I have carried baby with me to work every day from 6 weeks first in a sling and now in a somewhat safer backpack carrier. (Work is our bakery.)
I am thrilled to be part of your group as I live in a small town. I have a question regarding what you all think of playdates for kids our babies age. I am against daycare at this age if you can avoid it and since Faye is with me in the bakery all day I feel it is good for her to have some more quiet solo playtime when we get home. But a lot of people tell me she should be with other kids. Am I being selfish wanting her for myself?
Thanks for being open to new members.
mcimom's Avatar mcimom 12:35 AM 01-10-2004
bakeria-i think most playdates are as much for mom (if not more) than for baby. especially at this age. they really don't even get into parallel play until what? 18mos-2yo? even then they aren't really playing WITH each other. if you don't feel you need a "playdate" then i'd say you're fine.

me, i ADORE the playdate but that's b/c i am a very social person and i want the adult interaction w/moms i can relate to more than it was ever for my dds. though now that they are older (almost 5, 3 and 1), it is nice to see them looking forward to playing w/friends and having friends to grow up with - of course they also do well with each other most days. though having that extra kid or two around is usually enough of a novelty to keep them off of me for an hour or two. don't get me wrong, i'm attached! but it is nice to be cling-on free a few hours of the day, kwim?

isabel is really teething too. at last count, she had 6 teeth coming in. she's been doing pretty well though. i cosleep w/my 3yo, and she sleeps in a crib and has for the last 5 months or so. a couple nights she was up a few times, but not even really to nurse, mostly dh patted her down and it was more the whine than crying.

she drools constantly. i mean it is a never-ending river. her shirts are soaked w/in an hour. she is SO wet. i have never seen a kid drool more.

she's been walking since Nov. 6 - took her first steps at her b-day party that day w/ekblad7's ds3. it was so cute!
Mona's Avatar Mona 02:18 PM 01-10-2004
Hi everyone!!

I am still in denial of DD being a toddler. she is still a babe in my eyes, but i will join you here anyway. :LOL

update- she is on the verge of walking. has taken a few steps here and there. she is still nervous about it, so it is going slow, despite dh urging her on. :LOL
she is still my little nummertarian- 95% of her food comes straight from the mama. she is experimenting more, and likes to play with her food.
three molars at once... maybe the forth is coming in too, combined with developmental changes has led to NO SLEEP for mama. will be glad to get past this stage in our lives. a cold didn't help matters either.
speech-- lots of "baby". that is her favorite word. she loves to look at a picture of dh, dd and myself, and point toherself and say baby. :LOL
mama, dada, cat, dog... makes attempts at saying her name. mostly baby language. lots of baby. :LOL

well, i think that's about it.

glad to meet the new mamas. WELCOME!!!!

majazama's Avatar majazama 04:43 PM 01-10-2004
I disagree that babies don't play together till they are 18-24 months. During christmas, my little nephew was here, and he is just three weeks younger than Haeven. Well they got into some trouble, let me tell you. He doesn't know how to walk yet, but haeven does, so it was so cute seeing them go all over the house, following each other, like batman and robin (robin crawls)
They were being quite quiet for a few seconds, so we went to check on them, they were playing in the toilet together, side-by-side. Elwynn was putting a ducky in, while haeven was scouping the water. It was hilarius, needless to say. they are at the same stage, being so interested in the no-no's. She would hit him while he was here, though, but he would bite her, so they're not totally socialized, for sure.

They would also make each other laugh. That was the sweetest sound I've ever heard! And they learned a lot from each other while they were here. I miss my little nephew!
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