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For a Boy:

1. A Wheely Bug
2. A Ball
3. A Truck

For a Girl:

1. A Wheely Bug
2. A Ball
3. A Doll

ETA: This is crazy. They have to have FOUR! They need their Schleich animals. They love them.
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I'm going to assume that craft supplies/books don't count

Doll, Wooden barn, Animals for barn

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skuut bike (and helmet)

Aside from those, ds has blocks, train set, cars, some stuffed toys, a doll, playsilks, and thats it. He has a ton of books though and montessori activites
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toys? who plays with them? DS's favorite hobbies currently are climing the kitchen table and digging in the recycle bin!

Serious toys though...a washed-out plastic coffee can and random little blocks or links for him to carry around in it. (DD loved this too.) Car, 'baby'.

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There are definitely common themes in everyone's picks!

We would go for ball, doll, wagon/trolley.

Originally Posted by fustian View Post
I sort of went through this exercise when we went on vacation last summer for a month. Of course, this added in the extra restriction of baggage space (eliminating blocks and wagon). We brought with us lots of books, a doll, a blanket, and some crayons/paper. And we were fine for the month. Lots of playing outside, lots of playing with things around the house. It just goes to show you how little you really need ...
This is actually what prompted my asking the question! We will be going away for 3 months, real baggage restrictions & I suspect little available at the other end, so I am already starting to ponder what we would get the most mileage out of...
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Little People or Schleich figures
Notebook with a pen
Doll or stuffed animal

DD spends most of her time drawing little pictures and pretend letters and telling me long stories about what they are. She loves her Little People and Schleich figures! And she will play imaginary games with a doll or stuffed animal...lately she's been interested in babies since I'm pregnant.

She really loves to read books also, and play with play doh.

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None, because she is totally uninterested in toddler toys and wants big brother's Legos. She also likes pens (with caps to take on/off) and whatever paper Mommy is frantically look for that day. And she really really loves the electronic equipment (TV remotes, game system remotes, cell/cordless phones, big sibs handheld game systems) - those are probably the favorites.

Seriously, I had a hard time w/ this. Probably a doll would be one of them (a stuffed animal would work, too). Then I was thinking musical instrument, but those are easy to make (pots and spoons for drums, yogurt tub with beans for shaker, TP tube w/ waxed paper rubber banded to the end for a kazoo/breath instrument). Probably a push or ride-on toy. And an old purse w/ an old set of keys, old cell phone, Mommy's pen that she's already stolen.

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Blocks, little people (like Fisher Price) and her little animals (we bought Noah's Arc). She really isn't into playing with toys... and never has been. Give her the outdoors, grass and dirt, and she'd be a happy camper!!
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wooden blocks
kitchen set(he can do w/out the actual kitchen..just the food/pots)
-A fourth would be his "lovey" which is his dinosaur
music shaker(tambourine)
singing xmas elmo
-A fourth would be her "lovey" which is a glow worm

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Blocks, a big truck, and a ball.

Cardboard boxes are a huge hit around here.
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Doll, toy baby carriage, and Sesame Street little people.

Eh, my daughter's a girly girl. Her favorite thing to do right now is to take care of babies. She rocks her doll, she feeds her little people, she pushes her stuffed animals in the carriage, she takes her Raggedy Ann to the potty. I'm not even pregnant, but she just loves to mother. LOL.

And books, of course! You can never have enough books.

Oh, and a fourth right now would be the latching puzzle from Melissa & Doug, but that's brand new, so it might not be as fascinating long-term. Right now she will seriously play with it for an hour straight, by herself. It's got doors (with pictures behind them) that you can lock and unlock with different types of latches. It's really cool.

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Play-dough (and some cooking accessories to go with)

Play Kitchen

Train Set
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1. kitchen
2. something to push/ride (cart, scooter, stroller...)
3. A tie: my kids are ridiculously gendered in their toy choices...sooo not modeled by us! DD: babies. DS: cars/trucks.

We also have a ton of books and art supplies which are read and used daily!!!

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a truck, a ball and duplos. We prefer duplos because they stick together and aren't quite as fustrating as the wooden bocks we ahve (which are thus far at least, virtually unused...)
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