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Can grapes cause diarrhea?

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Or at least frequent poops? My 18mo LOVES grapes but I've noticed whenever he has them he goes at least 3-4 times a day. Usually he'll go only once or maayyybe twice. Grape-day poops are also foul-smelling and runny-ish (sorry, tmi). Could he be allergic to grapes? Or is it just a property of grapes (like prunes)?
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grapes & grape juice relieve constipation, so they seem to be having that effect on your son.
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Grapes can certainly cause it. You may also want to work extra hard on washing them before serving. There's a lot of surface area and so they can pick up a lot of icky stuff from the vines to your table.
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I myself get diarrhea if I eat too many, and so do my DDs. DS seems to be immune to the effects-- he can eat a TON of them.

They contain a lot of sorbitol, and a lot of fiber, and either of those can loosen stools.

My DD2 has the same problem with blueberries.

My approach has been to sharply limit quantity.
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I think it's any fruit that can cause diarrhea.
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Yes, and FOUL stinky poos.

<--- me falling on my face after smelling a grape poo diaper.
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My DH refuses to take grapes for lunch at work.
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Originally Posted by Katielady View Post
Yes, and FOUL stinky poos.

<--- me falling on my face after smelling a grape poo diaper.
you are RIGHT. my dh refused to change ds's stinky butt but i was occupied elsewhere so he had to do it. and he did literally fall on his face. i'll have to stop bringing grape home i guess and avoid temptation for the poor kid.
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