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My DD who is 26 months cannot tell her colors apart..she gets them all mixed up and I am wondering if she is color blind. She cannot even name one correctly..
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my dd (28 months) knows the basic ones (the eight you find in a crayola box). although she sometimes gets the black and brown confused. not sure what's "normal" at that age.

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Both of my DDs (2.5y) can tell their basic colors, although one was about 6 months behind her sister in figuring them out.

Generally speaking, your dad AND your husband would need to be colorblind in order for your daughter to be colorblind due to the inheritance pattern of the gene for colorblindness.
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My 31 month DD still gets colors mixed up when naming them. I've heard this is normal. They generally can recognize colors long before being able to name them. Can she point to any colors accurately?

One way to tell if yours is color blind, though, is to see if she can sort things into piles with you. Can she tell the red and green apart? Blue and yellow? (It's not very common at all for girls to be color blind, but as far as I know, red-green color blindness is more common than blue-yellow color blindness.)

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For your daughter to be color blind your father must be colorblind and her father must be colorblind, and then she has a 50/50 chance of being colorblind. We fall into this camp over here. My DH and My Dad are both red green blind colorblind. My 2 year old DD still does not know her colors, according to her everything is lellow! But DS was the same way until almost three when all all of the sudden he named all of the colors correctly.

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she's still young. i wouldn't worry. DD is just starting to know some now at 27 months. some days, everything is still "blue"

she was very interested in the alphabet and her numbers, but has not been so much interested in colors.

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DS is almost 28 months and he still gets his colours mixed up all the time. He seems to recognize red, green, blue and yellow most often, but he can still get those ones mixed up too.

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DD was very early with her colors. I think around 20 months? And it was strange, one day she didn't know them and then the next day she did.

I've heard this happens with other kids too, just a bit older. At 28 months, there is no way I would worry! When I use to teach preschool, we had 3.5 year olds who still didn't know their colors. It was very normal.

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I actually wrote an article on my blog about this topic last year, since it's such a common question and there is SUCH a huge range of 'normal' for kids figuring this out. My DD had all her colours down well before age 2, something like 18mo. Others are 4 and just starting to get it.

It doesn't mean they don't see colour, just that they haven't yet figured out that it is 1) an attribute that can be noticed, classified, categorized, and named, and 2) that this is the attribute which these particular labels applies to. If they're later on the spectrum of figuring it out, it just means they're figuring something else out first.

It's most common to see preschool and kindergarten workbooks and activities and curricula still working on colour recognition. I think 'knowing your colours' is usually considered a goal of achievement for the END of kindergarten. Any time before that is too early to worry, though most kids will have it well before then.

Anyway, if you're interested in the article it's at -- I go into more detail on all these thoughts and more, including some advice for helping your kids sort things out.

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dd can identify/name red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, grey, pink, and maybe white? she is 22 months but has had her colors down since maybe 18-19 months

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I loved tankgirl's response.

My DD is 27 months and just now is starting to be able to name a couple of colours. She can almost always get blue right, the others she gets mixed up.

I did notice that just before she turned two she started to be able to point to a colour if I said the name... sometimes if she was interested. Just now is she starting to be able to do the reverse and name the colour if I point to it.

Not that I stress about her learning her colours but I am not trying to be more aware of asking her 'what colour shirt would you like", or working colours into our daily conversations a bit more. We are also doing a colour of the week (more for me). This week is green so I have pulled out all her green clothes, and I am trying to point out green things more than I usually would. I was also going to do a "green photoshoot" with her (from Chasing Cheerios).

Anyways I definitely wouldn't worry!

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Micah learned colors almost overnight at 26.5 months. One day he was telling me the shirt I was wearing was black, and by the end of the week he could name the primary and secondary colors with black, brown and white.

I agree with pp though, I wouldn't worry about it. I wasn't expecting Micah to pick up colors at all right now as I had heard that it could be as late as 4.

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I wouldn't worry. Every child is different. DS is 32 mos and knows them all, has for a while, even though he still occasionally gets black & white confused. DH was worried if he would ever learn his letters (identifying on sight, not singing the ABC's). Well, we got him a puzzle that's a giraffe last week and each piece has a letter on it. Almost overnight he knew over half of the letters on sight! They're quick, and when it's her time to "get it" she'll get it!
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I don't even think color recognition was on my radar when my ds was 26 months. I don't remember when he could finally do it, but I am almost positive it was nowhere near that early, maybe closer to 3 or even 3.5. He's almost 4 now and has them all down plus he's decided his favorite is red and wants all red, all the time. I wouldn't stress about it!! I really didn't work with ds on his colors at all, I figured he would pick them up on his own and he did.

I vaguely remember dh being stressed that ds was colorblind since he was always mixing up colors at that age, but I would just tell him not to worry about it because he was still learning. My thought was even if he was color blind, is there even any kind of treatment or intervention for it? It is what it is, kwim? I know we pulled up some color-blindness tests online for ds in order to calm dh's fears, though. Even though he didn't know the names of the colors he could see the different shapes and that made dh feel better.

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DD, 20 months, started naming colors about three weeks ago out of the blue.

She can correctly identify blue, purple, red, yellow, black and usually orange (sometimes forgets)...she calls pink red.

She calls everything that is green "red" as well. I'd been worried about green/red colorblindness but DH and my Dad are not color blind. For some reason she thinks green is red. I figure she just learned them but am going to check out some of the links...

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DS is 27 months and doesn't seem to care about colors at all. I've starting pointing out colors to him (blue ball, red crayon) but it's still something he's not concerned with yet. I figure it'll be like most things for him- when he cares he'll pick it up overnight.

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My twins are 30 months. DS knows two colors-- blue and red. He sometimes forgets, though, and defaults to calling every color brown. DD2 knows blue. It's more a language development thing than anything else, I think. They can see the colors just fine, but they don't realize the connection yet between the word and the color, like the PP said.

I would worry about a child going on four years old who still didn't know a few basic colors, but with a toddler I think it's normal.

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Sounds like there is a huge range of normal. DS knew red, blue, green, yellow, orange, white, black, brown, and purple before 2 (don't remember exactly when) and now (28 months) does "kinda orange kinda yellow" for construction vehicles and similar.

The one thing I will say that should be kept in mind is this: some (and only some) of the variation in when toddlers know things is about what they are exposed to and how often. DS is 28 months and speaks in 10-15 word sentences, uses words like "actually" quite appropriately and is starting "if, then" statements. He knows colors, can count items (with understanding) to 4 or 5, knows how to get places (as in "Mommy, turn here, let's go to Centennial park and play on the playground"), yada, yada, yada... But, just as an example (I am sure there's more) he has no clue what shapes are. Zero, zilch. We haven't avoided them on purpose, I just don't find hey fit into everyday language right now, so I don't say "look, that sign is a square" so he never hears it. We're also not into flash cards or flash card style board books (just story books). So if someone posted a "does your DC know their shapes" the answer would be no, but obviously its not because he's not capable.

Just a thought, again, I think that only explains a bit of the variations. I really think they all work on different areas at different times, your daughter might be working on a whole other part of her brain than where colors are processed/remembered.
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Yep, a huge range of normal. When I taught 1.5-3 year olds 50% of them knew the colors and the others didn't. We worked on colors (sorting, asking them which color they want, etc.) and while some learned quickly others didn't learn at all.

I painted with my daughter a lot and used color in every day language (describing the sunset, which shirt she wanted to wear, etc) and she picked up on them at around 22 months with some confusion. At 27 months she knows all of them, including grey, pink, brown, peach, etc.
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I wouldn't worry about it at this point. You might try asking her to hand you a marker or crayon that is red/blue/green, etc and she might had you the right color (even if she can't tell you what color it is).
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We realized that dd knew all the colors by 18 mo, and we didn't even know how/when she learned them. The concept was very clear to her very early.

So we were surprised when ds didn't know a single color at 2....and Everything was "blue!", unless everything was "red!"

And then he spent a couple weeks asking "What color is that?" "what color is that?" about everything he saw. And, voila, he got it. He is now 31 months, and he knows them all.

Watching kids grasps concepts like this really fascinates me.
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My DD, 25 months, seems to know a few colors, sometimes! I do teach her from time to time but know she'll figure out colors on her own. Her ped. said she should know colors by age 3. Color blindness effects males, not females.

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I asked the same thing on another board -
my ds is very very smart, knows tones of other things but doesnt know any of his colors consistantly.

What people suggested was that colors are a hard concept to understand, because there are so many variations of each color - blue can be light or dark or inbetween, but its still blue. Whereas the number 3 always looks like the number 3, so its much easier to understand.

That makes sense to me.
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26 months here and often everything is "verde" (green). For a while everything was "azul" (blue)!

This week, she is showing more of an interest in learning the correct names for the correct colors, I think because I have been doing some painting on a wall, which she thinks is very interesting. I do know that she can see the different colors because of the way she plays with her toys, puzzles, crayons, etc. If I ask for a certain color of marker, she'll probably bring the wrong one, but if I ask her to match colors of different objects, she can do that. I think this is mostly a vocabulary issue for us, especially as we are a bilingual household. Numbers and letters get a little mixed-up, too. It's early yet!

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