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I have a son who is just beginning to eat food. We are trying bananas, avocados, and sweet potatoes. He loves them all.

This leads to me having dirty stain prone bibs. What do you do to get the stains out of your bibs? I am open to either store bought or a make my own stain remover.

Next question, how do you wash velcro closure bibs without destroying your child's other knit clothes added to the wash? I washed a load of my son's clothes this am and one of his knit onesies came out with about 10 small holes in the fabric. I feel like the holes were made by the velcro from the bibs snagging them during the wash cycle.

Thanks for reading,
Elizabeth in NC
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Someone gave us a massive packet of cheap, reusable bibs (Gerber, I think) at our baby shower. They're smallish, with cheap cotton fabric over a plastic backing and velcro. Perfect for us because I don't care about stains on bibs. I wash them in hot water with about a cup of white distilled vinegar to disinfect and deodorize them in the same load as the dirty dish towels. Vinegar also acts as a mild bleach, which I guess would help remove stains.

I don't like to wash clothes in the same wash as food-encrusted cloths or bibs or dirty diapers, so those always get their own small load. I've had a bad experience where a dirty bib got grease stains all over a shirt or two during the soak cycle.

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this will save your life - big old ugly T-shirts cut down each side can be used as a bib. it works better than a bib - no velcro, completely covers babe, easy to slip on and off ...

if you have old T shirts laying around the house from you or SO, or ask family members, or even run to the thrift store (my mom has) to grab a few for sooooo cheap, or to a regular store to buy some with nice cute colors if that matters to you ... they are really the best ever!!!

but keep it simple - no "tops" or girly shirt, plain old, men cotton T-shirts. i like size large.

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I have 2 10 packs of cotton bigs from Target. Very cheap. We also use a million little washclothes for clean up. The baby uses one with every meal. They all go into a bag with cleaning towels etc. and go in with the sheets. Never had a snagging issue but I do close the velcro before washing.
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We aren't ones to buy all the new stuff, especially when it's plastic, but these are the greatest - http://www.amazon.com/Baby-Bjorn-Bib-Red/dp/B000829164. You just wash it in the sink with a sponge, and the pocket catches everything. DS will just reach in there to take out and eat the food he drops. They're well worth the money!

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You take stain out of bibs!??!?!?!? I don't use stain removers period. I believe kids will stain clothes (bib or no bib) eating, playing, drawing, etc. I just don't see the point of stain removing. I just wash DD's clothes in the washer and whatever stain remains stays there. I also have no problem putting the stained (but washed & clean otherwise) clothes on DD - hey it's already stained, no pressure!

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I absolutely second hikingmommy on the plastic bib! We have one called the Pelican Bib, but it looks just like the one she linked to. My son has a skinny neck, I guess, 'cause whatever runs down his chin goes inside his bib, so we just put the plastic bib on over a regular bib.

If he didn't wear the plastic bib with the big pocket at the bottom, his shirt might be okay, but his pants would be completely covered in food!

That bib has been our mealtime salvation!
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While learning to feed themselves my kids just wear a diaper! Pretty easy to throw the baby in the tub!
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I thought the bib was to prevent stains from getting on the clothes... if you were going to stain-proof or stain-remove, why not just let it get on the clothes?

We use the Ikea vinyl bib that has sleeves and a pocket to prevent things like blueberries from rolling in between their legs.

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Originally Posted by EdnaMarie View Post
We use the Ikea vinyl bib that has sleeves and a pocket to prevent things like blueberries from rolling in between their legs.
Love these bibs. I wash them on hot with my towels and never have stains. If we are out and about I will rinse it in the sink, hang from the back of the stroller and in less than an hour it's dry and ready to go.

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I hate velcro. Snaps and pull-over bibs for me. It's hard to find pull-over bibs that don't have characters on them...I think next babe I will make some. I LOVE CherryBombMama's idea too!

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Okay, here is somewhere where I have a LOT of experience- my 4.5yo still wears a bib because he's such a mess. We love the plastic pocket type and have tried the bjorn, stork ones, store brands, and then THIS ONE from Kiddopotamus. It is the best out there and we have had the same one for over a year without it breaking, like the other brands have all done. I highly recommend it!

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I love the Bumpkins bibs. You don't even need to put them in the washer to clean. They wipe clean easily, and I occasionally handwash them in the sink with dishsoap, but it's quick and easy and lay or hang them somewhere to dry. Not like a delicate sweater. They have a pocket to catch food and you can get them with sleeves for just the upper arms or all the way down to the wrists. I've not had a problem with them staining except for some little spots on the trim, but eh... not a big deal to me and I am a stain fighting fool. They last a long time. My DD's first one is a year old and in as good of shape as it was when I bought it.
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