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leighi123's Avatar leighi123 07:15 PM 08-23-2009
I just figured out how much my ds actually sleeps - generally its about 9 hours at night and thats it. If he naps (which is rare, and usually in the car), he goes to bed later so ends up sleeping the same amount.

Ive read that toddlers need 13+ hours of sleep, but he seems totally fine with 9. He also doesnt get that 'tired cranky' thing that most kids seem to get - he is happy and active until night time when he passes out. He often wakes up once a night to go potty as well.

He is 25months.

I'm thinking he doesnt want to sleep because he just has so many other things to do - he is always reading books, wanting me to teach him to read, counting things, sorting things, drawing, cooking, swimming, playing outside etc.

Should I be worried? It would be awsome if he would nap once in a while, but he just doesnt seem to need it at all!

AllisonR's Avatar AllisonR 07:55 PM 08-23-2009
He sounds like a wonderful boy. The averages are just what they are - averages. There will be extremes on either end. If he was cross and tired and falling asleep over his dinner, then he would be needing more. Sounds like he doesn't; just his mind is too busy to wind down.

My DD cut out naps at 2.5 yo, and it has been wonderful. They were making her nap in daycare and it was a huge pita. With a nap she would then be lying in bed from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Not hoping around, but clearly rehashing the day and not able to sleep.

Now she has cut out naps and is asleep at 8 p.m. She was slightly tired the first two days she didn't nap, and not a single problem since. She and DS are now both asleep at 8 p.m. My DS always required more sleep. He is 2 years older, but they both get 10.5 hours. If anything, I would say he needs more! So I think it varies from child to child.