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Satori's Avatar Satori 04:56 AM 08-19-2009
dd (3 and 26 lbs) is outgrowing our Bobike Jr seat and its time to move her to the back of the bike since its getting to hard to see over her head. My bike has a quick release seat on it which will affect which models of seats I can put on for her. Price is a concern and I don't want to spend more then $100. From what I can tell from reviews those ugly grey things you see in thrift shops all the time will not work with bikes with quick release seats (I had hoped to just buy one of those). I have a Trek 7100 WSD if that matters, I know its built a little differently from most bikes.

I do not want to pull her in a trailer.

Satori's Avatar Satori 06:49 PM 08-20-2009

gabry's Avatar gabry 06:59 PM 08-20-2009
We love our Hamax Sleepy. It goes on and off easily, but not sure if it would work wirh your bike. I believe the price was around 100 dollars or so. I'm not sure where you are, we got it in Europe.
olliepop's Avatar olliepop 09:52 PM 08-20-2009
We have this and think it's great.

I love having my little guy up front where he can see and where I can keep an eye on him. It's not awkward at all. It's actually easy to ride.
(We have ours on a Cannondale.)
michelle123's Avatar michelle123 12:15 AM 08-21-2009
My husband loves the WeeRide as well, it goes up to 40 lbs. I know you said you'd like a rear seat, but this one may work.
Satori's Avatar Satori 01:11 AM 08-21-2009
I'm looking at how the weeride attaches and I'm not sure it would attach to my bike. My bike is different where it attaches at the head frame, there is no space for it to attach. I will call the weeride people tomorrow though and see.
chipper26's Avatar chipper26 02:00 AM 08-21-2009
crunchymamatobe's Avatar crunchymamatobe 07:34 AM 08-21-2009
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We know A LOT of people who use this seat. Even one family that recently had an accident with their 11 month old in it and he was fine.
Cersha's Avatar Cersha 01:53 AM 08-22-2009
I don't have the copilot, but I have one almost exactly like it. And I hate it. It isn't a five point, which I would prefer, and it REALLY needs a chest clip (cause otherwise it just slips off the shoulders) and I'd like a bike seat that reclines, so that if my DS falls asleep, I don't have to worry about him lolling forward and crimping his airway. UGH, I wish I'd bought a better seat.
Cersha's Avatar Cersha 01:58 AM 08-22-2009
babygirlmelly's Avatar babygirlmelly 02:07 AM 08-22-2009
I have the topeak seat as well. when i went looking for one every bike shop i went to only sold the rear seats because of safety concerns with the child in front. i believe the explanation was that the most common accidents are ones where you are thrust forward and with LO sitting there causes double the impact and more injury.
i would look further into that before buying another seat.
bestroman's Avatar bestroman 11:57 AM 08-23-2009
Have you ever try "ibert safe t seat"?
You can read reviews, safety tips, video before buy visit
Satori's Avatar Satori 02:45 PM 08-23-2009
Originally Posted by bestroman View Post
Have you ever try "ibert safe t seat"?
You can read reviews, safety tips, video before buy visit
Actually I was torn between that and the bobike jr and ended up going with the bobike. I'm really short so I can't see over her head anymore plus both models attach to the steering column of the handle bars making it harder to control the bike and throws off the center of gravity when they start getting heavier.