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My babbles and 'sings' but she doesn't have any 'words' that she says appropriatly every time. She has about 7 signs which is great, but everyone (my dad) is saying 'yeah, that's cute, but I wish she could talk.'

When did your LO have consistant words? Does it matter? Thanks,

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I'm answering this because I have a 22-month-old, who, until just recently, didn't have many words. I was just beginning to get slightly worried, I'd say at the end of the summer, to the point that I thought about asking the doctor about it at her 2 year check-up. She knows a few signs, too. She liked to sing, also. She still sings to herself a lot. All of a sudden, and I mean within a few days, an avalanche happened and she began saying naming just about everything. She still doesn't say phrases other than "this one" when she's pointing to something she wants. She imitates a lot and is expressing herself with words much more. My point is, it can happen very quickly, as if they're building up to the point at which they will use a lot of words. This doesn't happen with all toddlers, but it does with a lot, I've noticed. So around 20 months or so you might see a big burst of language.
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No advice but I'm also curious because my DS is 18 months and says very few things, but does know a lot of signing.

He can say daddy, puppy, kitty, baby, all done, Tyson (our dog) and a few other words. He babbles tons though. He's good at saying those words because they're two syllables and he says them all a certain way.

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It is certainly with in the typical range. I find the more important question at that age is if she understands some of what you say. As she gets closer to 2 her words should get more consistent. Most kids have 50 words by 2 years.
My ds only had 4 words at 18 months and by 26 months he had a 35% delay but it was made up with out alot of work by the time he was 3.
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Originally Posted by pbjmama View Post
I find the more important question at that age is if she understands some of what you say.
This is what our pedi. said at our 18 month appointment. DS talks very little. He has, however, added a lot of new words and some signs, within the last month alone (he's 19 mos. now). The pedi. didn't seem concerned because although he doesn't talk much, DS does understand everything. I think he's just not so interested in talking? Every once in a while he'll say something -- and mostly he's just saying the first syllable in words ("coo" for cookie, etc.).

I don't know if it's related, but he's a rather independent child - at day care, he'd rather sit by himself and "read" a book or work on a puzzle, etc. and doesn't seem too interested in playing around the other kids (though he's not anti-social with them either), so communication doesn't seem too high on his list.

It can certainly be frustrating though, and it has caused me much worry.
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I'm glad to see this. DS is 15 mos. and has one word. He makes a lot of sounds and has been saying 'dis' for months to indicate all things. He does have a few signs that he made up himself, most of which involve some form of waving/hand shaking. He does, however, understand everything he hears and can follow multi-step instructions. I'm not worried yet but it still makes me feel better to see other kids out there on the same path.

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My DD1 had no words at that age. She had no words until 19 months, actually. She's six years old now, and a fluent reader, with a very good vocabulary for her age, and clear speech. She started with a few words at 19 months, and by 24 months was making little sentences and had hundreds of words.

I wouldn't even begin to worry until a child had no words at 18 months-- then I might start thinking about an evaluation, IF my instincts told me all was not well. Two months is a long time- give it some time.

I would worry more about a child who didn't seem to understand much. That at this age would concern me.

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Is she pointing?

That really is the strongest indicator. If she's pointing, signing, getting her point across and communicating with you, not just in response to you than everything is just fine. (communication wise)

There is such a range until they are a little older then its a minimum met concern.

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My dd will be 2 on 11/7. She still "doesn't talk."

She has words, of a sort. Most are not completely clear and require translation. She didn't even start using mama and dada regularly until the last month or so. And, in the last six months, she has regularly uttered a word like two or three times, and then we haven't heard it since. An example is cookie. It sounds like ca-kee, and she used it reguarly for about a week. And since then, we have simply not been able to get her to say it, no matter how many times we hold up a cookie and ask her to tell us what she wants. She points and grunts and throws a fit, until she's so worked up she can't even remember why she's upset.

I have asked my ped a few times about it. He asks if she is making her needs known in other ways, if she is demonstrating that she understands commands and things we say to her and she is, so he says she's fine. I would estimate her functional vocabulary is currently maybe 25 words, but her total when counting the words we have only heard a few times, is probably twice that.
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Mine doesn't either, except "hi", "hey", and "hello" (yeah he's great with the greetings!) and "Da", he makes great chicken and dog sounds and fake snores and sings la-la-la-la. I'm not concerned, though I'd love to hear more from him.

He points and grunts a lot or takes me by the hand to make me do stuff, and responds to requests (get your diaper, get your shoes, time to eat, etc). The sweetest thing is when I say "I love you", he kisses me or blows a kiss.
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My daughter said nothing at 16 mos (hardly any babble.) I was worried too. It seemed like overnight, around 18 mos she was speaking in clear sentences. It was just crazy. Like other PPs said, if she understands you I wouldn't be too concerned yet.

My son had more words at 16 mos than his sister but he wasn't speaking clearly well after age 2.
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My oldest had maybe 5ish words at that age, close to 20 at 2 years.. She didn't really start catching up until around 3, now people think she is older than she actually is becuase for the most part what she says is very understandable (except for a few syables that we are working on)
DD2 is almost 2 and I don't know how many words she has but its a lot more than DD1 had at this stage.

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My 17 month old has only about 10 words. His first one was right around 12 months; he's averaging just two new words a month. I'm starting to get worried myself, but friends, family and his doctor all keep telling me that this is within normal.
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