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sobamom's Avatar sobamom 09:45 PM 11-17-2010

This morning, when I was changing DD's diaper, I noticed that although she hadn't pooped, her butt didn't smell so good and I gave it a wash. At the next diaper change, I found a bright yellow, smelly liquid in her diaper. Definitely not pee. 


I thought really hard about what she's consumed the day before and the only new thing was that she had some chamomile tea before bedtime. Could this have caused the...I don't know if I want to call it a problem, yet, but my searches on yellow poo made me quite worried!

KLM99's Avatar KLM99 10:56 AM 11-19-2010

Has she had any supplements?  Sometimes vitamins (or maybe something in the tea?) can make your urine really bright yellow...

~Charlie's~Angel~'s Avatar ~Charlie's~Angel~ 11:50 AM 11-19-2010

wet fart? Bolt.gif

sobamom's Avatar sobamom 04:32 PM 11-19-2010

Nope, no supplements. And there was something about the smell and look of it that makes me sure it wasn't pee. It could have been a wet fart orngtongue.gif, but it was such a bright yellow that it worried me. Here poo is never anything close to that color. And it happened twice. Since then, it seems everything has gone back to normal, but I'm still wondering about the chamomile tea.... She's even asked for it recently, and I hesitated to give it to her.

JudiAU's Avatar JudiAU 12:30 PM 11-22-2010

Is she ebf? Do you take a supplement? Iron supplements do funny things to LO sometimes.